10 Apps That Can Make Money in 2021

The pandemic period due to the Covid-19 era certainly has a higher percentage of negative impacts than positive impacts.

Apart from the health side, Covid 19 certainly affects the economy, even psychology.

Quoted from www.bbc.com, 81% of the 3.3 billion global workforce can no longer work because their workplace can no longer operate.

This is due to the effects of Covid 19 which requires people to stay at home during the pandemic to reduce the spread of the virus.

In addition, according to a survey conducted by the International Labor Organization, The International Labor Organization (ILO), it proves that there are nearly 200 million people who have lost their jobs.

Due to the survey results, one of the ILO representatives also said that the Covid-19 pandemic was the worst economic crisis since World War II.

Because it really affects the economy, this condition certainly has an impact on the psychology of people who have lost their jobs.

Also quoted from bbc.com, a professor of psychiatry at the University of British Columbia and author of The Psychology of Pandemics, Steven Taylor revealed that there are 10-15% of minorities who have the unfortunate fate (read: lose their jobs), life will not return to normal.


this incident greatly affects their mental well-being.

One of the most threatening mental health in these people is the anxiety to see the condition getting worse, especially the social isolation that makes us lack the opportunity to interact directly with colleagues, friends, and family.

However, above the palemic conditions due to Covid 19, there is actually still hope to survive.

One of them is the opportunity to re-boost the economy by utilizing the online sector.

10 Apps That Can Make Money in 2021


there are a lot of economic activities that can be done by utilizing technology.

Umar Hadi, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to South Korea, also believes that until after this pandemic crisis, all online businesses around the world are expected to get bigger.


you want to capture business opportunities or make money online, you can start by downloading some applications on your smartphone that can generate rupiah coffers.

10 X 100 = 10 apps

Showbox is an application that is able to provide income for you just by playing games on your smartphone.

Game players in this app will be rewarded with $1 after redeeming the accumulated 1,000 points, and in 1 game played on average someone will get 300 to 500 points.

In addition to getting points from playing games, users also get points from watching the videos provided. However, Showbox stipulates that the minimum for withdrawing funds is $5. Funds will be sent via Paypal.

For those of you who like to lie down and like to play games, this application is certainly a dream job.

Currently, AppNana is quite popular and can be downloaded for both Android and iOS phones. The concept of this application is to give money and Gift Cards.


get it, you only need to choose and perform various cool activities provided by the application.

For example, installing some applications and playing games provided. You just have to choose the options offered to get a variety of rewards, namely coupons/gift cards/points that can be exchanged for money.

In accordance with the name of the app, Make Money does make users make money.

This application created by Free International Call App, Ltd. produces this application by providing various surveys and various video options for its users.

So, you just need to select a few available options and get rewarded in the form of dollars that can be cashed into your PayPal account.

10 Apps That Can Make Money in 2021

This Money App really makes money by completing various exciting missions such as installing various applications, playing games, filling out surveys, and various other activities.

You just need to collect points from the various choices. Of course the points offered vary.


the points are collected, you can exchange them in dollars before being disbursed to your PayPal account. The thawing takes between 2 to 3 days.

This BuzzBreak application is a little different from the four previous money-making applications. This application is suitable for those of you who like to read and watch videos and do not need to install applications or play games.

You just need to read the wide selection of articles and videos provided. After that you will get rewards that can be directly exchanged via PayPal and the Dana application.

Actually, the Supervank application is more directing users by investing without capital, not by reading the news, filling out surveys, playing games, or watching videos.

This application offers a profit of up to 500% of the user’s investment returns, really tempting, right?

To play this application, users can immediately start investing by selecting the Bio-path Holding inc exchange.

The exchange is able to provide benefits for users who manage to collect the highest percentage.

You, as a user, can check the percentage you collected for 12-24 hours. You will understand the terms and how to play it after you install this application.

10 Apps That Can Make Money in 2021

This Foap application was created for those of you who like to take pictures or indeed work in the realm of photography.

You can collect and sell your shots for dollars.

On average, each work will be valued at 5$. If you sell only 5 photos and 20 people in each photo have purchased, you will have pocketed $500 or around IDR 7,000,000.

This Foap application has great opportunity and potential because it has collaborated with high-end brands, for example Nivea, Kraft, and many more.

This application is one of the applications that sells the largest photography results after Getty Images, you know.

Karma App is an application that is able to provide users with various gift cards by downloading various applications according to the mission provided.

For each mission you choose, Karma will give you various reward points which you can later convert into money, gift cards, or vouchers.

However, it should be noted that the points earned from installing various applications according to the mission will be transferred to your personal account in Karma by leaving the application on your phone for a few days.

From the name alone, this application seems very suitable for those of us who are in need of additional funds.

As the name implies, this application generates cash only from smartphones.

In fact, this application is the most popular application because there are already 10 million users who have downloaded and proven this application.

One more application that is presented for photography lovers, namely What’s Around. However, what makes this application more special is that this application is made for those of you who also have a hobby of traveling.

All you need to do is capture the moments and places you visit in the form of photos and upload them in this application to get the coffers of dollars.

It would be better if the place to visit is a tourist place that has a very beautiful view and still not many people know.

However, during a pandemic like this, you can search for files that are neatly stored on your laptop and cellphone. Choose cool vacation photos and have the best quality to upload in this application.

The more beautiful shots you upload, the more points you will collect.

From the number of points you collect, you can exchange them in dollars for shopping on Amazon, the App store, Play Store, or you transfer them to your PayPal account and convert them into rupiah.

Those are some applications that you can use and fill your spare time, especially during the current pandemic.

Not only does it make your free time more productive and make money, you may get business ideas or activities after using these various applications. Good luck, yes!