10 Benefits of Mother’s Warm Hugs for Little One’s Growth

Jakarta – A warm hug from Mother for Little One is very easy to do, but there are millions of benefits, you know. Mother’s hug is able to control the emotional state of the child which affects his personality later.

Just imagine if you have a difficult day, it feels like all you really need to relieve stress and fatigue is a hug or comfort, right? Likewise with the Little One.

Then, when is the best time to hug a child? It turns out that there is no best time, Mother. Hug your little one anytime and as often as possible every day. Your little one should get at least 8-12 hugs every day.

This could be a tight hug, a playful hug, or a wake-up hug. The key is spending physical time together that is deep and empathetic, Mom.

But keep in mind, you should not force your little one to hug. Mother certainly needs the willingness and willingness of the Little One. Here are the benefits of hugging a child every day, as reported by the page: Parenting First Cry.

1. Build an inner bond with children

When cuddling with your little one, he will feel as if time has stopped. There is only a feeling of security in the arms of the Mother who loves her. This will strengthen the bond between the mother and the child. Your little one will also feel able to understand other people’s feelings well.

2. Teach about giving and receiving

Some children have difficulty understanding how to share their own toys or give someone their own. Well, hugs can improve those emotions gradually, you know, Mother.

Hugging is an act of giving and receiving. So don’t be surprised if your little one surprises you with a sudden hug.

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3. Relaxation of body muscles

The transfer of empathy that results from a hug manifests in the form of relaxation, Mother. Hugs will soothe muscle tension. The comfort that comes from a hug also has an effect on your mood, which affects your body internally, which can help improve blood circulation.

4. Relieve stress

When hugging, your little one will feel like he has someone who is close and cares for him. Ultimately it triggers the release of oxytocin in the body, which plays an important role in reducing stress and improving mood.

5. Strengthen the body’s immunity

Medical facts prove that the pattern of giving hugs actually affects the immune system directly, you know Mother. Hugs put pressure on the sternum which stimulates the thymus gland.

This gland is responsible for maintaining optimal levels of antibodies and white blood cells internally, which helps protect your little one’s body from disease.

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Also watch the video about being hugged, your little one will be more confident.

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