10 Best-selling Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick Colors

Wardah Long Lasting lipstick color has 19 shades. Here are the best-selling shades on the market.

Do you like Wardah lipstick? Well, one of the lipstick series that you can try is Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick. Apparently, this series has 19 shades, starting from nude until bold. For those of you who are curious, here are some of the best-selling Wardah Long Lasting lipstick colors on the market.

Shades This lipstick produces a natural / natural color so it is suitable for everyday use. With color combination nude and hint peach makes this lipstick color does not look pale when used. Shades This is perfect for those of you who don’t like make-up but want to look fresh.

2. Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick 02 – Pink Sorbet

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Shade Pink Sorbet is suitable for those of you who have fair skintone. This shade will make you look more feminine, but still natural. With a soft pink color, you can also use this shade as a base for ombre lips.

3. Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick 03 – Simply Brown

For those of you who are looking for lipstick for all skintone, shade Simply Brown could be the right choice. In addition to natural results, this lipstick will also make lips volume with a blend of brown and pink colors.

4. Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick 07 – Rasberry Hip

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Shades it has a dark pink color that will make you look brighter. Wardah Long Lasting lipstick color is suitable for all skintone you know?

5. Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick 09 – Vibrant Red

For those of you who want to try red lipstick, shade You can choose Vibrant Red because it will not make you look menor. This shade is perfect for warm undertone and does not look conspicuous when worn.

6. Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick 11 – Cherrie Glam

Source: Tokopedia

If you want to make look glam make up, shade Cherrie Glam will make your appearance even cooler. Shades it’s a red that suits the whole undertones. Besides that, shade This will also make you look brighter you know?

7. Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick 13 – Classic Brown

This Classic Brown Shade is a nude shades suitable for all undertone. By using this lipstick color your makeup will look natural. This color is perfect if you use it at home, because it will make you look brighter and not pale.

8. Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick 17 – Passionate Red

If your skin color belongs to the type fair skintoneyou can use shade Passionate Red that will make you look bright but not funny or menor. Red lipstick with hint This orange has a light color.

9. Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick 18 – Sunset Orange

For those of you who want to make Korean make-up look, shade Sunset Orange can be the right choice. Shades It is suitable for all skintones and can be used by teenagers. With the dominant color of orange, shade This lipstick will make your face look brighter.

10. Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick 19 – Sunrise Nude

Owner warm undertone can choose shade Sunrise Nude for her daily activities. This lipstick has shades nude which will make you look fresher with natural makeup.

Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick is one of Wardah’s lipsticks which is durable and does not dry out the lips. Is there a Wardah Long Lasting lipstick color above that is your favorite? Or even remind you of your ex who often buys lipstick. Moving on is really hard, I’ve already updated the status of the words for my ex, remembering things from him, my heart is falling apart.

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