10 Boat House Designs, Suitable For Those Who Love Fishing

In the midst of the threat of global warming that has an impact on extreme weather changes, what kind of housing is the most appropriate to build? For Arkup, a Florida-based company, a multi-story yacht that doubles as a modern home is the answer. Arkup designed a floating residence which at the same time also functions as a yacht. This residence is equipped with hydraulic feet that can lift the building up to a height of 20 feet or about 6 meters. In addition, the embedded solar panels can produce up to 30 kW of power which can later be used to power a double windmill, electricity, and various other electronic equipment. “Houseboats are a popular residential concept in some parts of the world,” Arkup wrote as reported by the New Atlas.

This houseboat is certainly suitable for a seafaring nation like Indonesia. You can travel across the ocean and stop by a number of islands.

My ancestors were sailors. So, do you remember this song? When you were in kindergarten or elementary school, you must have sung this song, right?

Now you have become part of the millennial generation who love traveling and should also invest in property. This one residence will be perfect for you.


Nautilus Hausboote company designs a cool houseboat, perfect for the seafaring nation. The corporation that was founded in 2010 is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

This floating house has an interior design mid-century. This residence offers many things from tranquility, freedom, and modern life.

Yes, yes, it can be free because the owner can travel anywhere to find a quiet location.

Initially, this houseboat was designed as a vacation home even though it was small.

This is in accordance with the motto of this product, “can be driven in water areas in Europe”. Hmm, do you think it can be placed in Indonesian waters? I should be able to.

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