10 Business Ideas You Can Start From Inside Your Private Room

Do you remember that the founders of big companies like Microsoft, Dell, Napster and Facebook had a lot in common. One of them is to establish a company since they were still a student. It’s true that not everyone can become someone like Mark Zuckerberg, but starting a small business in college can be done by anyone.

Establishing a business, business or startup does not only have to rent a place, set up a company at an expensive cost and with many employees in it. Becoming a successful entrepreneur can be done even from within your own private room or boarding room.

But what are the chances of successfully running a business from inside a room whose size may not be more than 5x6m. Here are some opportunities that you can try:

1. IT Consultant

Everyone now knows that information technology is one area where no one can sleep well. The proof is that almost every second news about technology develops, changes and also improves. And for those of you who are still a student in the IT field, then this opportunity is an opportunity for you to do business. You can promote yourself as an IT consultant for a business. Offering services to repair computers, laptops, up to offering to create a program. Can’t you do this without needing to leave your private room?

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2. Graphic Designer

In addition to IT consultants, those of you who have an interest and ability in the field of graphic design can also sell services as a graphic designer. Now many companies need graphic design services to design the needs or components of their company. Those of you who have high creativity can explore by taking this opportunity. First, collect each of the best project portfolios you’ve ever run. After that you can promote to your prospective clients. Besides being fun for you, this business opportunity is also profitable for you, right?


students may often struggle with social media. Starting from communicating, sharing information and various other activities can be carried out with the help of social media. With your knowledge and skills in using social media, isn’t this also an opportunity for you to become a social media consultant for various businesses or businesses out there?

id="4-web-designer">4. Web Designer

Well, if you have design and programming skills, then opening a web design service is a huge opportunity for you. Many people are now looking for developers to build a website for a company or company profile. Offering the ability for web design can open up your chances of success even if only from within your private room and with a laptop.

5. Photographer

Starting a business from within a private room does not mean that it must actually be run in a room. You can become a photographer to create a business opportunity for yourself. Skills in taking beautiful photos, with a camera and a little editing skills, you can open the services of a photographer. Even if many companies or individuals are interested in the portfolio of projects you have done, then it is not impossible that you will go abroad to carry out this work.

id="6-event-planner-event-organizer">6. Event Planner / Event Organizer

There are also opportunities that are increasingly in demand. Yes, become an event planner or Event Organizer. You can be a planner who just does the work from within your own private room. Sometimes it’s necessary to go out, but that doesn’t mean you have to rent a place as a place for you to pour creative ideas for an event.

7. Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer does not require you to work at a set time. You have a pretty good chance of working successfully at the time you can set yourself. Even if you are a GYM personal trainer, you can make a video containing various exercises that you do yourself. Then offer it to those who need the training.

8. Freelance Writer

After IT, graphic designer, web design, now those of you who like and have writing skills can also open up big business opportunities. By becoming a freelance writer, you can pave the way for success for yourself. You can open a writing service for other people’s websites or create and develop your own website.

9. Crafter

Many creative hands are starting to be observant to see opportunities. One of them is handicraft. Those of you who really like the world of handicrafts can start opening your own business opportunities. This hand craft business is now attracting the attention of many people, ranging from students, housewives to those who really want to be serious and are experts. Now you can try it yourself.

10. Online business

Well, the last one is running a business. With a laptop, cellphone and internet connection, this business is no longer difficult to do. At first, you are just an online shopping consumer, now you can also run your own online business. Media used? You can have a lot of things, from social media to professional instant online store websites. Even doing business online does not only spend large capital, it provides benefits that are no less large than businesses that are widely run today. Dare to try it?

Well, there are lots of opportunities for you to run a business. It is also possible that this also applies to those of you who want to increase the coffers of income from your main salary as an employee. You can choose this side job according to your pleasure and interest. Because doing the same job with our interests will certainly provide fun and a different spirit than usual. Is not it? ️