10 Inspirations for Modern Hijab Fashion Models A la Selebgram

Are you bored with the same hijab style, and are looking for inspiration about modern hijab fashion models? No need to be confused and look everywhere else. Here you can find a variety of hijab models that are widely used by celebrities and will certainly make you more trendy.

Want to look trendy while wearing a hijab but run out of ideas for style? In this modern era, there are already several hijab-wearing celebrities who look fashionable and contemporary. So, you can copy their modern hijab fashion model to support your appearance.

To be able to look fashionable with modern and casual hijab fashion models is not an easy matter. You must be able to properly mix and match the styles of clothing that you have into a fashionable and trendy look. In this article, there are modern hijab fashion models in the style of celebrities that you can imitate or make references.

The reason is, carelessly combining styles without caring about the compatibility can have a bad impact on your appearance. The pretext of wanting to look trendy, but pushing the model too much will actually make you look tacky.

For that you need to read a lot or find out about modern and casual hijab fashion models like the ones in this article. Curious about the models? Watch until the end of the review, come on!

1. Flannel Shirt and Jeans

Source: Instagram – strngrrr

The first casual modern hijab fashion model is to combine a flannel shirt with jeans. Basically, flannel shirts are commonly used by men. However, in this modern era, many women are starting to wear flannel shirts too.

For that, for those of you who want to look boyish or tomboyish, this modern hijab style of clothing is suitable as an option. The appearance is quite simple and trendy, so it is suitable for college or just hanging out with your friends. The use of this flannel also varies or can be made into several styles.

You can make it the outer, as in the picture above, which is combined with the inner fit of the body. If you want to look more boyish, combine it with a loose t-shirt. Don’t forget to wear sneakers to make your look more trendy.

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2. Maxi Dress and Cardigan

Source: Instagram – aghniapunjabi

The second modern hijab fashion model is to combine a maxi dress with a long cardigan. This contemporary hijab fashion is suitable for those of you who want to look casual but still feminine. The combination of a maxi dress with this cardigan will make you look more stunning.

You can combine a plain maxi dress with a patterned cardigan like the photo above, or vice versa. Use a pashmina hijab to make your appearance more trendy. For the shoes, you can use sneakers or flat shoes to make it look more casual.

3. Hoodie Jacket and Sporty Jogger

Source: Instagram – nissa_sabyan

The third modern hijab fashion model is the athleisure style. The style is a combination of the words athletic and leisure which means casual and sporty style but still beautiful and fashionable. Basically, the sporty style is more concerned with comfort in clothing, so it is suitable for those of you who want to look simple but still fashionable.

One example of athleisure style is to use a hoodie jacket, with sporty jogger pants, and sneakers. You can see the photo above for more details. Use a plain hijab to make it seem more simple and not too flashy.

This athleisure style is suitable for you to use for exercise or just hanging out with your friends. Not complicated but still fashionable, right?

4. Plain Shirts and Boyfriend Jeans

Source: Instagram – nissa_sabyan

The next modern hijab fashion model is to combine a plain shirt with boyfriend jeans. Surely you are already familiar with the term boyfriend jeans. This type of pants has the same model as men’s jeans, which are identical with a wide shape.

This model is suitable for all body shapes. However, you have to be smart to mix and match with other clothes. So, to make your look more casual, match it with a plain shirt tucked into your pants, like in the picture above.

Pair it with sneakers for a more casual look. Simple and really cool style of dress on this one, yes!

5. Jeans and T-shirts

Source: Instagram – gitasav

Are you a jeans jacket lover? So, to make it cooler and cooler, combine your jeans jacket with a slightly oversized T-shirt. This style will give a boyish impression on your appearance but still looks sweet.

By wearing skinny jeans, you will be able to enhance your appearance. In addition, use high top boots or sneakers to make your appearance look more trendy.

6. Mini Skirt and Leggings

Source: Instagram – shireeenz

Who says you can’t wear a miniskirt with a hijab? You can still do it, as long as you wear inner leggings, okay? This modern hijab fashion model is very fashionable and suitable for those of you who have a small body.

For an example of this style, you can see the details in the photo above. Pair a mini jeans skirt with leggings and a t-shirt top.

Simple but very fashionable, right? Perfect for hanging out or just hanging out with friends.

7. Short Dress and Leggings

Source: Instagram – firrrr_

If you just wore the hijab, and used to like wearing short dresses, don’t throw the skirt away right away, okay? The reason is, you can still use it even though you have decided to wear a hijab. You can still use it by combining leggings to cover your aurat.

If your dress has short sleeves, combine it with outer jeans or a jacket to make it more fashionable but still cover your nakedness. Use a pashmina hijab to make you look sweeter and more beautiful.

8. Striped T-shirt and Jumpsuit

Source: Instagram – firrrr_

The eighth modern hijab fashion model is to use a jumpsuit that is suitable for use by teenagers. Along with the development of fashion, the style of hijab jumpsuit has become more diverse. You can create this fashion model according to your wishes.

To make it more simple and comfortable, combine it with a striped shirt. For those of you who want this simple hijab fashion, be sure to buy a jumpsuit with a minimalist motif. This is useful to avoid conflicting motives.

You can use this teenage hijabers fashion trend for college or hanging out with your friends. Add it with sneakers to make it more fashionable and elegant.

9. Oversize T-shirt and Culottes

Source: Instagram – strngrrr

The next modern hijab fashion model is using culottes. Many say that culottes are only suitable for tight tops. Even though combining it with an oversized T-shirt also looks fashionable, you know.

As you can see in the photo above, the combination of culottes and an oversized shirt looks more stylish and trendy. Pair it with a pashmina hijab to sweeten your look.

By using this oversized suit, besides making you look more trendy, it also disguises your curves. Cool and you should try for your fashion style, right?

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10. T-shirts and jeans overalls

Source: Instagram – strngrrr

The last modern hijab fashion model is to use jeans overalls or better known as jumpsuits. This look will make you look more boyish and trendy.

For the inner, you can combine it with a long-sleeved T-shirt. Combine it with a simple and plain rectangular hijab to give a simple but still sweet impression. Make sure the hijab color matches the inner color that you will use.

If you want to look more boyish, use sneakers, yes! You can copy this style as in the photo above. Maximum cool, right?

Look Casual and Trendy with Modern and Casual Hijab Fashion Models

The casual hijab fashion above is very trendy and cool, right? The main requirement to appear with a modern fashion hijab model is confidence. No matter how fashionable the style and clothes you use, if you feel inferior, your beauty will not radiate.

For that, radiate your beauty with confidence using modern hijab fashion models. Hopefully the photos above can provide inspiration for those of you who want to be different and more fashionable.

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