10 Models of Women’s Long Sleeve Batik Shirt

There are so many inspirational models of long-sleeved women’s batik clothes to choose from. Batik models that you can wear according to the event you want to attend. Want to know what kind of batik models you can use as inspiration? Check this article now, OK!

If you’re looking for a long-sleeved batik shirt for women, now you’ve come to the right place. In this article you can find several choices of models dress and blouse batik that you can wear according to your needs.

With so many women choosing to wear the hijab, more and more models of long-sleeved women’s batik clothes are starting to be sold in shops and online shop. Colors and motifs also vary, as well as the model.

There are many models of long-sleeved women’s batik clothes that you can mix and match to get the best appearance stylish. You can wear it for formal events, parties, or wear to the office.

It’s not only women who wear the hijab who can wear it. Even if you don’t wear a headscarf, you can still look fashionable in this long-sleeved batik shirt.

Want to know more about women’s long-sleeved batik clothes? No need to wait long, check this article now, come on!

1. Long Sleeve Batik Dress

Source: Instagram – liraulia

The first long-sleeved batik shirt model for women is batik clothes dress woman. Many girls like shape dress because it is considered comfortable when worn and can look trendy.

This latest model of women’s batik clothes can not only be used for party events, but can also be used as work batik clothes. Especially now that the design dress Batik has been such that it can produce a variety of comfortable and attractive models.

Dress This batik also not only attracts the attention of adult women, but also attracts teenagers to use it. This is caused by dress Now the batik model is also considered no less modern with the model dress other.

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2. Batik with Open Shoulders

Source: Instagram – sunnydahye

Another long-sleeved batik shirt model for women is batik with a slightly open shoulder design. This model combines batik designs with modern clothes so that it looks fashionable.

Not only in demand by adult women, this one model is now starting to be loved by teenagers today. In addition to its unique shape, this dress model can also be used in both normal and informal events.

Usually, this long-sleeved women’s batik dress model uses a lot of colors that are dominated by dark and light. You can also combine this batik model with a skirt or pants jeans.

3. Shanghai Model Batik

Source: Instagram – rchmw

Batik with the Shanghai model is indeed very popular with women. Thanks to the design that simple as well as the unique unique impression on the collar and front buttons make many women hunt for this long-sleeved women’s batik dress model.

Not only does it match light-colored batik fabrics like Shanghai batik in general, you can also use dark-colored fabrics for this batik model. It is very suitable to be used as a model for modern women’s work batik.

4. Kutubaru Batik

Source: Instagram – nungkyrisanti_

The model of women’s long-sleeved batik clothes for work on this one is indeed moderate trend used for various formal events. Although the design is similar to the old kebaya clothes, this batik model can also be designed with a more trendy modern style combination.

This clothing model has a slightly wide hand design with a slightly wider waist. So usually this batik is used in combination with long or short skirts in plain colors.

Although often referred to as old-fashioned clothing, this long-sleeved women’s batik shirt can still create an elegant and elegant impression glamor. Because of this, the Kutubaru batik model is in great demand, from adult women to teenagers.

5. Front Zipper Batik

Source: Instagram – annisasofyankuntadi

If you are looking for a batik shirt model for office women, this one is perfect for you to use because it has a unique design and simple. Laying a zipper in front makes the appearance of this long-sleeved women’s batik shirt look even more beautiful.

Not only designed in the form of blouse short, the zipper model in front is also widely used on dress batik. So you can flexibly use it on both formal and informal events.

For use, you can mix and match with a skirt or pants jeans. Add shoes high heels with neutral colors to make your appearance look more attractive.

6. Asymmetrical Batik Front and Back

Source: Instagram – ramadhaniabakrie

For the next long-sleeved women’s batik shirt model is the model blouse batik with asymmetrical or asymmetrical designs front and back. Model blouse It has an elongated shape on the back of the garment. This will make the back of your shirt look more dangling.

Of course, this quite unique clothing model is perfect for you to wear for any event. Starting from official events, worn to the office, or even for daily activities though.

Even if you want to show a sweeter impression, you can combine blouse this type of batik with pants jeans and feminine sandals. So that your appearance looks more cute and fresh.

7. Plain Combination Batik

Source: Instagram – una.abdullah

One of the models of long-sleeved women’s batik clothes that are in great demand by modern women is plain combination batik. This combination batik top model is a batik shirt made of batik cloth combined with plain cloth.

One of the reasons that make it much chosen by fashionable women is because of its beautiful design simple and trendy. Even if you only combine batik cloth with cotton cloth though.

For use, you can use this model of Muslim women’s batik clothes for various situations. It can be used for daily activities, both formal and informal, you can even use it when traveling though.

With so many types of batik motifs in Indonesia, you have even more choices of motifs that you can mix and match. So you have more choices of trendy and modern looks.

8. Round Collar Batik

Source: Instagram – ririndwuariyanti

The model for women’s long-sleeved batik clothes that you can try next is blouse batik with a round collar model. Its attractive, fashionable model is very suitable for use not only for adult women, but also for young slang.

The round collar will make you look when wearing blouse it looks elegant but still casual. Of course, making this batik dress model more popular with women. Because what girl doesn’t want to look elegant but still? casual.

Most women will use this long-sleeved women’s batik shirt in combination with a long or short skirt. So it is very suitable to be worn to formal events such as weddings or even official office events.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear this model for everyday activities. Just combine it with trousers and shoes casual make you look fashionable.

9. Rope Batik

Source: Cintamiatmanita

This long-sleeved women’s batik dress model is included in the most recommended for you slang women. This is because blouse This batik model is really the perfect combination for those of you who want to look modern and not out of date.

This model is actually the same as other batik tops, it’s just that what makes it look unique is the rope that hangs from the front or side of this batik shirt. You can tie the rope according to your taste, towards the front or back.

This modern batik top is much more suitable for non-formal occasions. Especially if you mix and match with a plain skirt or pants jeans to make your appearance look cuter.

10. Front Button Batik

Source: Instagram – syanti.ayu

Usually, the models of long-sleeved women’s batik clothes that are widely circulated are blouse batik that has buttons on the front. What makes this variation quite unique is the placement of the buttons, either vertically or diagonally.

Because the impression can be relaxed or formal, you can use this model everyday, both in formal and informal activities. Mix and match with a neutral colored skirt or pants according to your needs.

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Look Fashionable with Long Sleeve Batik Shirt Models in Various Situations

With so many batik motifs on the market, of course you can also make batik clothes as your complement to look fashionable. Just mix and match with the bottoms according to your needs and the right shoes matchingyou can definitely look trendy.

Even for those of you who are veiled, you don’t need to worry anymore, there are also many models of Muslim women’s batik tops that you can sample on Instagram. Add a fashionable hijab mix and match that suits your needs, and you can already look trendy and elegant.

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