10 Modern Graduation Kebaya Models Inspired by Artists

Graduation is the moment most awaited by students as an achievement for their efforts to reach the future. Not infrequently, many women want to look as attractive as possible in order to get beautiful memories at the moment of graduation. Well, if you’re confused about your outfit, let’s take a look at the elegant and stunning modern graduation kebaya model.

Soon to graduate from college but confused about the fashion model you will wear? Take it easy, in this article there are modern graduation kebaya models inspired by artists that you can make choices.

Apart from the achievements, the fashion style of the artists at the graduation ceremony is also often in the news. No wonder these artists dress up as beautiful and fashionable as possible in their graduation moments. For that, there is no harm in imitating or simply making this artist’s modern graduation kebaya model as a reference.

Surely all women want to look elegant on their graduation day. Although many clothing stores sell clothes for this special occasion, many women prefer to design their own clothes. In fact, it is not uncommon for those who are willing to spend a large nominal budget to look charming on graduation day.

The models also vary, so you are free to choose as you wish. Curious? Check out the photos of the modern artist-style graduation kebaya models below, OK!

1. Febby Rastanty

Source: Instagram – febbyrastanty

The first modern graduation kebaya model was inspired by the beautiful artist, Febby Rastanti. This blue kebaya that accentuates the shape of your shoulders can be used as inspiration for your graduation ceremony later. Pair it with matching colored bottoms to make you look more beautiful.

The fashion model is very simple, not too many decorative sequins pinned on the clothes. Basically, the modern graduation kebaya model is a simple one, elegant and fashionable.

At a glance, information about this artist, even though he is busy with his work as an artist, he was able to get the title cum laude and successfully completed his studies in just 3.5 years. It’s beautiful, smart too. Who knows, by using a modern graduation kebaya style in the style of Febby, you can catch the infection cum laude.

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2. Karis Alika Islamadina

Source: Instagram – alikaislamadina

The next modern graduation kebaya model was inspired by an artist who graduated from the University of Indonesia, Alika Islamidina. She is very elegant and beautiful wearing black clothes like in the photo above. The fashion model is also very beautiful with almost knee length and does not have sequins like the kebaya in general.

The combination of top with songket subordinates adds to the beauty and fashion of Alika’s appearance. From the appearance of this beautiful one, it proves that to attend a graduation ceremony you don’t need to appear excessive. The most important thing is to still look beautiful with a simple and elegant graduation kebaya and natural makeup.

3. Salshabilla Andriani

Source: Instagram – salshabillaadr

Who doesn’t know this rising artist? Artists who are popular since starring in the soap opera entitled Aisyah Putri The Series she has finished her schooling in May 2018. Even though she is still graduating from high school, the kebaya she is wearing is very beautiful and suitable for graduation.

The combination of pink brocade with turquoise sequin decorations that wrap around her stomach looks very elegant and luxurious. This brocade dress model for a modern graduation ceremony is suitable to be combined with a mermaid-style finger bottom. Make sure to choose a finger that matches the top so that your appearance looks beautiful and elegant.

4. Shaloom Razade

Source: Instagram – sharazaaa (right) and colleagues (left)

Remember the veteran artist Wulan Guritno? If you still remember, surely you are no stranger to the face of the girl in the black dress in the photo above. Shaloom Razade is the eldest child of Wulan Guritno who graduated from high school in 2016.

The girl who often uploads her beautiful photos on Instagram is continuing her studies in New York. At the time of high school graduation, she looked stunning in a black, red, and gold outfit. The clothes you wear are also suitable for your graduation ceremony.

5. Melody Nurramdhani

Source: Instagram – melodylaksani92

When you see the beautiful face of the photo above, surely in your mind you want to sing a song Aitakata!. The reason is, this girl whose full name is Melody Nurramdhani Laksani is a dropout singer from JKT48. He successfully completed his studies in 2016 at Padjadjaran University, Bandung.

The golden kebaya that he uses can also be used as inspiration for your graduation later. Pair it with a 7/8 batik skirt to sweeten your look. Make sure you wear bottoms that match the color of your tops to make them look more elegant.

6. Tina Toon

Source: Instagram – tinatoon101

Want to look more feminine with a pink dress? Short sleeve graduation kebaya model with color pink In the style of Tina Toon, you can make your choice. This pink dress will make you look more elegant and beautiful.

Combine with matching color bottoms to make your appearance more beautiful and luxurious. Even though Tina didn’t wear the kebaya in the photo above at graduation, it’s the fashion model that is simple perfect for your graduation.

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7. Tasya Kamila

Source: Instagram – tasyakamila

The next modern graduation kebaya model was inspired by the beautiful artist Tasya Kamila. Surely you are no stranger to this former child singer.

With a young age, Tasya Kamila has successfully graduated from S2 majoring in education Public Administration in Columbia University. Despite having a graduation ceremony abroad, it seems that Tasya is wearing Indonesian clothing.

She combined the new flea kebaya with knee-length short fingernails that were also red in color. The clothes he wears are very simple without sequins. It is suitable for you to make inspiration in your graduation ceremony.

8. Gita Gutawa

Source: Instagram – gitagut

The eighth modern graduation kebaya model was inspired by the beautiful singer with a unique voice, Gita Gutawa. This elegant kebaya model is perfect for you to use for your graduation event.

The combination of a kebaya with beautiful sequins with brown batik is very stunning to be used as your graduation dress. Even though Gita Gutawa didn’t wear these clothes on her graduation day, the elegant model is suitable for you to make your choice of style at the graduation ceremony.

9. Micah Maria Tambayong

Source: Instagram – miktambayong

The next modern graduation kebaya model is inspired by Mikha Tambayong. This beautiful artist graduated from undergraduate studies in 2017 at a university in the Jakarta area. Not only is his achievement surprising, that is, bearing the title cum laude with time study 3 years, his appearance was very stunning.

This new flea dress in faded green color is suitable for you to make your choice of clothes on graduation day. Add sequins on the top of the kebaya to make you look more beautiful.

Combine it with a color that matches the floral pattern, so that it will enhance your style. For the hair, you can also cheat hairdo Micah’s style with a flower bun that must be very beautiful and charming.

10. Shireen Sungkar

Source: Instagram – shireensungkar

The latest modern graduation kebaya model was inspired by the artist Shireen Sungkar. This modern veiled student graduation kebaya is suitable for you to be a role model for your fashion style on graduation day. The wife of Teuku Wisnu combines a dark blue kebaya with white bottoms.

This S1 graduate woman combined it with a plain hijab of the same color. This makes this syar’i Muslim graduation kebaya very suitable for you to use for your special events.

Look Beautiful With Modern Graduation Kebaya Model A la Artist

Of the 10 modern graduation kebaya models above, is there one that suits your liking? Of course there is, yes! Because the models are very beautiful and fashionable. You can also combine it with a jarik or songket bottom, which will certainly add to the elegance of your look.

If you have decided to design your own clothing that will be used for the graduation ceremony, don’t be upset for too long. Make sure you immediately put it to the tailor well before the D-day.

This is because sewing cloth that is usually used for formal events is not easy. For that, you must immediately submit your design and fabric to the tailor as soon as you find a suitable model, so that you can look beautiful with your kebaya on graduation day. Cheers and congratulations on your graduation, yes!

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