10 Online Business Tools You MUST Use

These last few years, online business become a very extraordinary trend. Invite anyone to become an online business. To create some online business tools which is ready to be used to help run an online business.

This is evident from the number of online business people who are increasingly easy to run their business. Both with social media and with online shop website professional ones.

January 2017, Hootsuite.com confirmed that there were around 24.74 million people in Indonesia who made transactions online. More than $5.6 billion total recorded transactions globally.

This indicates the potential for anyone to become an online business. Both those who have been in the online business world for a long time, as well as those who are just starting out. As Local SMEs who want to market their products more broadly through the online world.

However, to support the development and market needs that continue to increase, there are many tools that can be used so that online business can be more optimal.

The following are 10 tools quoted from Whiskeyandred.comwhich can be used to maximize online business.

id="1-hosting-untuk-website-toko-online-dan-blog-bisnis-profesional">1. Hosting -> for online shop websites and professional business blogs

Hosting is very important for an online business. Why?

If you want to build professional online business, you will realize social media alone will not be enough to meet your business marketing needs. You will choose to use a blog or website to display your product photos.

Starting from free ones, which are easy to use, to certain ones website is safe and fast to access.

Some people will think, why should I think about technical things like this? Meanwhile, I have to make sure my business is growing in terms of marketing?

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Obviously, you don’t have to think about this technical stuff. You can choose a provider that makes it easy for you from choosing – ordering – payment – ​​to maintenance hosting

for websitesyour.

For example, when you choose a name cheap domains for your business. Where domain name very important for the identity of an online business. You can choose in a provider that provides cheap domain promos. Besides the quality has been confirmed, the domain at this provider will give you the benefits of the existing promos.

After that, the hosting that you will use to store data on the website, you can choose frombest hosting provider which you can find on Google. Do you want regular hosting or WordPress hosting which is used for your website and business blog later.

You don’t need to be confused. Now many providers provide best shared hosting and also WordPress Hosting Indonesia. Cheap and of course makes it easier for you to be able to do maintenance. Without the need for special skills in the IT world, you can stay focused on running an online business.

id="2-email-untuk-komunikasi-bisnis-onlin-lebih-mudah">2. Email -> for easier online business communication

Online business cannot be separated from online communication that you will do. Not only through chat applications or short messages to your customers. Email is one of the communication tools that you must and must use.

Several tools have been prepared and you can immediately use them to maximize your business. Starting from G Suite, a Google product that helps many online businesses get the most out of their business.

Google provides many conveniences for users online business. Even from existing smartphones can directly use it. Starting from creating documents to sending emails.

When you make sure to do business in a professional manner, then the thing you will not forget is to create an email with your own domain name. Domain name This will help your business branding your customers and potential customers. You can get cheap domain for emailyou in many providers, one of which is at Jagoanhosting.com.

You can get several lists of business email tools that you can use for your online business. Some have been proven to help many businesses, from sending to monitoring how they respond and insights that can be used for future emails.


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3. Digital backups + File Organization -> ensure all important data is stored properly

Online business forces you a little to be familiar with the digital world and all the applications that make your business marketing activities easier. Like GDrive, Dropbox and other media or cloud storage tools.

Some choose to use Dropbox to back up their data. Why? Because Dropbox helps in organizing files and content in the form of text, images, audio and more.

Even if you have hosting for online shop websiteyou, you can use it for a place or media backup of your important data. There are many choices of cloud storage media to suit the needs of a small business like the one you are currently living. Some of them are like in following article this.

It could be that cloud storage is safer, cheaper and also easier to organize, than conventional storage media such as USB or external hard drives.

Some people are successful in running a business or other activity because it is very well scheduled. This will make it very easy to arrange a schedule to meet clients, schedule promotions to a schedule for evaluation.

You can use calendars from smartphones, laptops or very digital ones such as Google Calendar and other calendar applications.

Even setting a schedule will make it easier for you to be able to establish good relationships with customers who are abroad. The Calendly application can be your choice also in scheduling in your business.

5. Project management -> ensure every to do list is implemented

If you are used to working alone, then you have to get used to working in a team when building a business. There are many projects that you can’t actually do alone. You need the help of many people to complete the job.

Starting from planning to executing a job.

You definitely need media that can help manage projects together with the team. For example Trello or Basecamp. These two apps can help you work together as a team. You can use other project management applications check here.

For online businesses, you can enter several mandatory projects in this application, such as developing products, new product photography, SEO analysis, and so on.

6. Invoicing -> easy payment method

Online business will make you run all transactions online. Paypal is an application that will help you accept online payments from customers.

Paypal. Some online businesses also use bank services to help record payments and receive payments from customers.

Make it easy for customers, by using applications or media that are easy for them to find and use in terms of online payments. Otherwise, they won’t want to waste time dealing with online payments.

7. Email marketing -> ensure customers receive important emails from us

still about e-mail marketing, online business is not just about creating and distributing promo coupon codes on your website or social media. You can use applications or tools to send email marketing to customers. For example, when you use Mailchimp to send your marketing emails.

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Mailchimp is perfect for start-up businesses. Where you don’t need email marketing tools for more than 2000 subscribers. Mailchimp can also be run for free, so it will be easier for you to send email marketing.

It even performs an analysis of the results of emails sent to customers. You can find many insights from e-mail marketing that you live.

8. Editorial calendar -> all schedules must be neat

If you still find it difficult to set a schedule in running a business, then Coschedule is suitable for you to use. Ensure that your daily schedule can be carried out and achieve the targets that you have previously set.

You who own a team can share it with all your team members. Work together and achieve common business targets. Coschedule is an application linked to WordPress websiteyou, making it easier for you to schedule content and marketing programs from only one platform. It is ensured that websites, social media and blogs will be scheduled very well.

A user friendly platform, providing convenience for anyone who is not even familiar with the IT world and applications that can make it easier for them to run an online business.

9. Design -> no time for mediocrity

You must be aware of this, design is a necessity that must be used when you market content on online media, especially social media. Visual content will give an impression and be able to convey a message to your potential customers.

But what if you don’t have any design skills? Should you hire a designer when your business is still in its infancy?

Don’t be discouraged, those of you who don’t have a basic design for your business promo content, you can use Canva.com. Tools that will help you create various designs ranging from Facebook, Instagram covers, promo media to email and poster designs for your website.

You no longer need Photoshop or Illustrator skills to be able to design business promotion needs.

You can use it for free, but you can also use paid Canva which will give you more authority and ease of design.

Once again, social media is a highly structured medium to market our products. The number of media that can be used makes it easy for new online businesses to maximize their efforts to market their business.

Using social media for business is certainly a little different from personal social media. A number of tips you can use you can get here.

There are many tools that you can also use to maximize campaigns on social media for your business. Starting from content scheduling to analyzing the program you are running.

There is no limit to using tools in running an online business. Because these tools will make it easier for you to run an online business.

So what will you use first?

My advice you should start thinking about having online shop website first, maybe after you create a social media account for your business. Because the website will help you do branding online. Including choosing business domain name appropriate. If you think about the costs you have to spend, don’t worry, because the capital you will spend will have nothing to do with your branding and marketing results later.

So, what will you choose?