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ipadguides.id – Hello Zone Friends, for those of you who are fresh graduate and want to start work, have you prepared various answers during the interview? What are the types of HRD questions to prospective employees and how do you answer them? Check out the following reviews, come on!

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Self introduction

Illustration of an interview (Source: Freesumes)

When you first enter the room, HR will want to know more about you. Therefore, introduce yourself briefly starting with your full name, age, place of residence, and current activities.

Mention Your Strengths

Illustration mentioning advantages (Source: Working Mums)

After telling about yourself, HRD will definitely ask about what are your strengths.

For example, attitude in socializing, what role do you usually like when working in a team, and so on. Make sure to tell in detail and not overdo it, mate, Zone.

Mention Your Weaknesses

Illustration of job interview questions (Source: Desing and Build Recruitment)

In addition to advantages, mentioning disadvantages is a pair of questions that you often receive. When HRD asks this, a tip for Zone Friends is to avoid the shortcomings that bring you down.

Just mention the shortcomings in a simple way and definitely still relevant to the job. For example, “My weakness is that I am often strict with people who are not disciplined in arranging things”

Find Company Information

The illustration records all information about the previous company (Source: Wallpaper Frame)

During a job interview, make sure you know the company profile well, Friend Zona. You can find it on the site on line starting from the field of work, the length of time the company was established, and so on.

If the company does have subsidiaries, you can mention all of them. This of course can be an added value at the time of the interview.

Mention the Main Reasons for Applying at the Company

Illustration of an interview (Source: Top Career)

If you have reached this stage, you can answer briefly. For example “I want to learn a lot about this field”, “I want to find work experience”, or “I am interested in your company because (mention your reasons)”.

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Mention Your Expertise

Illustration of an interview (Source: G Talent)

In short, Friend Zone can immediately answer with your skills that have a relationship with the job position.

Mention Your Experience

Illustration of an interview (Source: BlogMauKerja)

The scariest job interview questions for the freshgaduate is about experience. Calm down Friend Zone, if you don’t have work experience, you can mention your previous organizational experience.

However, if you don’t have organizational experience, Zone Buddy can emphasize your skills. Don’t forget not to overdo it, okay?

Mention the purpose of life some time in the future

Illustration of a job interview (Source: Work In Japan Today)

This question often arises because HRD wants to see if you are a visionary person or not. Therefore, don’t forget to study some of your desires in the next few years, yes, Friend Zone.

State the reasons why the company should choose you

Illustration of Interview (Source: The Consultancy Group)

Usually, this question is one of the questions at the end of the interview session. Make sure you stay calm, okay?

The most effective way from the Student Zone for Friends of the Zone is to answer this question by connecting your capabilities with the company’s vision and mission.

Prepare Some Questions to Ask Back to HRD

Illustration of a job interview (Source: Top Career)

If HRD has ended the interview session, it’s time for you to ask again. Tips from the Student Zone, try not to directly ask questions related to salary/salary because you guys look materialistic.

Ask questions that make HRD have a good impression on you. For example:

“Actually, what are the necessary characteristics to be successful in this position, sir/madam?”

“What are your expectations of me if I later work in this company?”

10 Questions that Must Be Mastered before a Job Interview, Fresh Graduates Must Listen

So, those are the 10 questions that you must learn so that the interview goes smoothly. Don’t forget to keep praying for the best, okay?

Hopefully this review provides benefits and new views for Zone Friends, yes. Don’t forget to keep abreast of developments about students by activating the Student Zone website notifications. See you later!

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