10 Simple and Unique Baby Boy Name Couple Names for Calling


Having twins is a gift that not everyone has. As part of that gratitude, you can give baby names with the best meaning for your twins.

In choosing baby names for twins, parents usually choose two similar syllables. So that the nickname of the baby boy twins is created that is equivalent. Like for example Doni and Dani, or it could be like Fajar and Fadlan.

Similar names will create a compact and cute impression for their nicknames. However, don’t just consider those two elements, Mother, when choosing twin baby names for boys.

Consider the meaning contained in it as well. This becomes even more important, because the meaning behind the baby’s name becomes a prayer that accompanies the steps throughout their life.

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This time we will discuss the names of baby boy twins that you can use for your child. Check out the inspiration for baby boy names below:

1. Arkananta and Mahardika

Arkananta and Mahardika are names that come from Sanskrit and have good meanings. Arkananta means to have a path that is always bright and Mahardika means virtuous.

2. Bagas and Nice

The names Bagas and Bagus may sound a bit common in Indonesia, but these names are very suitable for twins. Apart from being similar, these two names have the same meaning, namely beautiful, strong, capable, and firm.

3. Hilman and Hilmi

Similar to the names Bagas and Bagus, the names Hilman and Hilmi are also quite common in Indonesia. But this name is suitable if you expect your son to grow up to be a patient person, because the meaning of these two names is patience.

4. Mahmud and Mahrus

If you are interested in giving baby boy twins who will be born with names that come from Arabic, then Mahmud and Mahrus can be an attractive choice. In Arabic, these two names mean praiseworthy and awake.

5. Ardi and Ardan

Names for twin boys that are also widely used are Ardi and Ardan. These two names have the meaning of firm, strong, respected, and opinionated.

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6. Nicholas and Nathan

Next is the name taken from the Greek. Nicholas means victory, while Nathan means a gift from God. These two names that both have good meanings can be considered as names for twin boys.

7. Kei and Ken

If you are a fan of everything from the Land of Sakura, then you can also consider a name that comes from Japanese as the name of your twins.

One name that can be considered is Kei which means full of luck, and always blessed. While Ken means a boy who is strong, healthy, and always humble.

8. Hiro and Haru

Still from Japan, the names Hiro and Haru are also quite popular names to use. Hiro means a boy who is rich and generous while Haru is spring.

9. Hasan and Hussein

Hasan means like to give while Husein means likes to help. Giving the two names means that Mother prays for the twin boys to be kind and likes to help others.

10. Jamal and Jamil

There is one more choice of names for those of you who want to give a name that sounds similar to twins. You can consider the name Jamal which means thinker, and Jamil which means prioritizing truth. PK

Are there any of the 10 recommended baby boy names above that can be an inspiration for your child? Have you found the right name? If you’re still confused, check out other name inspirations in the video below:



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