10 Simple Brick House Ideas with Beautiful and Neat Arrangements

Today, more and more people understand that a comfortable home is not only about its large size or expensive interior. In fact, the house model grows which is almost 90% so it can be transformed into a reassuring residence. One of them, the inspiration for this one growing house. From the outside, this house still looks plain without finishing to cover the brick building. However, the owner is able to arrange the interior of the house optimally, so that the interior of the house looks neat, comfortable and still attractive to the eye.

If you intend to live in a growing house (a house that is built in stages), see the details in 10 Simple Brick House Ideas with Neat and Stunningly Beautiful Arrangements.

Beautiful Growing House Facade

There are various concepts of growing houses. There are some people who add home finishing (plaster and decorative paint) as a number option. There are also those who prefer the appearance of exposed bricks like this. However, it doesn’t matter what the most important thing is to give satisfaction to the home owner.

For exterior features you can adopt the exterior of this house. The yard area of ​​the house is creatively framed with a paranet fence that you can make yourself. Place a variety of plants to provide a fresh atmosphere in the yard.


A house surrounded by gardens or green land does feel refreshing. This can be a distinct advantage, if you also like a similar home design. The outside area of ​​the house can be used as a place for washing hands or a kitchen sink. Make an outdoor sink look adorable by choosing a faucet in an eye-catching pink color.

with Canopy Roof and Plaster Floor

The bedroom area still has an appearance that looks in line with the exterior of the house. With brick walls and plaster floors. The combination of plaster floors can give a room atmosphere that feels cooler. This floor can minimize the heat from the asbestos or galvalume canopy roof that is used. The scorching heat can also be minimized by installing curtains and ventilation on the windows.

Visual Upgrade

You can change the visual of the bedroom with a design like this. The bedroom with pink and gray nuances gives the impression of a space that looks modern, warm and adorable. A small bedroom fits perfectly with small furniture, such as a minimalist wardrobe and dressing table. The rooms are also more modern with wallpaper in this geometric pink motif. Beautiful and budget-friendly.

Vintage Living Room Inspiration


the living room, you can glance at the living room with this old school or vintage concept. The living room arrangement with a reddish sofa set gives a very nostalgic visual of the space. Pink curtains and doors in light green add color to this living room. The living room furniture design is arranged on the side of the room, so it doesn’t interfere with access in and out of the side door.

Vintage Pink TV Cabinet Ideas

The existence of a TV with a cabinet will be a medium for family entertainment at home. You can coat your TV with a special sticker, so that it looks in line with the interior around the television. The all-pink nuance also makes the TV room look more contemporary.

Table Decoration and Aromatherapy

Add comfort in the house with beautiful room decorations. You are free to add any decorations according to your taste. If necessary, use aromatherapy which can provide freshness and ideal air humidity in the house.

Minimalist Kitchen Without Cabinets

When living in a growing house, consider carefully the choice of furniture to be installed. If for a while, you can use furniture models that are sleek and easy to assemble and disassemble. For example, choosing a kitchen without a top cabinet. The top cabinet can be replaced with a shelf to store your cooking spices and tumbler collection.

Design Upgrades

If you want to change the look of your kitchen, you can follow this beautiful pink kitchen design. Kitchen design in the shape of a U that will provide flexibility when cooking. The kitchen backsplash is coated with a special pink foam wall that protects the walls and makes the kitchen look more elegant. The area under the kitchen is closed neatly and beautifully with curtains under the kitchen in matching shades of pink.

Outdoor Laundry Room Ideas

The drying room can be placed in the back area of ​​the house. You can install an additional roof, so that the washing machine is protected from rain. Position the washing machine near the water line, to make washing easier and more efficient. The washing water drain can be directly channeled into a ditch or garden around the house.

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