10 Startup Mistakes Beginners Often Make

10 Startup Mistakes Beginners Often Make

Currently, there are many startup businesses that have sprung up around us. There are startup businesses that are quite successful in society, but there are also those who still have to try hard to be able to face every business challenge from their competitors. But challenges don’t only come from competitors, but also from yourself, which can be startup errors.

There are many things that make startups immediately reach the point of their business success, one of which is their ability to read the market and customer desires which greatly affect the progress of their business. Meanwhile, startup businesses that are fairly small still have to try hard, because they made some mistakes in their business.

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Startup Failure

What are those mistakes? The following are 10 mistakes that often occur in startup businesses:

1. Not having a clear goal and vision

When you want to set up a business or startup, you must have clear goals and objectives. Too often those who are just starting a startup dive right into brilliant ideas for their startup’s development, without even thinking about why they’re doing it.

Without a clear goal, a startup will have a very difficult road to walk. Likewise, when they face a problem, it will make it difficult for them to solve the problem. Many startups have very big goals and visions, like Twitter, which has a vision “To be the pulse of the planet” .

According to Tony Hsieh of Zappos, we should pursue vision, not money. Because money will follow us. That means the vision does have a very important position when we want to set up a business or startup.

2. Lack of focus

According to Michael Lazerow of Buddy Media, “Success is simple, we just have to focus on what’s important.” When we do something we must always be serious and focused. We can be smart and great, can do many things at one time.

But will that guarantee that we can focus on getting the job done with maximum results? That’s not certain. Many startups are too excited at first, so they subconsciously do a lot of work at once and try to get it done quickly. It’s very difficult to focus, it can be considered a very elementary startup error.

Actually that’s not good, because we can’t focus on getting a job done. It takes discipline and order in doing every job. This is done so that we stay focused on the work we are doing.

3. See design as an afterthought

Steve Jobs once said “Design is not just what we can see and feel, it’s also how it works”. A startup often does not see the value in investing in a design that is used. A design is very important in a business.

How is it possible to sell a product or service without a design, be it on a website, brochure, sticker or so on. Your design must also be able to adapt to every era that passes.

Because after all, your business will not only last a year or two, unless you really want to open or stop doing business.

4. Build something that many people don’t want

You must be able to create a product or service that your customers like, want and of course need. Make sure that you are building the right product for your audience before perfecting their experience with your product.

You have to explore the market, look for assumptions or opinions of people, and find new opportunities that are potentially more profitable. Most of an idea does arise from the assumptions of different people so that it doesn’t become a complicated startup mistake.

5. Chasing investors, not customers

“When you take money from your investors, their business is actually yours”, that’s what Steve Blank said. Just because you have a great idea, it doesn’t mean you will get funding for your business. One of the safest ways to ensure viability for your startup is to have a business model that allows paying for the product for itself.

This startup mistake will not significantly eliminate the opportunity for your startup to develop because it is true that both customers and investors must be satisfied. But you can do a priority scale to then prioritize customers more.

6. Not listening well

When we are new to the business world, we will really need a lot of advice to develop our new business. When we are not able to be a good listener to our customers, it means we will find it difficult to grow our business.

Because, criticism and suggestions given by customers are what they expect from our business. According to Richard Branson, We were created with 2 ears and 1 mouth, to be a good leader, we must be a good listener.

While you want customers to listen to your promotions, you must also be prepared to listen to them talk about your products and services.

7. Launching too late or too soon

There are many startups that are busy with creating products and services long enough or even too early. This happens because the preparation of the business itself is still not neat. There are businesses that are too eager to quickly introduce their business to the public even though their product or service is still not ready.

There are also businesses that take too long to release their product or service, out of a desire to create something absolutely perfect. This is not good for your startup business and can be a pretty fatal startup mistake.

You must have a plan for each product or service you want to sell. Both in terms of product type, quality, benefits, to launch time.

8. Embarrassed to ask for help

It is not uncommon for new entrepreneurs to have a big enough sense of selfishness in running their business. They can work according to their own wishes, without paying attention to what customers want and expect. Sometimes they are also still reluctant to ask for help, because they are still prestige at the beginning of the business establishment.

In fact, asking for help will make startup errors even more mountain. Like a rolling snowball, the less often you ask for help, the more stagnant your startup will be.

However, when you are shy to ask questions or ask for help, then when you run into difficulties, of course it will be difficult to solve. Never be shy to just ask or ask for help, be it to friends, subordinates or your boss.

9. Have no growth plan

Just setting up without having a plan for growth, would of course be pretty useless. Because you certainly want if the business you are starting will continue to grow and develop as long as possible. You must have a plan for every growth process you will go through. You have to be realistic in planning your future business, because success will not just happen by itself.

Honestly, friend, this one startup mistake might reflect how mature you are as a startup owner. The fewer plans that are made in one period, you could say the less mature the startup owner is.

10. Hiring the wrong people

A startup that gets seed funding, often makes the mistake of hiring people too soon. Not only because you need employees or a team to set up or shape your startup business, you are negligent about how quality they are at work.

An employee will be your work team that will take you to achieve the company targets you want. When you make a mistake in selecting team members, it can be disastrous for you.

Because, you will waste time looking for more and more employees who match you.

Well, if you are one who is actively building a startup, then some of the things above are important considerations for you. Including at startup your technology needs a server that will accommodate your application and all data from your application. You can use not arbitrary services, although sometimes the resources you need are also not as many as you imagine.

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Well, now it’s your turn. Finding a good partner for your startup will make it easier for you to bring your startup to the gates of success. ️

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