10 Tips for Growing a Home Business with Low Capital

The trend of running a business is getting busier lately. Especially for an online business that can be run by anyone, anywhere and anytime. With a gadget and an internet connection, various businesses with a turnover of millions of rupiah have been proven to be able to be done with minimal capital. One of the favorite things about running this business is that it can be run from home. Without the need to rent an expensive place to showcase products, a home business can also provide quite promising profits.

In addition to online businesses, home businesses are in great demand by those who are interested in culinary, laundry services, crafts and much more. Ease and also capital that is not difficult to be one of the reasons. Well, here are tips that can be used for those of you who may want to develop a home business with minimal capital.

1. Focus on developing only 1 product or service

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There are many business opportunities that can be run by those of us who want to have a home business. Starting from the culinary business, fashion, laundry services, handy craft and so on. No half-hearted, because of the many hobbies we have and the pleasures we want to do, it can make us want to run all businesses. But in fact running a business and focusing on developing it, will make us much more leverage in promoting our products.

id="2-memberikan-banyak-pilihan-kemudahan-untuk-produk-yang-anda-jual">2. Provide many convenience options for the products you sell

Provides many service options
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After having 1 type of product or service that we most want to sell, we can provide many convenience options for the products we sell. For example, we can sell products at home, in the garage, or even sell our products in online media. In addition, try to make your product more attractive than other products. This uniqueness will make your simple business very extraordinary.

3. Find a unique way to market your product

Yoris Sebastian's creative selling
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This technique is even much cheaper than looking for other product ideas. You can use a discount or bonus every time a customer buys your product. Without increasing the expenditure to market the product, you can attract the attention of customers from that simple way.

4. Hire someone to help you

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If your business is already starting to give great results, start getting more orders and even more than your target. You can start thinking about using the services of other people, such as freelancers, interns or permanent employees. Because you need time to focus on developing the current business strategy.

Mebiso, online business media
Mebiso, online business media

One thing that cannot be ignored in selling a product is promoting the product. The media that currently exists are very varied and make it easier for business people to sell the products they have. Starting from conventional media such as brochures, banners. Online media such as social media, online store websites. Up to media promotion with a fairly expensive cost, namely participating in exhibitions. However, it is these promotional media that we must use to introduce and sell more of our business products.

6. Join various business communities

Business community - Hands on Community
Business community – Hands on Community

Community is one of our ways to get many customers and also partners in doing business. Although doing business at home, don’t close yourself off from getting acquainted and joining many business communities. In this community we can get many friends and also new knowledge to develop business.

7. Find other targets and target markets

blue ocean strategy
blue ocean strategy

If you have found a target market that feels right, don’t stop there. Find many new target and different target market to get more customers. Trying new things and focusing on developing them, actually makes it easier for us to find patterns from our business and product marketing.

modern media
modern media

If social media is considered old media for doing business, try using new media, such as providing offers via email, or sending bonus vouchers via SMS or chat applications with customers. Who would have thought that there were as many email users as those who use social media. This opens up opportunities for business people to get closer to customers through media such as email.

9. Think about turning your business into another business opportunity

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If you feel that you have reached your target, don’t be complacent. You can open other business opportunities from your current business. For example, the home-based culinary business that you live in, can be a business opportunity and also a business field for many people, such as opening an agency. You will easily get many customers from these agents.

10. Choose a partner who of course supports your business

business partner
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In addition to the nine tips above, the most important thing about your home business is the right partner for your business. You probably already understand that now all businesses are run through online media. All businesses can be run through online media, and one of the most widely used is the online store website. Some people think doing business online is difficult and expensive. But it is not. If you choose the right partner, you can rest easy running an online business, because in addition to guaranteed quality, the price will not make you lose money.

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