10 Tourist Attractions in Phuket that You Must Visit!

Thailand known as a country that has islands with beautiful beaches, especially in the south. A famous beach tourist destination in the South, especially if not Phuket.

Twice I holiday to Phuket. In addition to the price of plane tickets which are quite cheap, you can relax as well as spend time island hopping from one island to another.

Pretty much tourist attractions in Phuket that you can explore, from beach tours, temples, to nightlife. I will share more to the Phi Phi Island tour, because the two times I went to Phuket, both of them also went to Phi Phi Island.

Best time for vacation to Phuket

The best time for a vacation to Phuket is from December to March. The sky is clear, the sun shines all day, it rarely rains, the sea water is also relatively calm.

It’s just that at this time there are so many tourists who come so it will be crowded. Yes, you could say the beginning of the year is high seasonit’s Phuket.

If you’re looking for something a bit quieter, maybe you can come in April or May. The weather is also still good, not yet rainy season.

Recommended accommodation in Phuket

If you’re looking for accommodation in Phuket, the most popular ones are nearby Patong Beach. This is where the hustle and bustle of Phuket is. In Bali, it’s similar to Kuta Beach.

There are so many choices of hostels and hotels at affordable prices. Just check it on a hotel booking application like booking.com. Some recommendations for lodging in Phuket include White Wall Poshtel, Book a Bed Poshtel, and Baan Baan Hostel.

Tourist attractions in Phuket that must be visited

Well, now we enter which destinations or tourist spots are famous and must-visit in Phuket.

1. Phi Phi . Island

My main goal on vacation to Phuket is to visit Phi Phi Island. I join one day tour carried out by local operators and visited the surrounding islands.

Tour package price island hopping Phi Phi Island about 1,200 baht. In rupiah, it means around Rp. 600,000. The price includes lunch. You can check this site for available tour packages.

It’s not cheap, but what can I do. I really want to see Phi Phi Island, especially Maya Bay because the characteristic or attraction of the islands around here is the karst rock which is similar to Raja Ampat or Palawan.

The islands I visited were:

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island is a small island not far from Ao Nang Beach in Krabi. A small island with pure white beaches as smooth as flour.

Similar to Bira Beach in Sulawesi, only it’s quieter here. Walking around this island doesn’t feel tired, it’s actually fun. On the other side there are clusters of rocks, the sea water is also sparkling clear.

Not far from the shoreline, about 50 meters there is a spot snorkeling named coral garden. I do not snorkeling so I don’t know how the coral conditions around here are.

beach in phuket
Bamboo Island

Viking Cave

The name of this cave is inspired by the carvings on the walls of the cave that look like ships vikings. In this cave there are many bird nests which are also the livelihood of local residents.

They arrange bamboo sticks so that they can be climbed to collect bird nests which are then sold. This bird’s nest is consumed because it has high efficacy, the price is also expensive.

viking cave phi phi
viking cave phi phi

Phi Phi Ley

This spot is truly like heaven! I don’t regret paying a lot of money to come to this extraordinary place. The boat that took me and other guests down a bay surrounded by towering karst hills!

It was like being transported to another world. The water is so blue! It’s really cute. I feel small among the giant rocks. I really wanted to stay here longer, but our ship only went through it for 10 minutes. Really satisfied!

phi phi phuket island
The blue of the sea!

Maya Bay

Tourist destinations on Phi Phi Island that are no less interesting are Maya Bay. This is where the filming location for the movie “The Beach” became famous and was finally crowded with tourists.

The beach is very crowded, full of foreign tourists in bikini. It is undeniable that the scenery at Maya Bay is spectacular, like art that pleases the eye.

Phi Phi Don

We arrived at the main island, namely Phi Phi Island. If you want to stay on this island, you won’t be able to, because there are many luxury resorts. More suitable for honeymoon or with family.

On this island we stopped for lunch. The facilities on this island are also complete, like parties, spas, diving, everything is there. You can join a diving trip too. Phi Phi Island is famous for having a variety of marine life that should not be missed.

If you stay on Phi Phi Island, there are also tourist attractions that you can visit, for example the viewpoint that is on top of a hill to see beautiful sea views. There are also other beaches such as Yao Beach, Lanti Beach, Ton Sai Beach, and others.

phi phi island
Phi Phi Island

Monkey Beach

The last spot of this trip is Monkey Beach. I had time to snorkel, it was quite disappointing. Many coral reefs are damaged, visibility is not good, not much can be seen.

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phuket island tour
Monkey Beach

Here, the most crowded location and also the center of tourism in Phuket. The beach is not very good, yes, it’s normal. But in terms of location it is very strategic because there are many inns and restaurants.

In addition, if you want to take a tour package for island hopping easier from here too. If you want to enjoy the night atmosphere in Phuket, look for lodging around Katong Beach.

3. Bangla Road

Still in Patong area too, Bangla Road is the nightlife hub of Phuket. Lots of tourists or young backpackers partying at night.

Flickering neon lights at night, music booming from bars, girls working in bars inviting tourists to come to the bar. It’s really busy!

If you like nightlife, you can try one of the bars and have fun. If you bring children, it might not be suitable, hehe.

Well, around Bangla or Patong there is a famous ladyboy show, the name is Simon Cabaret. Performances that are very good at entertaining the audience plus lively costumes, if you have more budget, you can try watching it.

4. Wat Chalong

Not Thailand if there is no temple. In Phuket alone there are about 27 temples, the most famous of which are Wat Chalong. It is located quite far from Patong Beach, about 18 km.

To get here you can rent a motorbike, car, or take a taxi. The design of Wat Chalong is very beautiful, the shape of the building is also like a Thai temple in general.

Many locals come to worship and believe that this temple brings blessings. In addition, this temple also chooses a green and beautiful garden area.

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wat chalong phuket
Wat Chalong

5. Big Buddha

Big Buddha or giant Buddha statue is a tourist destination in Phuket which is very famous and important for Thai people.

The 45 meter high statue is located in a hilly area which can be reached via the following road. From up here you can see a 360-degree view of Phuket.

big buddha in phuket

6. Kata Beach

Other beaches in Phuket besides Patong are Kata Beach. With a coastline of 1.5 km, this beach is also liked by tourists because it is beautiful and not as crowded as Patong. If you have more time don’t forget to visit here!

7. James Bond Island

Guess why it’s called James Bond Island? Yep, definitely has something to do with the James Bond films. Of all the islands in Pha Nga Bay, James Bond Island has a unique form of reef relief.

The island can be reached by one day trip also from Phuket. Activities that can be done besides snorkeling also kayaking.

8. Promthep Cape

Well, to see the sunset panorama, you can come to Promthep Cape. This spot is very popular with tourists so it is always crowded, especially in the afternoon.

You can see the view of the Andaman Sea from the top of this hill. Here there is also a lighthouse as a museum that stores artifacts from the sea.

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phuket promthep . tour

9. Karon View Point

Other view points that you can visit are Karon View Point. From here you can see three beaches on the west side of the island, namely Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon Beach which are surrounded by green hills.

10. Phuket Old Town

Last but not least, don’t forget to drop by in the old town of Phuket or known as Phuket Old Town. Building with style a mixture of Asian and Portuguese with cute colors, cool for a walk.

Stroll around Soi Romanee or Thalang Road. You can find cafes, antique shops, and museums. In addition, in the old town of Phuket there are also several temples of Chinese cultural influence such as Jui Tui Shrine and Sang Tham Shrine.

That’s 10 tourist attractions in Phuket what you must visit if planning a vacation to Phuket. Which destination would you like to visit?

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