10 Ways to Increase Watch Time and Rationale on Youtube Channels

Why did you just open the channel youtubeEh, it’s already busy watching, it’s already crowded with subscribers… even though the channel has just been created….. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Yup! this can happen, especially if you have succeeded in making one channel break the egg of 100 thousand subscribers…

Of course, creating the next channel will be much easier.

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But if you are careless, it could damage the reputation of the main channel that has been formed…

Then how can that happen..? It could be because of the popularity and style that many people like, so when a new channel is associated with an already popular channel, people will also be curious.

At least from 1 million subscribers, there will be a minimum of 10% who stick.

Then how come it’s so fast? here he is…

I’m sure he already got the recipe… ๐Ÿ™‚

That is how to keep the retention and watchtime full … especially if it’s above 50%, then Youtube will be more aggressive in recommending the content,

What is Retention? what is watch time?

You can find Rate and Watch Time on Youtube Analytic. If on blogger there is Google Analytics to analyze the performance of our website, if on YouTube itself it has analytics as well.

style="text-align: left;">Enter Youtube Studio

When you enter Youtube Studio, Link Youtube Studio

Then you are usually directed to the main dashboard, after that you can directly click on the “Analytics” side menu, after that click the “Engagement” tab or in Indonesian “Interaction”.

There is a count of “Watch Time (hours)” in hours. If your Youtube Analytic is set in Indonesian, then Watch Time changes to “Watch Time (hours)”, actually you just need to memorize the layout, if you don’t want to be complicated by language problems… but I’m sure you already understand this…

Understanding Watch Time on Youtube

class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">watch time youtube

So calculation watch time it’s in a matter of hours, the higher the number of viewing hours, the higher the chances of being recommended as well.

Have you ever applied for monet? there is a requirement of 4000 hours of broadcast right.. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I think it’s like a signal, if your broadcast hours are higher, it allows the system to consider you a professional in the field of the channel you are presenting.


can also reach 4000 watch hours with just one video…

The calculation is if 1 video is only 1 hour long… and 1 million people watch…

means you get at least half of the 1 million, assuming the average watch is 50%, so 500,000 hours.

And this has crossed the line for monetization review.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, what happens if 1 video is watched by 1 million viewers, but the watch time doesn’t arrive for 1000 hours? it seems that videos with 1 million views are rare but the watch time of 1000 hours doesn’t arrive… unless you use bots.. ๐Ÿ™‚

Because, if at the beginning, interest in the video is low… usually it will be difficult to develop, and if that’s the case, then views will be able to


I once experimented with making long videos and I made it plain and monotonous…

It’s hard to develop bro… for that video…, because the broadcast time is already jammed…

It’s true that “what is” is not suitable when we are not who we are… ๐Ÿ™‚ … because people tend to be lazy, unless it’s true that what you bring is all meat…

Okay, so it’s starting to show here, huh, if Watch Time it is the sum of the accumulated time that your overall video viewers spend.

You can actually see a more specific watch time in the “Advanced Mode” or “Advanced Mode” section.

youtube advanced mode

Later, the details will be displayed watch time each of your videos.

The value in the watch time section is based on the time range that you can change. The shortest data is 7 days… while normally it’s 28 days… (remember that you get paid every month, right… ๐Ÿ™‚

So, it could just be resetting the metrics again… so the right time to experiment is the beginning of the month… oh no no… I just remembered… the calculation for Monetization Pass is 365 days, that means 1 year… where if you don’t reach your target, you will back off, but you don’t just lose your previous watch immediately, but it keeps shifting.


example, you have almost reached 4000 hours of viewing, eh, it turns out that the subscribers have not reached 1000, so when the days are added, the calculation of watch hours that exceeds 365 days will disappear…

For example, it turns out that you get 1000 hours of watching on day 366, or it’s already too late, then just reduce it from 4000 – 1000, which means 3000 hours of showtime are left…

And so on… so it doesn’t immediately change to 0.

So that’s my understanding for Youtube Watch Hours.

So what is retention?

If that was the amount of Watch Time, then rate this is the average percentage of video performance. This is very important bro.. and actually this is the overall average or equal to watch time earlier. We can see the rate/aaudience rating more specific in “Advanced Mode”

And the calculation can also be adjusted based on a certain time frame.

watch time and youtube rate

You can see in the image I screenshot above, I’ve marked it rate and watch time.

The higher the rate or average viewing percentage, the more recommended youtube will be, which can reach many people.

I have previously discussed about youtube traffic source

How to Increase Watch Time on Youtube Channel

There is a way that I can describe for you … it can be updated later according to the times:

  1. Serving dynamic video content…or you could say NOT MONTON, and not being long-winded, seems to be the key to good ratensi, so that with good ratensi…later on gradually the recommendations from youtube will also increase. If it used to be small talk, it was still okay, but now when the competition in the world of YouTube is getting tougher and the content is getting more diverse… then everything has changed… it must be short, concise, clear…
  2. Don’t make the content long time yes… because it’s still not famous, unless you’re sure, it’s all meat content. (Take advantage of the Short Video feature)
  3. Don’t lie to the audiencewant A instead get Z
  4. Multiply videos by learning from analysis on rate / average viewing the best… it shows interest in your content… how you can analyze it further in “Advanced Mode” or advanced mode.
  5. Take advantage of the First Minute of the videoYes, you can say that the hook is placed here… It’s okay if the intro is loud, it breaks the spirit and makes you happy.. but if you’re used to it, it’s better to keep it short… because the audience focuses on the material, not the intro… : ).
  6. Content with original stylemore desirable.. ๐Ÿ™‚ , although you may have your own role model, maybe a well-known youtuber, but you need to have your own style that becomes your trademark.. and even more combo, when that characteristic can become a Hook every minute .. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Entertaining content, turns out to be in great demand.. and has a high watch time… for example a short film.. ๐Ÿ™‚ because the audience wants to get the storyline from beginning to end.
  8. Niche Channels are preferred and have good retention, for example a channel that discusses youtube tutorials… so it’s just a youtube tutorial. But I myself get bored easily if I have to chase a NICHE… really, even though this may be a youtube algorithm parameter with various calculations that can favor a channel with a special niche, it seems, it’s still “Not my Ninja Way”
  9. Camera quality also mattersI’ve been complained because the camera “shake shake” the video recording is not stable… ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Video Editing by removing unimportant parts – very important.

Upgrade Watch Time and rate Youtube videos need flying hours, to get the formula also need in-depth analysis, the more you analyze it, the more you will be able to understand your audience.

So it takes time too, besides that.. by doing continuous analysis, then you will also become familiar with “Youtube Studio” hehe..

*The most important thing bro, in creating content you need to understand that what you upload can be your digital footprint… so “many views” of Viral videos… it’s not an important thing…

most importantly, create content that is useful and can have a positive impact on the audience.

That’s all the discussion this time about How to Increase Watch Time and Rationale on Youtube Channels.

May it be of benefit.

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