10 Ways to Replace WA Notifications With Your Own Songs

How to Replace WA Notifications With Songs

All smartphone users, both Android and IOS, will definitely install the Whatsapp application as the number one online messaging application. Did you know that there are many customizations on Whatsapp, one of which is How to Change WA Notifications With Songs.

Andorid mobile users have complete freedom to do anything on their mobile. One of the simplest is to change the notification message that goes to the cell phone.

Whether it’s a message from Whatsapp or a number call, users can make various customizations in full. Specifically for Whatsapp itself, there are actually special features provided by Whatsapp.

This feature allows users to easily change the ringtone for incoming notifications. Even though it’s easy, in reality there are still some users who don’t understand about this one feature.

With the feature to be able to change notifications, it’s the same with How To Change Whatsapp Color. Where Whastapp itself has provided special features for users to be able to change the appearance of their WhatsApp.

How to Replace WA Notifications With SongsIt would be nice for you to prepare notifications or songs that will be used as ringtones in advance. Prepare the music in advance that will be used as a notification on the Whatsapp message that will be installed.

Apart from making sure that the quality is good, make sure that the duration of the song you are going to use is correct. Well, here’s what projectino.com I will tell you about the tutorial on how to change WA notifications with songs that you must know.

  1. Open, please WhatsApp application
  2. Tap the icon point three in the upper right corner.
  3. You can choose a menu settings or settings.Replace WA Notifications With Songs
  4. Next to the menu notification.
  5. Please select ringtone or notification tones.
  6. Continue, choose from files.
  7. Select the ringtone to use.
  8. If you have chosen Okay
  9. Then tone Whatsapp ring will change
  10. Done

By just following this method you can change your cellphone ringtone, also make sure you can do all the steps above in the same way. Also make sure you are using the latest version of WhatsApp to be able to follow it.

Please prepare a good notification that you can use as a notification, also make sure that the notification used is good first. If this method doesn’t work, please check your WhatsApp version again, make sure you are using the latest one.

Create WhatsApp Voice Google Notifications

What’s been quite a trend lately is WhatsApp notifications that use Google voice. You can use google voice to create a notification message for fun. Of course, this trend needs to be known by WhatsApp application users.

  1. Download the Blue Text application at Playstore
  2. Then open this application.
  3. If you want to make Blue Text your default keyboard, please click the menu icon in the upper right corner, then select Keyboard.How to write colors in WA
  4. Next click Setup The Keyboard10 Ways to Replace WA Notifications With Your Own Songs
  5. then enable BlueTextBlueText Keyboard
  6. After that click the button Choose The KeyboardWa Color Text Keyboard
  7. then choose BlueText10 Ways to Replace WA Notifications With Your Own Songs
  8. If so, the default keyboard will change to Blue Text10 Ways to Replace WA Notifications With Your Own Songs
  9. Then all you have to do is chat on WhatsApp and the text will turn blue.WA Color Writing

Make sure you follow the steps above so that later you can change Google’s voice to a notification message on your WhatsApp. So, for the details yourself, you can directly apply the method above to the whatsapp that you currently have.


How to replace WA notifications with your own songs can be applied to all Android phones. You can apply the method above with the same steps if you are already using the latest Android version.

Hopefully the information this time can help those of you who want to apply a way to change WhatsApp notifications. Also find out information about Xiaomi Redmi 10 5G Specifications and Price on the previous review from projektino.