10 Ways to Research Hashtags on Instagram, Guaranteed to be Powerful

Uploading promotional content on Instagram can be done in an easy way without having to pay for advertising.

This is because your content can reach hundreds of thousands of people if you research Instagram hashtags and know how.

Not a few people underestimate a hashtag, when in fact hashtags on Instagram can be used to the fullest.

The spreadability of this content will increase because it only embeds certain hashtags in posts.

Hashtags if used correctly will make the content posted on Instagram easier to find, which will increase engagement and followers will arrive.

Not infrequently if you are also often asked to endorse. This is a quite interesting fact that arises from how important a hashtag is on an Instagram account, where hashtags on Instagram are useful and work great like that.

Conversation groups on social media that are on topic are the main function of hashtags, so that not a few people can find content that matches their interests.

If you are looking for an effective way that you can do to reach a lot of people and get a lot of followers.

style="text-align: justify;">So the short answer is that it is very important to use hashtags. Hashtag is one of the features on Instagram that plays a role in categorizing content.

So that the content that you create and post can have the opportunity to be found by millions of Instagram users who are not yet your followers when using hashtags.

10 Ways to Research Hashtags on Instagram, Guaranteed to be Powerful

style="text-align: justify;">Another function of hashtags is as keywords on the Instagram search engine. This hashtag must be used optimally, because it will feel useless if the hashtag on Instagram is not used properly. Below are 10 ways to research hashtags on Instagram, including the following:

style="text-align: left;">1. Brainstorming Appropriate Keywords

Do some brainstorming to find keywords that relate to your business or that match the content you post.

Look for hashtags that relate to the object you’re posting to, the moment, the product offered, its location, benefits, and who will see the post. The purpose of this method is to optimize posts so that they are easily found by users.

2. Hashtag Research with Instagram Search Feature

The next step that can be done is to find out if the hashtag is available on the Instagram application. In this case you can use the search feature to find out.

Take note of hashtags that attract at least 10 – 20 hashtags, then explore further about their derived hashtags.

Also take note of the 10 – 20 celebgram accounts that you will use to learn what hashtags they use.

style="text-align: left;">3. Hashtag Research Used by Top Post

Pages containing posts across Instagram will appear when you click on one of the hashtags in Instagram search results.

The page is a page that is divided into two parts, which are the recent and top pages.

The latest Instagram posts using the hashtag with the name recent being top are posts selected by the system. You can find out the hashtags of that post.

4. Hashtag Research Followed by Celebrities

Celebrities are people who are famous and have lots of followers. They will usually follow hashtags that are important to them.

There are so many benefits to be gained by following the hashtags used by Selebgram.

Because there is not a lot of spamming and very interesting hashtag posts. Your posts will likely get on Selebgram’s radar if you follow the hashtags.

5. Hashtag Research Frequently Used by Celebrities

Do an analysis of thousands of posts on an Instagram account whether they have a Selebgram or a celebrity, and find out what hashtags they use often.

style="text-align: justify;">With the results of this hashtag analysis, you can map based on popularity, number of posts and percentage of usage. While the Hashtag with the highest percentage you can use.

6. Related Hashtag Research

Derived hashtags or related hashtags are hashtags related to a hashtag. You can explore related hashtags which will be useful especially if you run out of search keyword ideas or want to explore hidden hashtags.

Therefore, look for derived hashtags so you can use them simply by including them in your posts.

7. Choosing the Best Hashtags

Choose the best hashtag after doing hashtag research, where the hashtag ideas you use must be the best.

Choose a hashtag that is relevant to the content being posted, and also consider the level of popularity of the hashtag.

If the hashtags are relevant and popular enough, then your posts will be better and the chances of being seen by many people will be much greater.

8. Using Potential Hashtags

Potential hashtags will be very useful to use when you post videos, photos or anything else on the instagram app.

Because the photos and videos you upload will be seen by a wide variety of users. Your content will also be easily found by other users besides your followers on Instagram, if they are interested, they will start following you and liking your posts.

10 Ways to Research Hashtags on Instagram, Guaranteed to be Powerful

Why Should You Use a Selected Celebrity?

9. Research Using Selected Celebrities

If the post you are going to post is food then you should look for popular hashtags popularized by Selebgram chef.

Likewise, if you are interested in promoting products owned by several well-known celebrities. You can easily ride popularity into other people’s posts so that your posts are seen and get attention from various people.

10. Research Using Tools

If you have been maximal in doing research and the various features available on Instagram, then you should try using tools. These tools were created for social media or search optimization.

There are various kinds of free tools that you can use at will. Even if you don’t subscribe to these tools, you can still take advantage of the data they provide.

Celebrity optimization and doing research on Instagram Hashtags are indeed difficult and easy. Because if people don’t understand it will be difficult to increase the number of views on Instagram. Use tools that contain data from google autocomplete.

If you want it fast, you can use paid tools. Choosing tools is also not as easy as it seems, you have to consider which tools are not paid and which are paid tools.

You can also do keyword research to optimize SEO, content marketing and other things.

Try to read references about recommended tools and tools that are provided to do hashtag research.