100 Baby Boy Names from English, Modern and Impressively Cool

Jakarta – Giving a name in English can be a good decision. With a name from English, your little one will not be difficult to adapt and travel to various countries because the name is more familiar.

In addition, English baby boy names also seem modern and cool, Mother. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more parents are giving English names to their children.

Do you also want to name your little one with an English word? Check it out, a collection of English baby boy names which are certainly very contemporary and make your little one’s nickname sound even cooler.

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Inspirational contemporary English baby boy names

  1. Andrew: dashing, brave
  2. Aegon: struggle
  3. Achilles: warrior
  4. Aiden: small fire
  5. Alexander: defender of humanity
  6. Anakin: warrior
  7. Anthony: priceless
  8. Amoret: baby
  9. Royal Alroy
  10. Amadeus: love from God
  11. Adalrico: noble
  12. Ardell: persevere
  13. Archer: an archer
  14. Arthur: hero
  15. Arden: brave
  16. Austin: very helpful
  17. Arley: archer
  18. Alonso: ready to fight
  19. Alpha: eldest son
  20. Aragorn: noble courage
  21. Arnold: eagle power
  22. Benedict: blessed
  23. Blaze: light up
  24. Basil: honorable
  25. Blandon: soft
  26. Bent: blessed
  27. Benito: blessed
  28. Baron: young warrior
  29. Brian: noble
  30. Bryant: strong
  31. Carlos: free man, strong
  32. Caesar: long hair
  33. Cyrus: Your Majesty
  34. Calixto: trophy
  35. Comfort: strength
  36. Charles: strong
  37. Clarke: educated
  38. Constantine: loyal
  39. Christian: follower of Christ
  40. Dominic: belongs to God
  41. Dean: lead
  42. Dexter: skilled
  43. Donato: God’s grace
  44. Drew: dashing, manly
  45. Dante: eternal
  46. Danny: only God can judge me
  47. Draco: Dragon
  48. Edric: strong
  49. Elvin: crowd’s friend
  50. Fitz: boy
  51. Felix: nice person
  52. Frank: free
  53. Grant: great, great
  54. Gregory: guard
  55. Gustin: great
  56. Hadrian: man from the ocean
  57. Hester: star
  58. Hugh: soul, mind, intelligence
  59. Hardwin: brave friend
  60. James: the substitute
  61. Julian: young
  62. Jay: winner
  63. Jax: God’s Grace
  64. Joffrey: like a god
  65. Keanu: cool wind
  66. King: king
  67. Kylo: sky
  68. Kobe: replacement
  69. Kalare: sunny
  70. Leo: lion
  71. Legolas: green leaves
  72. Lex: defender of humanity, warrior
  73. Luther: People’s Soldier
  74. Lucian: bearer of light
  75. Legend: legend
  76. Maximo: the greatest
  77. Murphy: sea warrior
  78. Manfred: peace
  79. Marcello: dare
  80. Myer: great
  81. Nelson: son of knight
  82. Newell: ruler
  83. Nicolas: the people’s victory
  84. Onix: precious gemstone
  85. Prince: prince
  86. Romance: Rome
  87. Ryker: rich
  88. Ryder: warrior on horseback
  89. Smith: blacksmith
  90. Thor: Thunder
  91. Tyrion: rock
  92. Tyson: high spirits
  93. Thomas: sun god
  94. Travis: union
  95. Valerian: mighty
  96. Vin: conquer
  97. Vincent: conqueror
  98. Victor: champion
  99. Walter: power
  100. Zeus: sky, heaven

Those are a series of recommendations for today’s English baby boy names that have been published HiMom summarize and hopefully can add a name reference for the Little One in order to welcome his presence.

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