100 Baby Boy Names with Modern Javanese Nuances with Interesting Meanings

Jakarta – It doesn’t feel like the day of delivery is approaching, of course Mom and Dad need to prepare all the preparations to welcome the birth of the adorable and handsome little one, including preparing the baby’s name.

Giving a name to your little one does require a lot of consideration, from meaning to origin. Of course, it is important for Mother and Father to give a good name to the Little One because it is a prayer and hope that accompanies him throughout his life.

Of course, you can find inspiration for baby names from anywhere. But if you haven’t gotten the name inspiration for your little one and Mother is of Javanese descent, you can consider a baby boy name from the Javanese language.

Javanese can also be an inspiration for modern baby names, which is cool too, Mother. Moreover, the Javanese language is known to have a good meaning.

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Reported by the book Inspirational Baby Names Collection by Adinda Saraswati. Here are some choices of modern Javanese baby boy names that can help you get the right name choice.

  1. Adiwarna means very beautiful
  2. Adjaya means excellence
  3. Akas means agile, agile
  4. Askar means warrior
  5. Andaka means bull
  6. Amurti means shadow
  7. Artawan means people who have a lot of wealth
  8. Astaka means place of the king
  9. Aswari means young spirit
  10. Clouds mean the time of day
  11. Awang means young man
  12. Asanka means idea, idea
  13. Asancaya means a collection of flowers
  14. Bada means holiday
  15. For him it means safe and happy
  16. Steel means strong
  17. Balila means renegade
  18. Balapradhana means leader
  19. Bajragini means lightning
  20. The sea means beautiful
  21. Bahuraksa means protector
  22. Banda means chain
  23. Bandriya means cool-eyed
  24. Barata means the journey of life
  25. Bela means to risk
  26. Binar means shining
  27. Stars mean celestial bodies
  28. Bhishma means very extraordinary
  29. Bizurai means viceroy
  30. Brana means property
  31. Bratajaya means commendable behavior
  32. Burna means fly
  33. Chakradara means agile and sharp
  34. The horizon means the place of the stars
  35. Caraka means messenger
  36. Cayapata means cluster of stars
  37. Ciptana means having the power to create
  38. Daniswara means rich, noble
  39. Danuja means main knight
  40. Darmaji means his kindness is very valuable
  41. Dewangga means beautiful
  42. Dikara means beautiful, noble
  43. Digdaya means conqueror
  44. Dirja means safe
  45. Elon means always following
  46. Endra means prince, handsome
  47. Eluh means tears
  48. Estu means really
  49. Gadang means hope
  50. Ivory means yellowish white
  51. Gaharu means wood that smells good
  52. Gagan means strong
  53. Gaiman means strong
  54. Galang means to make
  55. Gandewa means bow
  56. Gara means sea
  57. Gangsar means smooth, no obstacles
  58. Gatra means creature
  59. Gemana means big voice
  60. Brilliant means very bright
  61. Gunari means useful young
  62. Gurna means to reverberate
  63. Gentala means dragon
  64. Genta means big bell
  65. Gemirang means joy, joy
  66. Gesang means life
  67. Hadyan means high rank
  68. Haliman means elephant
  69. Handaru means meteor
  70. Hardana means treasure, money
  71. Harjaya means safe
  72. Harsana means happy
  73. Treasure means treasure, money
  74. Hatala means honey
  75. Himawan means mountain
  76. Take care means to be alert
  77. Jaeman means beloved
  78. Jalada means cloud, mega
  79. Jagaraga means keeping safe
  80. Jatmiko means polite
  81. Opponent means ocean
  82. Layana means flowing continuously
  83. Lantar means the road to success
  84. Lasmadi means to move well and quickly
  85. Ligar means unbroken
  86. Madaharsa means love
  87. Madukara means silk with gold threads
  88. Mahadri means big mountain
  89. Mahardika means free, virtuous
  90. Mahawira means big hero
  91. Makuta means crown
  92. Martaka means perfect
  93. Narapati means king
  94. Nagata means future
  95. Ogya means better
  96. Oswasa means long breath
  97. Pawan means wind
  98. Mighty means brave
  99. Praja means country
  100. Rajendra means very handsome

How have you found the right name for your little one, yet? Hopefully the choice of Javanese baby names above can help you choose the right name.

Also watch an interesting video about baby names below.



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