100 Baby Girl Names from the Qur’an for Prefixes, Beautiful and Full of Meaning

Jakarta – Baby girl names from the Qur’an for prefixes can be an inspiration for Mothers and Fathers who will soon have their little one. In Islam, giving an Islamic name with a good meaning is highly recommended.

If the name contains a good meaning, of course it can also be a prayer for the owner of the name. Therefore, choosing a baby girl name from the Qur’an as a prefix is ​​one of the right decisions.

The following selection of baby girl names implies various beautiful meanings contained in the Muslim holy book. Let’s take a look at the list, which has been compiled from various sources:

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A collection of baby girl names from the Qur’an for prefix

  1. Aaliyah: Tall
  2. Aathirah: Harum
  3. Abida: Devotee
  4. Afifa: Holy
  5. Aidah: Hari Raya
  6. Alina: Soft
  7. Alya: Tall
  8. Annisa: Girl
  9. Aniya: Care
  10. Aisha: Alive
  11. Amira: Princess
  12. Aqila: Smart
  13. Bilqis: Queen
  14. Budaira: Small full moon
  15. Dania: Close
  16. Dariya: Well behaved
  17. Dzakiyah: Smart
  18. Fadia: Hero
  19. Fadwa: Courage
  20. Fadhilah: Virtue
  21. Fairuz: Gems
  22. Faizah: Winner
  23. Farah: Happiness
  24. Farida: Unrivaled
  25. Fatimah: Stay away from forbidden things
  26. Faridah: First
  27. Farihah: Happy
  28. Fathiyah: Success
  29. Fatin: Awesome
  30. Fayza: Win
  31. Fitriyah: Holy
  32. Ghaniyah: Clever
  33. Ghaliyah: Expensive
  34. Ghaziyah: Warrior
  35. Gina: Wealth
  36. Halimah: Reasonable
  37. Halwa: Sweet
  38. Habiba: Dear
  39. Hadiya: Guide to the right path
  40. Hafiza: Protector
  41. Hana: Joy
  42. Hanifah: People who believe
  43. Haya: Chastity
  44. Hasna: Beautiful
  45. Hasanah: Kindness
  46. Hidayatun: Hidayah
  47. Hayatun: Life
  48. Hulwah: Sweet
  49. Humaira: rosy cheeks
  50. Humaydah: Praiseworthy
  51. Iffah: Be proud
  52. Iklilah: Crown
  53. Inas: Kind
  54. Ilana: Soft
  55. Inaya: Protection
  56. Insyirah: Compassionate
  57. Indana: By our side
  58. Izzah: Glory
  59. Jamila: Beautiful
  60. Kamila: Perfect
  61. Kanza: Treasure
  62. Karima: Generous
  63. Khalida: Eternal
  64. Kanaya: A girl with a peaceful way of life
  65. Kania: Young girl
  66. Khairiyah: Kindness
  67. Khalisah: True
  68. Laila: Night
  69. Lana: Soft
  70. Latifa: Soft
  71. Maira: Quickly
  72. Maiza: The difference between good and bad
  73. Majida: Praised
  74. Malika: Owner
  75. Maryam: Mother of Prophet Isa
  76. Marzia: People who are pleased with Allah
  77. Mana: The girl with the glowing face
  78. Minna: Gift
  79. Naima: Soft
  80. Tone: Kindness
  81. Naira: Glowing
  82. Najida: Supporter
  83. Nazira: Beauty
  84. Qaida: Leader
  85. Qanita: Obey
  86. Rabbani: Divinity
  87. Rahma: Love
  88. Raniah: Enchanting
  89. Rashida: On the right path
  90. Sofa: Chastity
  91. Salwa: Bringer of happiness
  92. Sana: Glitter
  93. Sarah: Bringer of happiness
  94. Sonia: Honored
  95. Ulfa: Hospitality
  96. Uyun: Eyes
  97. Uswatun: Exemplary
  98. Widad: Love
  99. Zahra: Flowers
  100. Zaina: Beauty

Those are 100 Islamic baby names for girls from the Qur’an that you can use as a prefix for your little one, hopefully it will inspire you.

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