100 Baby Girl Names Suitable for Little Ones Born in January

Jakarta – The birth of your little one in January will certainly be a special gift at the beginning of the year. However, have you found a suitable baby name for her?

When looking for a baby name, it is important for mothers to consider the meaning of the name to be given because it is also a prayer and hope for the life of the little one in the future.

Giving the baby’s name according to the month of your little one’s birth can be a special gift because it signifies a happy moment when he is born. For example, choosing the name of a baby born in January, such as Amal which means ‘hope’ or Kensa which means ‘first.’

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Some of the choices of baby girl names below are quoted from nameberry can be your choice. Let’s see, here are some choices of baby girl names born in January.

  1. Alula means first step
  2. Charity means hope
  3. Amaryllis means sparkling
  4. Aneira means a lot of snow
  5. Angela means angel
  6. Antonella means first born
  7. Asha means hope
  8. Aurora means dawn, beginning
  9. Beatrice means woman who brings happiness
  10. Beeja means a beginning
  11. Betsy means believe in God
  12. Cait means holy
  13. Camellia means flower
  14. Cassidy means smart
  15. Catherine means holy
  16. Chloe means bloom, bloom
  17. Constance means constancy
  18. Danica means morning star
  19. Dagny means new day
  20. Dawn means the beginning of the day
  21. Dijanti means born in January
  22. Dione means queen
  23. Dwynwen means wave
  24. Edith means wise
  25. Eira means snow
  26. Eirlys means snowdrop
  27. Electra means smart, shining bright
  28. Elif means first letter
  29. Eliora means God is light
  30. Ellen means bright, light
  31. Esperanza means hope
  32. Evangela means to spread good news
  33. Eve means first woman, life
  34. Fara means joy
  35. Fareeha means happy, happy
  36. Fauza means victory
  37. Fauziyah means victory
  38. Feodora means Gift from God
  39. Feny means beautiful
  40. Florence means prosperous
  41. Hana means flower
  42. Hanjian means born in January
  43. Hope means hope
  44. Idony means loving again, renewal
  45. January means January
  46. Jana means sweet
  47. Jandini means daughter born in January
  48. Janesha means born in January
  49. Janvier means January
  50. Jacinda means Hyacinth flower
  51. Janisti means girls born in January
  52. Jantia means born in January
  53. Jasmine means flower
  54. Justine means fair and wise
  55. Jenica means great world
  56. Kensa means first
  57. Kiara means bright, the first ray of the sun
  58. Kazue means first blessing
  59. Lumi means snow
  60. Makani means fresh air
  61. Which means honorable
  62. Marjanti means child born in January
  63. Mika means beauty
  64. Mila means friendly, loved by many people
  65. Minjani means child born in January
  66. Nadia means hope
  67. Nadine means hope
  68. Nasima means fresh air
  69. Neve means snow
  70. Nina means desire
  71. Nouvel means new
  72. Nova means new
  73. Nurjannah means child born in January
  74. Nyssa means goal, achievement
  75. Oriana means the beginning of the day
  76. Prima means first
  77. Primrose means the first rose
  78. Priscilla means ancient
  79. Rana means beautiful and attractive
  80. Reagan means little ruler
  81. Rishona means first
  82. Roxana means little star
  83. Sahar means morning, the beginning of the day
  84. Sophie means wise
  85. Signy means first win
  86. Snowdrop means snowdrop
  87. Sura means brave
  88. Sylvia means from the forest
  89. Taraja means hope
  90. Tatiana means honorable
  91. Thuraiya means star
  92. Tikvah means hope
  93. Tijani means my crown
  94. Una means one
  95. Winona means first daughter
  96. Winter means snow season
  97. Yuki means snow
  98. Zeleka means innocent, innocent, fresh
  99. Zera means beginning
  100. Zora means the beginning of the day

That’s Mother, 100 baby girl names for Little Ones born in January. I hope you find the right name.

Check out the video about baby girl names meaning blessings from God below.

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