100 Islamic Baby Girl Names Inspired from the Universe

Jakarta – When you find out that your little one is a girl, Mom and Dad will immediately be happy and excited to prepare all the equipment to welcome her presence.

Moreover, the equipment for baby girls is more varied and beautiful, ranging from clothes, accessories, rooms, to the most important thing, namely baby names that are beautiful and have good meanings of course.

For mothers and fathers who are Muslim, it is possible to have a baby girl name with an Islamic feel that is not only beautiful, but certainly has a good meaning.

Mothers can choose Islamic baby names inspired by the beauty of the universe which is the creation of Allah SWT. For example, Ridah means ‘wind’ or Fega means ‘star.’

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The following has been quoted from various sources, there are 100 Islamic baby girl names inspired by the universe. Let’s see, Mother!

  1. Agharid means birds chirping
  2. Anan means horizon
  3. Ainul hayat means eye of life
  4. Arafah means Arafat field
  5. Aya means sunshine
  6. Badriyatul means like the full moon
  7. Badriyah means full moon
  8. Bustan means garden
  9. Balilah means cold wind
  10. Bahiyah means brilliant, beautiful
  11. Daniah means fruit that is easy to pick
  12. Dhifaf means riverside
  13. Daumah means a thick tree
  14. Dauhah means rain that keeps falling
  15. Daliyah means vine
  16. Dajinah means majestic cloud
  17. Daumah means a thick tree
  18. Dinah means drizzling rain
  19. Fakinah means fruit
  20. Fega means distant star
  21. Faiha means a fragrant garden
  22. Ghazalah means sunrise
  23. Ghaitsanah means cloud that sends rain
  24. Gharsina means plant
  25. Ghurrah means the beginning of the appearance of the crescent moon
  26. Ghaida means cloudy
  27. Hamamah means dove
  28. Hauda means cassowary
  29. Hilali means crescent moon
  30. Jauza means Gemini star
  31. Juhainah means garden
  32. Najmatul means like a star
  33. Junaimah means beautiful garden
  34. Khalda means sustainable, eternal
  35. Khuzaimah means a fragrant flower
  36. Khadhra means green, fertile land
  37. Kawakib means stars
  38. Lubanah means Lubanah tree
  39. Lujmah means flat hill
  40. Luwazah means a tree that bears fruit and is very famous
  41. Lubna means a tree that emits water like honey
  42. Malihah means a beautiful view
  43. Marmarah means heavy rain
  44. Marwah means hill of Marwah
  45. Mudhiah means to shine
  46. Mudhiah means shining
  47. Maziyah means cloud that brings rain
  48. Marsa means port
  49. Nasmah means wind
  50. Naurah means flower
  51. Nisrina means white rose
  52. Nabtun means grass
  53. Nada means dew
  54. Nabatah means tree
  55. Nud’ah means rainbow, sunshine
  56. Nabati means plants
  57. Nabighah means good date tree
  58. Naqiyyah means clear
  59. Nikmah means pleasure
  60. Nur means light
  61. Qamariah means the rotation of the moon
  62. Qathrunnada means dew drop
  63. Qanaa’ah means moonlight
  64. Qasyur means dry season
  65. Qaribu means very cool
  66. Qarrirah means cool and fun
  67. Qamra means moonlight
  68. Raidah means breeze
  69. Raiqah means clear
  70. Rukhama means breeze
  71. Raudhah means garden, the name of a place in heaven
  72. Rabab means white cloud
  73. Ridah means breezy wind
  74. Rabwah means high land
  75. Sahirah means sun, moon
  76. Saniyyah means light, light
  77. Sabita means star in the sky
  78. Sausan means lotus
  79. Shafa means hill of Shafa
  80. Sahar means dawn
  81. Salsabila means spring
  82. Sadwah means resurrection
  83. Sa’idah means water that flows into a river or sea
  84. Sauda means abundant wealth, land planted with dates
  85. Tsuraya means like a star
  86. Tsamarah means fruit
  87. Taimah means desert of the sahara
  88. Tamimah means perfect creation
  89. Tara means star
  90. Tamara means date palm
  91. Wafiyah means perfect
  92. Wahah means fertile land is located in the desert
  93. Wamidh means a flash of lightning, or light
  94. Wardah means rose
  95. Yasmin means jasmine flower
  96. Zahra means flower that is blooming
  97. Zarqa means blue, sky, ocean
  98. Zarifah means shoots, seeds
  99. Zuhriyah means flower
  100. Zuhur means moonlight

That’s Mother, 100 Islamic baby names for girls who are inspired by the extraordinary universe created by Allah SWT. Hopefully there’s something you like.

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