100 Names of Baby Girls Bringing Fortune and Luck from Various Languages

Jakarta – Many seem to think the name is just an identity for the owner. In fact, the baby name that Mom and Dad choose is a big prayer and hope for the Little One.

Names can also shape personality and influence the emotional development and character of the owner, either directly or indirectly.

Have you found the right baby name for your beautiful little one who will be born soon? If not, there is a choice of baby girl names which have the meaning of bringing sustenance and luck.

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Summarized from various sources, here are a selection of baby girl names that bring good luck and fortune from various languages:

  1. Alda from English means rich
  2. Ann from Latin means good luck
  3. Asirwada from Javanese means blessing of prayer
  4. Arianwen from Welsh means blessed
  5. Antarsukha from Sanskrit means happy
  6. Acinttya from Sanskrit means beyond all things
  7. Adhya from Sanskrit means always lucky
  8. Atyeti from Sanskrit means superior
  9. Adhrushta from Hindi means good luck
  10. Artanti from Javanese means a lot of sustenance
  11. Adrishta from Sanskrit means always lucky
  12. Alodia from Latin means wealth
  13. Aida is an Arabic word which means good luck
  14. Adrienne from English means rich
  15. Bakhitah from Arabic means lucky person
  16. Bhagyatra from Hindi means lucky star
  17. Benoite from French means blessed
  18. Beata from German means blessed
  19. Barokah from Arabic means blessing
  20. Benicia from Spanish means full of blessings
  21. Bente from Danish means blessed
  22. Bhagyarekha from Hindi means lucky line
  23. Bhadrika from Hindi means lucky bringer
  24. Carwen is a Welsh name meaning blessed with love
  25. Delyth from Welsh means beautiful and full of blessings
  26. Barakah from Arabic means goodness that increases from blessing
  27. Editta is an Italian word meaning rich
  28. Etina from English means rich
  29. Evadne from Greek means good luck
  30. Felicia from German means lucky
  31. Fortunata from German means lucky
  32. Felixa from Spanish means happy from lucky
  33. Fauziyyah from Arabic means the lucky one
  34. Fathiyyah from Arabic means victory and luck
  35. Fortuna from Latin means goddess of luck
  36. Felicity from Latin means lucky from happy
  37. Fayola is an African name meaning lucky
  38. Fausta from Latin means luck
  39. Faustina from Latin means very lucky
  40. Faustine from Latin means luck
  41. Ghaniyyah from Arabic means rich
  42. Gwyneth is a Welsh name meaning blessed
  43. Ghina from Arabic means wealth
  44. Hanan from Arabic means sustenance from blessings
  45. Halona from English means lucky
  46. Hannah is a Scandinavian name meaning pure and blessed
  47. Hiranya from Sanskrit means like gold
  48. Harsika from Sanskrit means for joy
  49. Hita from Sanskrit means profit
  50. Iratera from Sanskrit means mutual benefit
  51. Hana from Arabic means wealth without effort
  52. Jessica from Hebrew means rich from majesty
  53. Janitra from Sanskrit means high rank
  54. Jesslyn from Hebrew means rich woman
  55. Kayana from Sanskrit means benefactor
  56. Kiaria from Japanese means lucky
  57. Lucretia from Latin means success and rich
  58. Lakshmi from Sanskrit means goddess of wealth, beauty and luck
  59. Licia from German means lucky
  60. Marzaqah from Arabic means getting a lot of sustenance
  61. Machiko from Japanese means lucky child
  62. Maritza from Arabic means the one who gets God’s blessing
  63. Maimunah from Arabic means blessed by Allah
  64. Maimanah from Arabic means blessing
  65. Maisarah is an Arabic word meaning wealth
  66. Nafisa is an Arabic word which means rich
  67. Ngozi is an African name meaning blessed
  68. Quijing from Chinese means rich in seven generations
  69. Qudsiyyah from Arabic means purity and blessing
  70. Ruella from Latin means lucky angel
  71. Rafa from Arabic means happy from rich
  72. Rabihah from Arabic means the lucky one
  73. Shreya from Sanskrit means lucky
  74. Sadiya from Arabic means lucky
  75. Suhaimah from Arabic means lucky
  76. Shubha from Sanskrit means auspicious
  77. Samya from Javanese means high degree
  78. Salwah from Arabic means luxury
  79. Sri from Sanskrit means prosperity
  80. Serendipity from English means luck
  81. Sylvia from Latin means blessed life
  82. Trixy from Latin means bringer of happiness and blessing
  83. Tsarwah from Arabic means wealth
  84. Ola from English means prosperous from rich
  85. Paraya from Sanskrit means high quality
  86. Prapya from Sanskrit means towards success
  87. Ventura from Spanish means lucky
  88. Wita from Sanskrit means wealth
  89. Witana from Sanskrit means many
  90. Widyadana from Javanese means rich in knowledge and wealth
  91. Yasinta from Sanskrit means lucky girl
  92. Yusriyah from Arabic means very rich
  93. Yasha from Sanskrit means success and success
  94. Yumna from Arabic means the one who gets the blessing
  95. Yammaniyah from Arabic means blessing
  96. Yamina from Arabic means the blessed one
  97. Zada is an Arabic name meaning lucky one
  98. Zaida from Arabic means good luck
  99. Zakiyyah from Arabic means lucky
  100. Zhafirah from Arabic means lucky

Thus Mother, 100 baby girl names mean carriers of sustenance and luck from various languages. Hopefully Mom and Dad can find the best name for your little one.

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