100 New Year Inspired Baby Girl Names

Jakarta – Without realizing it, we will soon be entering a new year. Mother also certainly can’t wait for the presence of the Little One who is expected to be born before the new year.

The moment of the new year has good meaning for some people such as new beginnings and hopes for the new year to come. If you haven’t found the right baby name, you can use this New Year’s moment as inspiration.

The moment of the new year can be an inspiration for baby names for your little one because it holds a lot of good hopes for the little one’s future.

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If you are interested, here are some baby girl names that are inspired by new year’s moments. Reported from Mom Junctionhere are the options:

  1. Alba means new beginning
  2. Amaryllis means new
  3. Anastasia means resurrection
  4. Aurora means new beginning
  5. Ausra means new beginning
  6. Avil means renewal
  7. Ayelet means new beginning
  8. Chae-Won means beginning
  9. Dagny means a new day, a new beginning
  10. Dawn means new beginning
  11. Eos means a new beginning
  12. Fatiha means beginning, prefix
  13. Genesis means beginning, beginning
  14. Iola means a beautiful new beginning
  15. Kia means a new beginning, the beginning of a season
  16. Neoma means new moon
  17. Nova means new
  18. Nyssa means a new beginning
  19. Oriana means the beginning of the day, a new beginning
  20. Raanana means new and fresh
  21. Renata means new beginning, reborn
  22. Renee means reborn
  23. Roxanna means new beginning
  24. Sahar means morning, which starts the day
  25. Senara means the beginning of the day
  26. Wahaj means a new beginning, the first day of light
  27. Zelenka means new
  28. Zera means new beginning
  29. Zerlinda means the start of a beautiful day
  30. Zora means the beginning of the day
  31. Zorina means the start of a sparkling day
  32. Charity means hope
  33. Asha means hope
  34. Nadia means filled with hope
  35. Zara means a flower that blooms, a beautiful beginning
  36. Aviva means new
  37. Signe means a new victory
  38. Eiddwen means hope and wish
  39. Tikvah means hope
  40. Natsuki means hope
  41. Munia means hope and desire
  42. Rajwa means hope
  43. Tamanna means new hope
  44. Amnati means my hope
  45. Taraji means hope
  46. Hope means hope
  47. Esperanza means to hope
  48. Nassandra means hope
  49. Brayleigh means ray of hope
  50. Hachilah means my hope
  51. Laelynn means flower of hope
  52. Charise means cheerful and hope
  53. Saki means blooming hope
  54. Zita means small hope
  55. Stella means hope star
  56. Evangeline means good messenger
  57. Amora means beautiful and shining
  58. Bertha means shining
  59. Candie means bright, shining
  60. Clara means bright and shining
  61. Clarabella means shining bright
  62. Claramunda means bright and charming
  63. Della means shining bright
  64. Chithra means shining like the sun
  65. Elenore means filled with shining light
  66. Febe means shining woman
  67. Usha means the start of a beautiful day
  68. Beeja means new beginning
  69. Avril means growing
  70. Chloe means growing
  71. Asia means resurrection
  72. Athena means bright awakening
  73. Katasha means bright life
  74. Nastacia means resurrection
  75. Stacci means resurrection
  76. Stacey means resurrection
  77. Steffane means new awakening
  78. Beatrice means blessed
  79. Beatrix means blessed
  80. Gwyneth means blessed
  81. Arianwen means given grace
  82. Delyth means beautiful and blessed
  83. Megumi means grace
  84. Mehr means grace
  85. Jesse means grace
  86. Bea means blessing
  87. Felicia means lucky
  88. Zada means good luck
  89. Victoria means victory
  90. Bendita means blessed
  91. Felicitas means good luck
  92. Venture means good luck
  93. Shreya means good luck
  94. Kamya means good luck
  95. Niyati means good luck
  96. Jiya means good luck
  97. Hiza means lucky
  98. Odette means prosperous
  99. Aisha means prosperity
  100. Jessy means prosperous

That’s Mother, 100 baby girl names inspired by new year’s moments. Hopefully there is a name that Mom and Dad like.

Check out the video about baby girl names that fit right in the middle below.

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