11 Best Advice When You Want To Start A Business

Starting a business is sometimes like looking for a mate. It’s easy to find the right one. Too reckless, the risk of being rejected. Thinking too much, people take it too fast. Just like running a business, too many theories can be confusing and even hinder your business intentions. When you decide to start a business, either offline or online, it means that you have to think about how to start and develop it step by step. In this article, you will be invited to find out the right steps to start a business so that it is right on target.

Let’s start.

1. Pay attention to the needs around you

Pay attention to the needs around you via blogs.mccombs.utexas.edu
Pay attention to the needs around you via blogs.mccombs.utexas.edu

In general, business always starts from a need or a complaint. Pay attention to what people around you need or complain about, either in the form of goods or services. A simple example is if your workplace is on the 3rd floor of an office building. Meanwhile, the photocopy is too far and you have to leave the building, meaning that there is a need for a photocopy machine in the office area. This is an opportunity for you.

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2. Take Advantage of Existing Resources and Capital

Take Advantage of Existing Resources and Capital via realsuccess.net
id="caption-attachment-30792" class="wp-caption-text">Take Advantage of Existing Resources and Capital via realsuccess.net

After finding a need, start hunting for resources, both goods and services. For example a photocopier. To procure goods, of course, requires sufficient capital. Capital money can be sought through loans from friends, parents, relatives who trust you. Capital goods can also be borrowed through the consignment method if they are familiar.

Well, it’s different again with services. You don’t need capital, but market control. If you don’t have any money at all, start a business in the form of services because the service business is relatively safe and you only need to use the capital goods you already have, such as a computer or printer.

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3. Determine the Location

Determine Location via screenmediadaily.com
Determine Location via screenmediadaily.com

The next step is to find a strategic location. This strategic location in the sense that it can be reached from various directions easily. The first step is to answer these questions:

Do you want to start a business online or offline first? When you decide to do business online, of course you can start cheaper because you don’t need to rent a shop or office which is relatively more expensive. However, that does not mean that in its development, you will not need to have a physical location in the real world. And vice versa when you decide to start an offline business. Grow your offline business by leveraging digital technology.

Confident When Marketing

Confidence When Marketing via thechangeblog.com
Confidence When Marketing via thechangeblog.com

In starting a business, the biggest obstacle is marketing the goods or services you have. Fear or insecurity is one of the reasons for delaying marketing the products you offer. Whereas the key to the success of a business is the marketing process. So once you have your product, resources and location ready, be brave to offer your product. In other words, dare to take the risk if no one pays attention or even ridicules the products you offer. You have to be consistent with what you offer. Prove to customers that what you market is needed and be a solution to existing problems.

5. Cultivate Trust

Maintain the trust of customers who have used the goods or services you provide. Instill in them that the product you create is a worthy product for them to consume or use. Make sure your service and service is the best service you can provide.

6. Sell Benefits

Marketing is a mandatory activity for entrepreneurs. If you have competitors who sell products similar to what you offer, in the end you will sell at a mediocre price, even selling at a price below the average. Of course you don’t want to be caught up in price competition like the one above, right? . In fact, there are many factors that influence a purchase other than price, for example, benefits. Offer value benefits beyond the price you provide so you don’t have to get caught up in price competition.

7. Control The Path of Your Business

In the early days you run a business, it would be nice if you did it yourself first. In other words you do it with the power you have and take advantage of the available resources. When you feel overwhelmed and need the help of others, you may find a partner to run and develop your business. When recruiting employees, make sure your conditions have started to generate revenue and are stable so that employees can be enthusiastic to work and create new things.

8. Borrow and borrow

Beginner entrepreneurs usually find it difficult to run their business because of limited capital. When unexpected situations arise such as a flood of orders, or government regulations on employee payroll, borrowing money is a flexible factor that you should consider. Make sure the loan agreement is in black and white and has clear points for both parties.

9. Develop Creative Strategies, Plans and Ideas

Brainstorm your brain to continuously generate ideas for your more creative business. Both in terms of products, capital management, promos to other more effective creative plans.

10. Use First Revenue Smartly

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, it means that you must be ready to reinvest some of the profits or profits that you have earned. Do not be lulled by the revenue you get. Start by separating your personal account from your business account.

11. Focus

focus via opin.com
focus via opin.com

Running a business should not be half – half. The temptation of novice businessmen is that they already feel they have a lot of income, someone is already running, they are trying to open a second business. This is a fatal mistake for novice entrepreneurs. Focus on growing your business and derivative products.

12. Join a Business Community

Business Community via Hands Up Community
Business Community via Hands Up Community

Previously, we must have been very familiar with the word community, even being a member of a particular community. The community is indeed used as a means of sharing important information about various things related to the community and the environment itself.

Various communities were formed to meet the needs of the community to gather and get information that is getting richer by the day. Especially with the development of technology, we can now meet the community through online media. Just look at how many hundreds or thousands of communities have been formed in online media, ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. The business community in the long term will encourage the progress of your business, so that it will have an impact on increasing company turnover.

Look for a community that has an open membership nature, such as the Hands Up Community. Usually in this community a lot of knowledge can be obtained. You will also learn together with others. The benefit of joining this community is that it will make new friends and can share experiences and stories. many successful entrepreneurs and those who are just starting their business join the community.

13. Find a Business Mentor

Find a business mentor via flickr.com
Find a business mentor via flickr.com

Behind the success of entrepreneurs, there are reliable business mentors to help them stay successful in their journey. They don’t hesitate to dig deep into their pockets to pay for a business mentor. They are aware that not all the skills and knowledge they have. Mentors provide a lot of advice for both self-performance and team performance. You realize that every problem cannot be faced alone and not everyone closest to you can definitely help provide a solution to the problem at hand. Therefore, a reliable and intelligent mentor is needed.

“Focus! One business is enough to make you rich. Solaria is only a restaurant, but its turnover is above 100 billion per month.” -Jaya Setiabudi-

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