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As a Tangerang resident with a Banten ID card, when I hear the word beach, what comes to my mind is having a picnic with my family on the beaches of Anyer, Carita, and its surroundings. The name Tanjung Lesung never crossed my mind — until some time ago me and some friends blogger and instagrammer invited to enjoy this weekend at almost the western tip of the island of Java!

The word dimples reminds me of the sweet indentations on the cheeks . Tanjung Lesung may be so named because of the shape of the land that juts into the sea with a sweet panorama against the backdrop of the majestic child of Krakatoa. What can we do on this beach five hours from Jakarta? Let’s have a look below!

1. Enjoying Twilight

Enjoying the Twilight with the background of the children of Krakatoa
twilight cape dimples
Yoga and Sunset Tanjung Lesung

2. Cycling

Cycling at Tanjung Lesung

3. Play Water Polo

Play Water Polo

4. Relax at Tanjung Lesung Resort or Villa Kalica

Relax at villa kalica
The pool in the Kalicca villa, Tanjung Lesung.
No one wants to go with you? 🙁
The backyard of the Tanjung Lesung hotel.

5. Salak Birus Agrotourism

Visit the blue salak garden
Salak Birus which is much smaller than the usual one but sweeter.

6. Kayak, Banana Boat, or Snorkel at the Beach Club

Unfortunately the weather that day was not good.

7. Visiting Nearby Villages

Visiting Cikadu village, a moving village from the Tanjung Lesung resort location
Lamp craftsmen from coconut fronds
The results of the lamp from coconut fronds

8. Swim Hurray

Swimming hurray
..or just soak in the pool infinitely..

9. Afternoon walk around the resort

The area around Tanjung Lesung
Rice fields around Tanjung Lesung

11. Visit Liwungan Island while watching the Seagulls

Seagulls all the way to Liwungan Island

11. Watch fire and dust dance performances.

Watch the fire and dust dance show….if you dare.
Whistle. Don’t copy this at home, or anywhere else.

So, when are you visiting Tanjung Lesung?

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