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Compared to Solo or Jogja, in my opinion, Semarang is a rather small city underrated to be used as a tourist destination on the island of Java.

Semarang is usually passed by people who want to travel to the Karimun Jawa Islands or Dieng Plateau. In addition, people usually stop by to just buy special souvenirs in the form of spring rolls.

But as a fan of architecture, history, and of course culinary, I think Semarang has something very special.

Semarang is also very easily accessible from Jakarta. Planes, trains, and buses are always there all the time. That’s why I often stop by here.

I prefer to use the plane because it is only an hour away from Jakarta. So, early in the morning I can leave, then the next day or the day after I can come back. Perfect for a weekend getaway, right?

The flight I usually use to go to Semarang

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Okay. So, what are the things that must be done while on vacation in Semarang? Come on, see my recommendations below!

1. Eat Semarang’s Soto Ayam at Soto Ayam Pak Man

Soto typical of Semarang

Soto Pak Man has several branches in Semarang. But the one I visit most often is on Jalan Palmurasih. The reason is, the location of this place to eat is near Ahmad Yani airport, so I can immediately have breakfast here after landing.

Soto Pak Man has a clear soup without coconut milk. It is savory and slightly sweet. Add lime juice to make it even more fresh. For me, the small bowl portion is also very fitting for breakfast.

At each table, there is a choice toppings which we can add ourselves like Scallop satay, intestine satay, quail egg satay, cakes, and tempeh chips. I always add crackers to dip in the delicious soto sauce.

According to the soto maker I met at this restaurant, the soto is more authentic when the rice is mixed with the gravy. But if you are rice team separated, just say it. They will continue to serve, even if they frown because it is considered a bit strange.

2. Admiral Cheng Ho’s footsteps at the Sam Poo Kong Temple

Red color Sam Poo Kong

Do you know who Cheng Ho? He was a Muslim admiral from China who sailed to various parts of the world in the 14th-15th centuries AD. He met with world leaders and made diplomacy to restore the glory of the Chinese empire at that time.

At that time, the archipelago was also a stopover. He stopped at the coast of Semarang. Many of Zheng He’s crew members stayed here, while Zheng He continued his voyage. Therefore, Sam Poo Kong was built in his memory and now you can see his statue in this temple.

If you are not a fan of culture and history. I still recommend you visit this temple because every corner is very instagramable if you say today’s children.

3. Eat spring rolls

Of course, it’s not complete to go to Semarang if you haven’t eaten spring rolls. Lumpia is one of the culinary arts that has a fairly thick acculturation of Chinese and local culture.

The spring roll composition consists of bamboo shoots, eggs, vegetables, and ebi prawns wrapped in a thin sheet of wheat flour dough. This signature dish is fried and served with a sauce made of brown sugar with a thick garlic aroma.

Lumpia can be found easily in Semarang. From street vendors, souvenir vendors, to five-star restaurants. You can find lumpia vendors around the main streets of Semarang, such as Jalan Pemuda or Jalan Pandanaran.

My own favorite spring rolls are usually at Toko Oen Restaurant on Jalan Pemuda. Besides spring rolls, this restaurant that has been around since 1936 also has famous culinary delights such as ganjel rail bread and ice cream Homemade legendary in Semarang. The place is also very retro and cozyvery fitting for photos.

4. Take a walk in the historic old building of Lawang Sewu

This historic building used to be famous for having a mystical feel. But not anymore, this place has become one of the cultural icons of the city of Semarang.

In the past, Lawang Sewu was the office of a Dutch-owned railway company. That’s why the building is quite European. This building does have a lot of doors, although it doesn’t reach a thousand as its name suggests. Lawang Sewu it means the door of a thousand.

My advice, try visiting Lawang Sewu at night. There are tours you can take. I don’t want to look for horror, it just feels more romantic at night. And of course, there is no hot Semarang sun that feels stinging!

5. Visit the Great Mosque of Central Java

Like the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque in Aceh, the Great Mosque of Central Java is also inspired by the design of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina.

There were six giant umbrellas on the front porch that could be opened and closed to protect people from the weather. If you want to see this umbrella opened, try to come when there are busy events such as Friday prayers.

Oh yes, there is tower which you can visit to enjoy the view of the city of Semarang from a height. However, be prepared to find a very long line if you come here on holiday.

6. Explore the legend of Goa Kreo with hundreds of guards

Goa Kreo is said to be the place to be imprisoned by one of Walisongo’s figures, namely Sunan Kalijaga. In this place, there are hundreds of wild monkeys who are the “guards” of the cave.

Don’t bring too much food and anything hanging like a camera strap that’s too flashy. You might be chased by this stubborn monkey.

Around Goa Kreo, there is a reservoir called Jatibarang. This reservoir accommodates the water supply of Semarang City. On the edge, there are also many culinary stalls if you want to have lunch on the edge of this artificial lake.

7. Watch Semarang Night Carnival

From April to May every year, Semarang celebrates its anniversary with events Semarang Night Carnival. This event usually takes place at night to make it look more festive.

Hundreds of dancers with various costumes will enliven the city of Semarang. From the parade of soldiers, police, school children, and participants from abroad, joined to enliven the carnival.

You can see info on the date of this carnival on the website or social media of the local tourism office.

8. Exploring Semarang’s Chinatown

In the Chinatown area of ​​Semarang, there are many cool temples that can be used as photography objects. One of them is the Tay Kak Sie Temple as seen in the photo above.

In addition to buildings with Chinese nuances, you can also enjoy many culinary delights here. The most famous is Lumpia Gang Lombok. This is one of the legendary spring rolls in Semarang that you must taste!

The spring rolls are very large and the filling is solid, the bamboo shoots are not too pungent and the taste is just right. Don’t forget after that, try the culinary wedang Tahu which is also located in Gang Lombok.

9. Tasting Milkfish Processed Culinary

Keep eating, okay? It’s okay, it’s a vacation haha. Besides spring rolls, Semarang is also famous for its processed milkfish. Milkfish in Semarang generally has soft spikes, so you don’t have to bother to eat it. The meat is also very soft, just you will be addicted!

My favorite milkfish place is Milkfish Juwana on Jalan Pandanaran. Besides being able to make souvenirs, there are other types of milkfish such as milkfish crispymilkfish fried rice, milkfish soup, milkfish tongseng, milkfish satay, milkfish meatballs, and many others.

10. Enjoying the Atmosphere of the Old City of Semarang

There are about 50 buildings that are still original and stand firmly in the Old City area of ​​​​Semarang. Almost all of the buildings are characterized by 17th century European architecture. During the colonial period, this area was the center of the economy. The building that is quite famous here is the domed church called the Blendug Church.

Don’t miss the photo opportunity here. The reason is, one of the tourist attractions in Semarang is a favorite location for taking pictures among tourists because of the old atmosphere it has.

11. Culinary Hunting at Semawis Market

This is what I look forward to the most when I go to Semarang. Dinner at Semawis Market! Semawis market only has time weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. The market is open from 6pm to midnight.

Initially, Semawis Market was the Semawis Chinese New Year Market which was held in 2004, to coincide with the 600th anniversary of Admiral Cheng Ho’s arrival in Semarang. However, in the following year this market became available every week.

The food here is varied! Starting from the typical food of Semarang, the archipelago, to Chinese cuisine. My favorites while visiting here are the Nasi Goreng Babat and es puter. Oh yes, for Muslims before buying snacks here, try asking first whether they contain non-halal ingredients or not, because quite a lot of foods contain pork.

Well, with the references above, you won’t be confused anymore when planning a vacation to Semarang. It doesn’t take long or wait for the year-end holidays, just spending your weekend is enough.

So, when to order tickets to Semarang?

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