11 Most Selling Businesses During the Covid 19 Pandemic

11 Most Selling Businesses During the Covid 19 Pandemic
11 Most Selling Businesses During the Covid 19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the world. Not only in terms of health but also in the economic field, this pandemic has brought a lot of bad impacts.

Many industries are starting to stagnate and employees are being laid off or laid off due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But even so, there are still some business opportunities that you can do in this pandemic era. These efforts will be briefly reviewed below.

1. Selling medical supplies

With this pandemic, the use of health equipment will automatically increase. You can use it as a business opportunity that can be done to earn income.

Currently, the most sought-after health equipment are hand sanitizers, liquid soap, face shields and so on. You can sell these products both online and offline.

Of course, there will be a lot of enthusiasts for the health equipment. That is why it is said here that selling health equipment is a good opportunity for you to open a business in the era of the pandemic. Because it is included in the best-selling business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Open a salon service

The next business opportunity that you can do is salon services. But different from salons in general. This time you use the services of a mobile salon, in the sense that here you are approaching consumers to their place.

This is because during the pandemic era, most people are afraid to leave the house because they are afraid of being infected by the Corona Virus. While the need to keep applying makeup, of course, has to keep going.

Therefore, for those of you who have skills in the field of makeup such as make up, you can use this business opportunity in the pandemic era.

11 Most Selling Businesses During the Covid 19 Pandemic

3. Selling frozen food

Frozen food is suddenly increasingly in demand when it’s time to stay at home. Examples of the most sought after are cilok, risol mayo, dimsum, chocolate bananas, ready-to-eat side dishes. Of course all of that has been packaged in vacuum packaging.

You can use this business opportunity to earn extra income. Especially for those of you who are culinary lovers and have talent in that field. Of course it will be very easy if you apply this business.

4. Selling Clothes

The COVID-19 pandemic and government regulations so that people stay at home do not necessarily make consumers lose their appetite for clothes.

Fashion is something that is quite prioritized, especially in an era where there are a lot of social media users like today.

Therefore, you can use the opportunity to sell home clothes such as pajamas or other types of clothes.

Especially when approaching Eid, automatically consumers’ interest in clothes will tend to increase even though it is a pandemic period.

You can sell clothes online by offering your products through e-commerce or through social media.

During this pandemic period, most people spend more time on the internet, so you can use that as an opportunity to promote your clothing products.

5. Mask Business

As we know the use of masks is currently mandatory by the government. There are even fines that will be imposed for those who do not wear masks.

Of course, this causes the demand for these masks to increase. You can open a business selling cloth masks either directly or online.

You can sell cloth masks with premium materials at quite expensive prices or cloth masks at affordable prices.

Make sure the masks you sell have various motifs and colors and tend to be unique when compared to other cloth masks.

If you have expertise in sewing, then it is a plus because you can produce your own mask products.

And of course it makes the profits you get even bigger later. and of course it can be a business that sells well during the covid 19 pandemic.

Is providing a barbeque equipment rental place a promising business?

11 Most Selling Businesses During the Covid 19 Pandemic

6. Barbeque equipment rental

The next business opportunity that you can do is to open a rental grill. With the imposition of strict rules by the government, many people automatically cannot enjoy the baked goods provided in restaurants and restaurants.

Therefore you can use your barbecue grill for rent for those who want to make barbecue meat.

In addition to renting out barbecue equipment, you can also rent out other tools related to culinary.

Many Indonesian people really love culinary, of course it will be beneficial for you when doing business in this field.

7. Selling coffee

As we all know that Indonesian people are very fond of coffee. And the pandemic will not stop people from consuming coffee. You can open a business selling coffee literally or selling coffee beans.

This of course will make coffee lovers start coming to you to order products from you.

Generally coffee lovers come from young people so you can offer your products to students or students.

8. Virtual photographer

Next, opening a virtual photographer service can also be a business opportunity for you. For those of you who have a talent in the field of photography, it is highly recommended to run this business.

Because of course by doing these services you are only selling your skills to consumers. In addition to providing income for you, this business will of course also be a place where your hobbies can be channeled.

9. Selling Herbal Medicine

The next business opportunity that can be done during the pandemic is selling herbal medicines. The public’s fear of the Corona virus has increased the demand for health products, including traditional health products, such as herbal medicine.

To make herbal medicine, of course, requires special abilities, because of that, many people prefer to buy herbal medicines from other people who are proven to be more effective in making them. You can sell herbal medicine, whether it is liquid herbal medicine or powdered herbal medicine.

11 Most Selling Businesses During the Covid 19 Pandemic

10. Selling snacks

For businesses that are selling well during the COVID-19 pandemic, that is by selling snacks. Homemade or hemade snacks always sell well in the market, especially if they have a good taste.

Activities of working from home or studying from home make a person need to eliminate boredom and boredom, one of which is by snacking. Choose the type of snack that is most in demand by the public.

Make an attractive packaging so that many consumers will be tempted to buy your snacks. Market online in order to reach a wider range of consumers.

11. Selling Fruit

The next business is selling fruit, of course it cannot be denied if fruit is one of the most effective for increasing human immunity, during a pandemic the need for fruits is so high.

High demand will certainly give birth to high competition, so how do we attract consumers in the midst of high competition, of course, the sales pattern must be carefully thought out such as how to make a difference, both in terms of service, price and product quality.

as the comic Panji pragiwaksono said “A little different, better, than a little better”

So our job as entrepreneurs is how to give birth to creative ideas that are characteristic of us.

Those are the 11 best selling business ideas during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The deteriorating economic situation will make a lot of people lose their livelihood.

Therefore, you can use the business ideas above so that you can still earn income and stay productive despite the pandemic era.