11 Tips for Dealing with Excessive Stress Commonly Experienced by Youth in Transition

8 powerful tips to deal with excessive stress

Who is the person who has never been stressed? Everyone must experience it, even though the intensity may be different from each other, now this time the editor Rahman Cyber review about Stress entitled “Tips for Dealing with Excessive Stress” Stress is where the mind feels chaotic because the problems at hand are too heavy to think about. There are many examples that can cause stress, such as a lot of work, targets that have not been achieved, and other problems that are difficult to deal with that cause stress. So, this time I want to share an article about Effective Ways to Overcome Stressful Thoughts. Here are some ways to deal with stress effectively.

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Well, RC has 8 Effective Ways to Overcome Mind Stress, especially for youth in the transition period to become adults… Although this is also effective for friends who are adults, even married:

Oh yes, I will update this article, because it turns out that it has been copied raw with other blogs

Try to sit quietly somewhere then take a deep breath and then exhale slowly and do this breath 6 times in a row, this way the mind will feel calm and comfortable.

Usually stress is caused by too many problems in the mind. Therefore, do other useful things so that your problems can be forgotten for a moment, for example: watching TV, cleaning the house, swimming, etc.

Choose a recreation destination that has a cool and comfortable view. By taking a vacation or traveling to a comfortable place with family or the closest people, the problems you are experiencing can be forgotten for a moment and stress will disappear by itself.

4. Confess to other trusted people

Tell all the problems and burdens that you hold on to your closest people such as your mother, father, brother or sister or other closest people to you. By telling stories, we will feel relieved and better and maybe they can provide better solutions to help the problems we face.

but be careful.. “your family is the best place for it”

In the ear there are reflection points that are useful for relaxing the mind. Massaging the ear will help release endorphins (natural hormones that can cause a comfortable impact) in the brain and make us more relaxed. Massage your ear gently and slowly using your thumb and forefinger.

Listen to music that can make you feel calm. In addition, music has a tremendous impact on dealing with stress and classical music also has a good impact on the human brain.

Always remember the almighty is an effective way to relieve stress. Do dhikr or read the Qur’an if you are having many problems, Allah will surely provide an easy way for your problems.

8. Think Positive (Alternative)

In all things, try to always think positively so as not to get stressed easily and always encourage yourself, for example: I’m smart, I’m smart, I can definitely etc.

9. Don’t procrastinate on work

Hmm, this is what I often experience, the more I procrastinate, the more I think… really, so the burden is getting bigger…

Try to make priorities, if you are overloaded about a job, just tell the truth..

Tell me about your pattern of doing something, so that you are not heavy and burdened on your mind… because sometimes all problems occur as a result Missed Communication…

10. Learn not to say yes to everything…

Yes, sometimes feeling shy is excessive, it’s also not good for mental health.. if you really can’t do it, then tell me the real reason, you can really refuse..

From later on drool behind ya…

11. Accept the Truth

Youth During the transition period, they are often faced with the fact that their friends are already married, are already married, and even many of their friends have children.

Have you ever been confused because you are too overthinking… “what about when you get married”, what will the future be like, will the candidate get along, will he be loyal later, will he later… what will it be, will it be something else…

In fact, “accepting reality” is a solution to overcome the overthinking.

Everyone has a different path, even a different starting point.

When we equate everything, then we are like pouring hot water on ourselves…

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