11 Ways to lock Applications on iPhones of All Types

How to lock Apps on iPhone

In contrast to Android phones in general, the iPhone does not have a feature to lock applications specifically. But luckily there is a workaround that can be used to lock apps on iPhone without the need to install third-party apps. The method is quite easy, and to find out, please refer to the tutorial on how to lock applications on the iPhone below.

Locking applications aims to maintain privacy. Yes, privacy is very important. Especially if we store personal files in the application. That’s why it needs to be locked so that other people can’t access it. But unfortunately Apple does not provide this feature.

In order to lock apps on your iPhone, we recommend using the Screen Time feature. In fact, this feature is useful for limiting the duration of the screen in an application. Its function is slightly different, but we can still use it to lock applications so they cannot be accessed.

Actually there is an easier way, namely using third-party applications such as AppLock. The application can be downloaded for free on the App Store. It’s just that the features provided are incomplete. It’s better to use the Screen Time feature which is an inbuilt feature. Then how do you lock the application using this feature? To find out, please follow each step in the article projectino.com the following.

Tutorial on how to lock apps on iPhone

How to lock Apps on iPhone

How to Lock Apps on iPhone

Before trying the tutorials that we present, keep in mind that this method is different from using third-party applications. Because you cannot lock the application directly so that it can be opened using a password. For those who don’t mind these deficiencies, please try it by following each step below.

  1. The first step please open the menu “Settingsor Settings on iPhone
  2. Next select menu “Screen TimeHow to Lock iPhone Applications
  3. After entering the screen time menu, please first activate the screen duration passcode by selecting the menu “Use Screen Time Passcode
  4. Next, return to the screen time settings, then select the menu “App LimitsHow to Lock App on Iphone
  5. Then activate the App Limits feature by pressing the toggle until it turns green
  6. Next press menu Add Limit11 Ways to lock Applications on iPhones of All Types
  7. Then a variety of application category options will appear.11 Ways to lock Applications on iPhones of All Types
  8. You can directly lock all categories or select specific applications. Please select the application to be locked, then press the “Next
    How to lock apps on iPhone
  9. After that, set the screen time. Please set it to 1 minute and don’t forget to activate “Block at End of Limit” so that the application can be immediately locked.How to lock iPhone apps
  10. Then just press the button “add” in the upper right corner
  11. After that the application will be immediately locked. You can also add other applications by following the tutorial above.

As you can see above, how to lock applications on iPhone is very easy. Through this feature we don’t need to install third party applications which are usually full of limitations and lots of advertisements. Now, after the application is successfully locked, a command will appear to enter the passcode when the screen duration is up.

So if you set the duration of the application screen to 1 minute then after 1 minute the application will immediately be locked and asked to enter a passcode. You can set the desired length of time yourself. What is certain is that this feature is very useful for locking applications on the iPhone.How to Make Locked Apps on iPhone

To open a locked application, simply disable the Screen Time and App Limit settings on the locked application. In addition, later a menu will appear to increase the duration of the screen on the locked application when the duration runs out. All you have to do is click “Ask For More Time” to add a duration starting from 15 minutes, 1 hour, or the whole day.


iPhone users are definitely very helpful with this feature. Even though you can’t lock applications directly, the Screen Time feature can still be relied upon to lock certain applications. Please try it yourself on all iPhone series that use the latest version of iOS.

That’s all for the short tutorial that we presented in the projektino.com article this time. Hopefully the above information is useful and can be used as a reference. See also other articles about How to Download Videos on Tiktok Without Tiktok Writing and various other latest technology articles.