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As always, every year end I collect some of my photos I took across the amazing 12 months. You can see my previous year photos here.

“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop,” said Ansel Adams, one of my favorite photographers. So I will make a list of 12 favorite photos of mine.

Looking forward to what I will see again in 2017.

Anyways, here they are!

1. Sunrise Over Mt. Agung, Bali

Good morning from top of Bali

A tough 7 hours night hike to the highest peak of Bali Island. I was running out my breath. But my friend First and her husband looks like nothing happened. I need more exercise to lose a few kilos.

But hey, that morning was magical!

The story is here: Climbing the Highest Peak of the Island of Bali

2. Padar Island, Komodo National Park

I went to Komodo National Park a few times. But i finally came to this famous island in instagram : Padar Island. They did not lie. It was really have an awesome jurrasicscape.

People said few ‘naughty’ komodo from Komodo and Rinca Island are ‘deported’ here. So be very careful if you see some big lizard footsteps in the beach, hihi!

Watch my vlog here : NANJAK ISLAND PADAR – #TRAVLOG 002

3. Muploadan, Al-Munawar Village, Palembang

Eating together Indonesian style.

In Palembang, there is a village called Al-Munawar which lived by Arabic descendant. The culture, especially the food are mixed together with South Sumatran people.

So this is Muploadan, a South Sumatran traditional eating style that I attended with a few asian blogger fellow. In Muploadan, we must sit on the floor, make a 5-6 person circle around the food, and eating with hands. The menu is Kebuli Rice (similar to Briyani rice), chicken and beef curry, and a few kinds of fresh spicy and sour sambals.

I’m getting hungry…

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4. Sleeping, Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta

Sleeping after Friday prayer in Ramadhan.

After Friday prayer, people usually have lunch. But not during Ramadan month. Because almost everyone is fasting.

So this is what they do after prayer.

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6. Strolling Around, Jeonju Hanok Village, South Korea


I love this earthy tone village! It was a cloudy day, but still very awesome. I recommend you to go to Jeonju – the home of Bibimbap — to visit this Hanok Village. Well actually it is not my photo. It was me posed on the photo. Taken by the famous travel blogger cumilebay.

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And also watch : JEONJU, SOUTH KOREA! — #TRAVLOG EP. 005

7. Moja & Molly

Where is my food, hooomannnn???!!

Okay this two kittens are my pet at home. But the brown one, molly, was just passed away because of virus.


8. Cap Go Meh Festival, Jakarta


The cap go meh festival, welcoming the 15th day of the first month of the Lunar Calendar, was returned and held in Jl. Pancoran in Glodok, West Jakarta.

Unfortunately, this one of parade car, bringing the man and girls from “Kokoh and Cici Jakarta” was stuck in the pedestrian bridge. It seems they wrongly measure the height of the decoration. Thus the sturdy and cici were evacuated.

More photos : Photos : Cap Go Meh Glodok 2016

9. Good Morning From Mt. Salak, Bogor

With best hiking buddy

A short hike to the foot of Salak Mountain in Bogor. I was accompanied by Putih, a dwarf, short legged dog who was very lovely. In the distance you can see Mount Gede Pangrango in Sukabumi, West Java.

10. The Wedding

who’s next?

This is the first time i use mirrorless camera for wedding. The camera is not mine. It was Ariev’s camera. And it was his wedding, too. Not long after that, i switch my camera system to Fujifilm. They are amazing!

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11. After solar eclipse, Monas

National Monument

Some areas in Indonesia like Palembang got a total solar eclipse in 2016. In Jakarta, it is roughly only around 50% eclipse. But the sky is definitely darker at 9 am.

12. Cliff Palace, Bandung

good morning

A place you must visit if you went to Bandung. But please don’t go trespassing the fence just for selfie.

You know, people die more from unresponsible selfie than shark attack per year.

So, what’s next in 2017?

Meanwhile, I try to create a travel vlog channel on youtube. I am just getting started, so don’t expect a cinematic quality from my video. But hey, it was really fun to do!

Check them out and please give me some suggestion if you dont mind 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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