12 Inspirations for a Minimalist House Staircase with a Very Contemporary Model

Currently, the availability of land for development is increasingly limited, the community must also be smart in determining their residential choices.

For those who have a myriad of interests, multi-storey and minimalist houses are the solution so that space needs are still met. So, one of the things that should not be missed in the design process is the stairs.

Minimalist Straight Stair Model

This type of ladder is known for its shape that extends upwards.

In addition, straight stairs are also known to have no branches or turns.

Straight Stairs

This minimalist home staircase is often referred to as a linear or straight staircase.

Although widely applied to large residential areas, houses with limited land can also apply it.

ā€œUā€ Shaped House Stairs Design

We will often encounter this U Shape staircase model in minimalist homes.

Because, the space needed to apply it is not too much.

U Stairs

This U-shaped staircase is suitable for a minimalist design house.

Its curved shape is suitable for use in small spaces.

You can also freely adjust the direction of the stairs, either to the right or to the left according to your residence.


The staircase which is the connecting access between one floor and another needs to be considered as well. So that its existence is not only about function, but also can contribute to the aesthetic value in the house.

Along with the increasing number of minimalist dwellings, the designs and types of minimalist household stairs are increasingly emerging.

Zigzag Stairs

For those of you who like something unique and different from the others, stairs with a zigzag-shaped path can be used as an option. When climbing the zigzag-shaped stairs of the house, the experience that feels will definitely be different from ordinary stairs.


This split ladder uses a game of form and still pays attention to strength, stairs which are often called split stairs can save more space.

Wooden Stairs


with its strong and flexible nature, is often chosen as the basic material in making household stairs. The richness of the motifs in the fiber also makes wood have more value to beautify the appearance of the stairs.

Metal Stairs

Stairs with metal material, very suitable to be applied to industrial-style homes. The appearance is firm and minimally polished, it will add an industrial and minimalist impression in the house.

Concrete Stairs

If you are not interested in using metal stairs, concrete stairs can be chosen as the solution. By exposing it directly, the minimalist feel in the room will be more alive.

Glass Stairs

Want something anti-mainstream, glass stairs should be tried to apply in the house. In addition to supporting a minimalist impression, the sensation when riding it is very interesting for sure.

in Bright Colors

If you want to make the stairs as a focal point in the house, one of the easiest ways is to give it a touch of different colors. Choosing a bright color that contrasts with the ornaments or the surrounding area will make the stairs more lively and of course interesting.

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