12 Loft Room Inspirations, Unique Bedrooms in Almost Forgotten Areas

One of the forgotten parts of the house is the usually empty attic. There are a number of loft room inspiration for those who want to use it.

Usually, Indonesians do not take advantage of the attic and leave it just like that, empty and not a room.

Most houses in Indonesia do have a narrow attic, adults have to look down while in it.

However, there are also houses that have large attics, so at least adults can stand up straight.

There are development companies that make luxury homes with attics, of course this is still rare.

This attic room can be converted into a room that is used for a bedroom, sitting room, children’s playroom, or others.

Almost every house must have a space or area that is sometimes not used optimally, the attic is one of them.

Generally, the attic is often neglected or even almost forgotten. This is usually only used as a kind of warehouse or storage of goods. It’s a shame isn’t it.

Part of the ceiling or attic ceiling that is triangular in shape is considered less attractive. In fact, if by chance the attic has a large enough size, this can be used as an area with various functions, ranging from a children’s play room, a building

closet or wardrobeor even a bedroom.

Designing the attic area is part of home care. Turning it into a bedroom, definitely adds to the functionality of the house. In addition, the attic room can be designed as uniquely as the design mezzanine.

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