12 Tips for Creating Interesting and Viral Instagram Posts 2018

We know social media plays an important role in raising the name of a business. For example, with an interesting Instagram post, business people on line You can get multiple benefits from Instagram.

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Every month, it is alleged that there are at least 700 million people who use Instagram of which every day, there are more than 400 million people who actively use Instagram. Shared content can be InstaStory, photos, text, and videos. Regardless of the form of content that is shared through Instagram, all of them have a great influence on its users.

Then, how can you make interesting Instagram posts and have the potential to go viral? Check out the following 12 tips for creating interesting and viral Instagram posts in 2018.

1. Create Instagram Posts That Attract Targeted Customers

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Content in the form of text Instagram will show the identity of a brand that not only makes people understand what products or services you offer, but can also entertain users and ask them to take action.

id="2-manfaatkan-kapasitas-karakter-serta-fitur-emoji-dan-hashtag-dengan-maksimal">2. Take advantage of Character Capacity and Emoji Features and hashtags maximally

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If you are a hero using Instagram for business on line, determine who your target market will be. Also make sure how old they are and what their interests are.

For example, when you sell hijab products, then naturally you will target women aged 18-35 years as the main target. The content that you will create on Instagram must also match their interests and hopefully make them feel involved.

id="3-identifikasi-merk-atau-brand">3. Brand Identification or Brand


Buddy Jagoan knows who the target customers are, you also have to know what kind of products to sell. The goal is to make it easier for you to create informative, interesting, and selling content.

Buddy Jagoan also has to adjust the content to the interests of the customer so that they get a picture of the style of language that will be used, of course, that is appropriate and easily accepted by them. For example, if your target customer is young teenagers, you can add humor or a funny story behind the appearance of the product you are selling.

4. Consider the Number of Characters You Use in Each Caption

Buddy Jagoan will definitely want to display all product information on caption Instagram posts. This is okay to do, but don’t let your customers or followers feel uncomfortable with it caption you are too long.

You can make a posting schedule, starting from posting information related to products, posting product details, to posting product promos so that your Instagram posts are more interesting and easy to follow.


share posts that contain all detailed information. Cut it into pieces so that feed Your Instagram is more varied, it will be even more interesting if you write a little intermezzo behind the photo.

5. Put the Most Important Information at the Beginning Caption

When Sobat Jagoan posted a photo with caption which is slightly longer, then one sentence at the beginning will appear first. This is your chance to attract interest followers to read more caption that you made.

You can write a sentence that describes a product or solution that your customers will accept later. Convince your customers that you will provide more information when they click on the “…more“.

Use captions for Interesting Instagram Posts

6. Edit and Write Again

Interesting Instagram Posts


free to write caption on your post. Best friend can make draftfirst, edit, and rewrite if necessary. You can summarize each caption by eliminating some words that are not necessary.

You can also learn to use Copywriting to be able to create interesting captions if you use your Instagram as a medium for your business.

7. Use hashtags

Interesting Instagram posts, use hashtags in Instagram captions
Hashtag pic: Urban Digital

We know the usage limit hashtags inside Instagram post is 30 hashtags. According to the results of a Siply Measured study, those who use hashtags in each post will improve engagement by 12.6% compared to those who did not use it. However, keep in mind that hashtags listed must be relevant to your Instagram posts and target customers.

If you don’t want to disturb caption text that has been made, Buddy Hero can use hashtags with the following tips:

  • Separate hashtags with caption text final
  • Don’t make caption which only contains a collection hashtags. You can include hashtags in the comments section after caption that you wrote.

8. Create Inquiries for Target Customers

Every now and then try to ask questions for your target customers. Buddy Jagoan can involve them and build interaction with them. One way is to use a title that contains a question. It could be a simple question that only requires a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, or another simple question.

9. Mention Someone to Make Instagram Posts More Interesting

If your Instagram account is not the only one official account from the company or brand business, you can mention it inside caption. By mentioning other accounts, you will make your target customers feel that they will be noticed.

10. Invite Target Customers to Be More Engaged

Engagement with the target customer is something you should prioritize. One way is to make your Instagram posts look more attractive. Ask them to leave comments and invite their friends by leaving tags.

Interesting post content will make target customers want to recommend your product to other friends. You can also create a competition that your target customers participate in.

11. Use Emoji

Who says using emojis for business posts is unprofessional? As long as emoji are relevant to the theme and not distracting, they can help you create a warm impression to your target customers. Also check out tips on using emojis.

12. Schedule Posts to be More Organized

If you want to make interesting Instagram posts, you can make several posts a day and make a posting schedule. So you don’t have to be stuck doing the same things every day. As a result, you can use your time for other tasks.

The tips above will definitely help Buddy Jagoan increase business sales on line. You can build brandingoperate campaign promotions, and so on. One of the business Instagram account on line what you can use as an example of learning is jaghostid which is a official account service provider web hosting best in Indonesia.

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