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Magnificent Terminal 3, but…

Soekarno-Hatta is not only an airport for the city of Jakarta. It is the main entrance gate of the Republic of Indonesia.

As a citizen who has always dreamed of Indonesia having a representative airport, I always can’t wait to find out that Soekarno-Hatta will have a new terminal. Terminal 3 Ultimate (now called ‘Terminal 3’ only). Moreover, he is widely predicted to compete with Changi Airport.

When it was launched in early August 2016, I was excited and wanted to try it right away. But after seeing it for myself, I was a bit disappointed. Behind this large and magnificent building, it turns out that many execution details are lacking. Here’s a list that I made, maybe it can be a material for repairs for Angkasa Pura 2.

(all photos were taken in October 2016 by myself, unless otherwise stated)

1. Under the Bridge

I don’t know if this is finished or not, but what is clear is that the terminal is operational, right?

The passenger arrival section on the first floor which looks like under a shabby bridge
Taxi stand. Notice the paths are only four. Don’t be surprised if it gets really bad.
One side end
It feels like one more layer is missing.

2. Gate decoration at the entrance of the airport area

Anyone know what this green thing is?

After exiting the toll road, or exiting the perimeter road to the terminal entrance, there is usually a gate of a very Indonesian traditional Balinese house. Now it’s replaced with something like a windmill with green lightning on it.

3. Roof shape

A bit scary in my opinion..

When compared to the warm colored roof design of Terminal 2, high ceilings, and inspired by a joglo house, I feel that the design of Terminal 3 which is shaped like sharp teeth is too gloomy, cold, and stiff. I don’t understand architects, this is just a pure feeling, hehe.


4. Vintage car decoration

I feel that this colorfully painted antique car decoration shouldn’t be in an airport as grand as terminal 3. Again, this is just my taste.

At the departure gate
On the way to baggage claim
Can you spot some mistakes in the caption for this car decoration?

5. Soap holder in the toilet

For a terminal as grand as a 3 . terminal Ultimate, this soap holder looks very cheap. I found a similar soap holder at a Nasi Padang stall near my house.

The placement is not in every sink.

6. Unique air conditioner design

I can not say the design is not good. But when I look at some of these air conditioners, the selection of materials is not good. I see in some air conditioners it has started to bubble like wood particles exposed to water.

Hi 🙂
Area after security check. Belt mount. It’s like being waited on by a minion. :))

7. Not allowed to bring trolley in the lift?

Is this serious mz?

Airports are places where people carry a lot of luggage. In terminals 1 and 2 we usually take a big lift which is like a freight elevator. But in terminal 3? Do not expect.

Glass elevator

The lift is much smaller than T1 and T2. The officer said, “The elevator is made of glass, so you can’t put the trolley in, or it might break.”


8. Smoking area

I’m not a smoker. But smokers will be happy because in T3 there are many smoking arenas. Not only in the corner, but also in the middle! This is the smell, the smell is also the same as me who was passing by. Whoops.

Smoking in the semi-outdoor area. aka under the bridge. It’s okay at the end of the terminal, but in the middle here?

9. Information Board Color

If you use a black background, it won’t hurt my eyes. This looks like a blue screen of death with windows. The garuda icon was broken.
GO GREEN? What do you mean huh???

Oh yes, there is no information screen on which side of the baggage collection conveyor belt. So we have to check one by one where the position of our flight baggage conveyor belt is. Huvt.

10. Art Decoration

Apart from antique cars, there are some contemporary art decorations which….I don’t understand, but I can’t say they are good. Some of them are controversial because they are considered to feature figures who look like communist figures have been taken down.

Please rate yourself.

Dragonfly-man? This photo was taken in August 2016. Photo by my friend @sefiin. But this has been removed because many protested.
After Dragonfly-man, what else will appear?
I dont know
Soekarno Hatta
Decoration on the wall after exiting the aerodrome upon arrival. It’s a bit monotonous because the wall decorations are the same throughout the hallway.

11. Lighting

This is a very visible part. At the check-in section, the lights are dim. Using a light source that is quite loud but infrequent, resulting in high contrast.

If you take a photo, the result will be either underexposure or overexposure, because the camera is unable to capture the range of light.

At the front of the arrival area, the lights use spotlights like a football stadium. Dazzled.

I have increased the exposure to make it brighter. The original is more dim.
It’s the spotlight on the pole. Notice the shadow on the very hard chair. Don’t forget to bring sunglasses when you’re here. Buses also don’t have special routes like Terminals 1 and 2, causing congestion at the airport.
The baggage claim area is dimly lit too

12. There’s still a lot of unfinished business

It’s been 2 months since the terminal opened, but it looks like there’s still a lot of unfinished business. Early next year Terminal 3 will also serve international routes. Hope all is well, eh?

still messy
the chair is still not tidy
endorsed? :p
(Hopefully) Temporary
Next to the check-in counter area there is a ‘slide’. What’s that for? It’s a bit of a wasted space…
The prayer room at the check-in counter has not been completed. This is the prayer room in the boarding room. There is only one?
Fortunately, the tenants have good architecture, although there are still many that are like roadside stalls.
The rest area is too plain, like a hospital room. The seats are hard too 🙁

13. Not according to the original design?

This is the initial rendering of Soekarno-Hatta’s Terminal 3 that appeared to the public. When I saw this, I couldn’t wait for this terminal to be finished. But, oh well..

Check-in area (expectations) — Courtsy of Woodhead
Check-in area (reality)
Luggage collection area (expectations) — Courtesy of Woodhead
Luggage collection area (reality)

In addition to building problems, there are also well-known problems such as flooding and imperfect baggage handling, causing delays or baggage being left behind. Even when I was there, T3 had a power outage so that the escalator, lights, restaurant didn’t work. Pity for the 5-star airline, the sole occupant of this terminal, right?

In the end, this is all my personal opinion. Please correct if there are mistakes.

Hopefully Soekarno-Hatta Airport can be better.


ps There is also a video of a one minute tour inside the airport. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel too! 🙂

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