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Labuan Bajo, a small town that is the gateway to Komodo National Park, is now getting better. Since the first time I came here in 2012, the infrastructure has gotten better. The airport is pretty good, there are many new hotels, and there are more and more visitors from Indonesia themselves (in the past, only foreigners were in the Komodo Island guest book). So, what can you do in Labuan Bajo besides meeting Komo? Let’s see below brother!

1. Visit Komodo Island and Rinca Island

From the top of one of the hills on Komodo Island

Even if you don’t want to meet Komodo dragons, make sure you visit Komodo and Rinca Islands. The view of the hills here is epic. It’s a perfect setting for the Jurassic film.

Rinca Island is more arid than Komodo Island. Komodo dragons in Rinca are also thinner and more aggressive because they have to fight for less food stocks. But in my opinion, the scenery in Rinca is much more interesting, even though it’s the same instagram-able hell.

This is a time vlog on Rinca Island.

2. Climb Padar Island or Gili Laba

Padar Island

If the Jurrasic level on Komodo Island is epicon this solid island super-awesome-epic! Just look at the shape of the hill, it’s not really standard, right? Trekking is about 20-30 minutes and above which drains the sweat so you don’t feel it.

Reportedly there are still some Komodo dragons here, but they may have become extinct because they can’t see the animals that used to be their food. But for safety, just keep walking in groups, okay? The waves to Padar Island are sometimes quite large, usually the boat will switch to Gili Laba if so. Gili Labo is no less beautiful.

Eh, also watch the vlog when it goes up to solid. Don’t forget to press the thumbs up button and subscribe for more vlogs :))

3. Visit small islands such as Kanawa Island or Kelor Island

Kanawa Island which is not suitable for going alone.

There are many beautiful small islands around Labuan Bajo. The most beautiful in my opinion is Kanawa. There are cottages that cost around one million per night. The island is very quiet, very suitable for those who are on a honeymoon on the beach.

4. Visit Pink Beach

It’s pink sand, it’s just a coincidence.

One of the best beaches around Komodo. The sand looks a bit red because of the former fragments of coral reefs. Snorkeling here is also a CHAMPION. The corals are still healthy and there are lots of colorful soft corals. The current is a bit heavy, so if you can’t swim, please be careful. Eh, already scrolling down don’t look at the red ones!

5. Hang out at Paradise Bar

Enjoying Sunset at Paradise (Bar)

The most popular place for Bajo children to hang out. One of the places to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Labuan Bajo. This bar has live reggae music. If the weekend is full, ask for forgiveness. Unfortunately it doesn’t sell food, only snacks like french fries. If it’s a drink, yes, the name is also a bar, it’s definitely complete hehe.

6. See Panorama of Labuan Bajo from Amalia Sea view and Bukit Cinta

From Bukit Amalia Sea View.

In Labuan Bajo in the north, we can climb up the hill and see the charming view of the western tip of Flores Island. From the paradise bar just go up and up. You can rent a motorbike near the port and ride here. There is a sign that says Amalia Sea View. Some call it Sylvia hill because there is a Sylvia Resort near here.

There is also a love hill with a view to the harbor near here, unfortunately the way to it is a bit difficult because there are a lot of weeds.

7. Stop by Batu Cermin Cave

Mirror stone cave

This cave is in the city of Labuan Bajo. About 2-3 km from the Harbor. The cave that used to be on the seabed was found with many fossils from ancient times. There is a room in it which when around 10-11 in the morning light will enter from the sidelines of the cave and form a mirror effect on wet rocks, or in puddles. But I didn’t get it because it was too late.

8. Play at Cunca Wulang Waterfall or Cunca Rami

Cunca wulang

The road to this waterfall is very challenging because you can see a river flowing between two high cliffs. Lots of people jumping from up here. But I really don’t recommend it, especially for those who can’t swim. Some time ago in early 2016 there was a tourist who drowned in panic, even the guide who wanted to save him drowned too…

Anyway, wear a life jacket if you’re playing here. And be careful with the camera, especially your gopro, make sure to use a stick that can float in the water or a float on the gopro. Because many gopro victims drowned here, including mine, whose tongs broke when jumping. :))

*cries in the corner*

9. Eat at Kampung Ujung

Labuan Bajo Culinary Center Kampung Ujung

Labuan Bajo is a multi-cultural and ethnic city, even the Flores people themselves are not seen much. Culinary traders in Ujung village are mostly from Java or Sulawesi. So the menu is still familiar to our tongue. The seafood taste is pretty good. Here is also a good sunset spot.

10. Fish Shop at Labuan Bajo Fish Market

Fish market

Yes, maybe someone wants to grill fish, here the fish are big and look fresh. If you want to watch the fish auction, you can come here at dawn hehe.

11. Stay on the Ship aka Liveaboard


Staying on the ship was very pleasant. The boat I was on was small because it was only for seven people. Under the deck there is enough bed for seven. There are various types of ships here, such as hotels, from jasmine ships to five-star ships. Just adjust the budget, okay?

12. Swim with MANTA

That’s right, no N on the back. It’s really great haha. I’m borrowing the photo from Sis Prue, because I didn’t get the Manta when I looked for it at Manta Point. Almost an hour around there no one showed up. *cries mantan in the corner*

13. Diving and Snorkeling

Snorkeling at pink beach

Labuan Bajo is not only a Komodo dragon, but also the nature under the sea. For those who like diving, here is not inferior to Raja Ampat. Yes, a little below it at a more affordable price hehe. For those who can’t dive, snorkeling is enough. Just a note, places where there are usually good corals and fish are usually fast currents. So make sure you upgrade your swimming skills if you want to play here.

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Momotrip website

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So when are you going to Labuan Bajo? Goodbye!

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