14 Beautiful Staircase Designs for Small and Medium Houses

Stairs, are more than just simple elements that connect different heights. They can even become the decorative center of our home with their design. And, there are many styles, materials, shapes and sizes of stairs available in the market today.

With a focus on size, in this Idea Book we want to show you 14 styles of stairs that are perfect and suitable for small and medium sized homes. All of them have spectacular designs to suit their own style, and can radically change the appearance of your home. Let’s take a look together, and let stairs become something more in your home!

1. Split in Two

2M Arquitectura Modern Corridor & Stairs

We start with the stairs – occupying a special room that is dedicated to their placement – ​​which is divided into two opposite parts. And in addition, underneath is placed a series of white stones that make this place look more harmonious and beautiful.

2. Simplicity of Wood

Germán Velasco Arquitectos Modern Corridors & Stairs

This small staircase would be perfect for a house duplex in a big city. We love its simplicity and straight lines, with spaced steps that make the surrounding area look lighter and airier. Ideal for small spaces.

class="text-container subheading -centered- !padding-t-s !padding-b-s">3. See-through Fence

fc3arquitectura Modern Corridors & Stairs

For small spaces, it is highly recommended to use a light, thin, even transparent fence like in this photo. With glass you can feel that there are no fences, and make the space clearer, without forgetting the security side.

4. Floating

OLLIN ARQUITECTURA Modern Corridors & Stairs

This ladder has no structure connecting it in any way to the ground. This is a very beautiful and original style, with a certain industrial feel that is perfect for a modern home.

class="text-container subheading -centered- !padding-t-s !padding-b-s">5. Small and in the Corner

Faci Leboreiro Arquitectura Modern Corridor & Stairs

This ladder is placed almost hidden in the corner of the house. The style of this staircase is simple and original, with a hollow structure under which a small table and lamp are added as additional details.

class="text-container subheading -centered- !padding-t-s !padding-b-s">6. Two Stairs, Two Styles

Taller Estilo Arquitectura Modern Corridors & Stairs

In this house you can see two separate stairs. One is more classic – photo on the left – with a combined staircase and traditional railing; while others have stairs that look like floating with more modern railings.

7. Near the Window

CORTéS Arquitectos Modern Corridors & Stairs

If possible, placing the stairs close to the window, has always been an option that is in great demand because of its beauty and functionality.

8. Spiral Stairs

BAG arquitectura Corridor & Stairs Modern Iron/Steel Black

All spiral staircases are classics, right? Perfect for home duplex

small or small family home. They are timeless, never go out of style, and come in many different designs, all of which share the same charm.

9. Stairs without Structure

RIMA Arquitectura Modern Wooden Corridor & Stairs

If you do not have children, elderly or people with mobility difficulties at home, you can choose this type of ladder without a structure or railing to connect the two floors of your house. Simpleneat, elegant and functional.

10. With Little Details Around It

AMEC ARQUITECTURA Modern Corridors & Stairs

If you have a ladder placed on one side of the wall, then something has to be done for the other side, right? Welljust add plants, lights and small decorative details that can brighten up the house like the photo above, which will make going up and down stairs a pleasant journey.

11. Adjusting to the Home

Arquimia Arquitectos Modern Corridors & Stairs

Another good option is to choose stairs based on furniture, or vice versa, whichever comes first. In this example, the stairs are matched with sofas and other home furnishings. Good!

class="text-container subheading -centered- !padding-t-s !padding-b-s">12. Two Way

REM Arquitectos Modern Corridors & Stairs

An original and valuable option, is to place a ladder for two directions, in two parts. With this style we will play with form and volume, to give movement to our home.

13. Don’t Touch the Floor

Modern Corridors & Stairs

The initial steps of this staircase barely touch the floor, rise a few inches above it, and as a whole form a style that will leave anyone gaping in the air.

14. Low

homify Corridor & Stairs Modern Metal Black

Sometimes we don’t need stairs to climb two high floors, maybe just to get to the door, up to the attic, or down to the garage. And there are several types of flat stairs that work perfectly and are rated a 10 in terms of style to meet this need.

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