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So, on the 14th, I just want to share some short photo tips. Let your photos be more beautiful. So that you don’t cry, if you are single today.

1. Keep it simple

Try it before taking a photo, ask yourself: Does this part really strengthen the story? Or just destroy like memories with ex? Sometimes we really want to include all kinds of POIs (points of interest) as much as possible. But actually, the simpler our photos, the more effective the story will be.

Less cluttered, bigger impact. The rule of thumb : KISS (keep it simple, st*pid!).

~Bromo in sandstorm

2. Don’t put the subject in the middle

People often say this is the rule of thirds. That means more or less is the title of this number 2. If you don’t want your photo to look like a passport — just keep your subject off center.

I put the child’s face slightly to the left — Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok.

3. Pay Attention to the Lines

Lines can strengthen composition. Look for the line that can lead our subject to aisle main subject.

Leading lines — Kampung bajo in Wakatobi

4. Realize Shape

After paying attention to the line, over time we will meet the shape. Try to imagine in the building is a box, the mountain is a triangle, your stomach is a ball, and so on. Then notice how they interact with each other, connecting them to make a harmonious composition.

Stars if you use a long exposure will form a curve

5. Look for Pattern

After meeting lines and shapes, usually we will meet patterns. This repetition of shapes and lines is very interesting to see. Look for patterns that form symmetry.

Flag stripe pattern at the foot of Merapi.

6. Contrast

Notice how our subject perceives his surroundings. Are the colors, textures, and shapes nearly the same? Or is it the opposite? Depending on what we want to convey, find a background that supports the context of the photo we want to make.

The complementary colors of red and blue. — Raja Ampat kids.

7. Decorate the frame within the frame

Before actually being framed, we can first frame our photos with frame elements on the edges. Can also add a little love and affection.

Framing with trees — Wayag, Raja Ampat

8. Fill the frame

Don’t waste the remaining space in our photos. If the empty part is indeed empty in the sense that it does not support the context of the photo, it is better if we crop or zoom our photo so that the main subject fills the frame.

Fill the frame

9. Watch the background

Look for a background that is simple and unobtrusive. Even if our background is an out-of-focus area forming bokeh, keep looking for something simple.

Too many distracting bokeh

10. Choose the Aspect Ratio of the photo

Almost all cameras have a 3:2 aspect, some small cameras have a 4:3 aspect, Instagram has a 1:1 aspect, monitors and movies are mostly 16:9. There is no ‘best’ aspect ratio, but look for the ‘best fit’ for your subject.

11. Add space for the ‘moving’ subject

Add our subject a little more breathing room so it’s not stuffy.

Cultural parade at Monas

12. Find unique angles

Try something other than a standing position.

The angle of taking below with eek horse.

13. Landscape or portrait orientation?

Depends on the subject and its surroundings. I like landscape photos with portrait orientation the most.

landscape portrait

14. Forget all the tips above

Break the rules. Just go out and take some photos, dude!

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