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The distance we traveled was not small. From previous years, there are around numbers 3000 km. It’s like the distance from Jakarta to Bali, then back to Jakarta, and back to Bali again. Pretty good right? So, let’s take a look at the tips below to make your long-distance trip more enjoyable!

1. Safe ride first.

While waiting at home…

Always remember the loved ones who are waiting at home. Don’t speed ms.

2. Check the completeness of the documents.


Make sure the SIM and STNK are still valid and the number plate is still valid. Don’t forget the marriage certificate, if you have one.

3. Keep obeying traffic rules.

Keep stopping at a red light

Don’t like to run through red lights or turn back carelessly just because it’s crowded. No need to use voorijder if it’s not too disturbing traffic.

4. Avoid aggressive driving.

Except for taking pictures, it’s okay, but be careful of catching a cold, Mr. Tatan…

Always be patient and polite in driving. Generate sympathy from other road users towards our driving behavior. Not easily provoked by other road users, not arrogant.

5. Understand the position that highways are shared.

Shared road. Photo by Rendy

Avoid behaviors such as excessive honking, using accessories that can annoy other road users such as loud horns, sirens, strobes, or white lights.

6. Understand and agree on the terms in the convoy

Monitor… crickets from the opposite direction, mothers use automatic, please be careful.

Agree on terms in the convoy. In Terios 7 wonders the term is something like this.

  • Pilot/transporter: The one driving
  • Putbal : Rewind
  • Cricket : Motor
  • Ironing : Car
  • Refrigerator : Truck
  • Transformer : Really big truck
  • T1 to T7 : Terios car number
  • Rolling : Continue walking
  • Cilukba: The incline that has a derivative behind it and no vehicles can be seen heading towards us.

7. Prepare a neck pillow

It’s not a neck pillow, but what’s important is it’s cool..

For passengers in the back, or backup pilots, use a neck pillow for maximum rest.

8. Use Radio to communicate

HT is essential for convoy communication

Radio devices such as handy talkies will be more effective in communicating to all members of the convoy. For example, when you want to turn, when you have to gather, or other coordination. HT can also be a place for chatting and joking so that the convoy’s atmosphere is not boring. Fighting rhymes or teasing the female blogger in the car next door, maybe?

9. Ask the locals for directions

Ask a local village boy

In addition to using GPS, also make sure the direction with the help of local village children. Usually they know very well the condition of the road there.

10. Stop and do light exercise every 2-3 hours

There’s nothing wrong with being in the car. It’s hard to move. So it takes a light stretch to improve blood circulation.

11. Keep a Safe Distance and make way for others

Especially if the road conditions are not right

Don’t be tight.

12. Turn on the headlights

Turn on the big light

Make sure the big lights are always on to indicate that we are in a convoy.

12. Overtaking alone

Even though our friends in the front vehicle make sure there are no other vehicles in the opposite direction, it’s best if we make sure ourselves when we are going to overtake.

13. Don’t eat a lot of fatty foods

Yes, you can enjoy local culinary once in a while
But it’s not like this, mz..

Just eat enough. Consuming excess food, especially those with a high fat content and too much carbohydrates can make you sleepy quickly. And not healthy either.

14. Never depend on coffee or anything else

Caffeine only keeps us awake but cannot regulate concentration and reactions. So if you’re really sleepy and tired, just stop and rest!

Happy convoy and greetings adventurous friends!

Don’t forget to worship ms, mb. No one ever knows when we are called. Thank You!

This Terios 7 Wonders Expedition is a media journey with Daihatsu. All opinions are personal property. See other posts below.

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