15 Best Online Education Sites in the World

Here are 15 recommendations for the best education sites in the world

Choosing an educational site sometimes sounds easy, but it can also be said to be difficult. Why is it difficult? Simply put, because educational sites are by no means just for school students looking for material. Of course there are also educational sites for students, languages, skills such as coding, and or other online courses that you can use to fill your spare time.
Access to learning is no longer only obtained at school or on campus, even with a smartphone, you can access dozens of sites and online course programs, which of course have various kinds and fields. You want to learn school material? Want to learn more about your college major? Or just want to fill your spare time by learning a new language or software? Check out the following article to find out the best educational sites you can find on the internet.

  1. Zenius
    When we hear the word online education site, we are often immediately drawn to school material. It’s not wrong, because along with the development of the internet, learning materials are increasingly accessible. For those of you who are still in the 12-year compulsory education period, of course this is the right choice for you.
    You can get a variety of lessons here, and in particular high school is also available for social studies and science majors. Zenius is quite popular among high school students, especially during the final exams such as the National Examination, and also provides study programs for SBMPTN. Zenius provides several free study programs, but also provides membership from 1 month to 24 months. If you are not sure, of course you can try it first.
  2. Coursera
    The internet has become a place for exchanging materials, journals, and research which is certainly widely used in universities. For both students and teachers such as lecturers, you can take advantage of several sites such as Coursera.
    Coursera is an online learning platform from America. Coursera provides a variety of open online courses in collaboration with various universities. Especially for students, Coursera also provides specialization and degree programs, and covers a variety of courses such as engineering, mathematics, computer science, marketing, social sciences, medicine, biology, and many more. Coursera provides 1150+ free courses, and also provides paid courses in several areas of learning. For paid programs, Coursera has provided a certificate for taking the program. More promising, isn’t it?
  3. Khan Academy
    Apart from Zenius, Khan Academy is also a popular choice for the 12-year compulsory education period. Moreover, coupled with regional services already covering Indonesia. Khan Academy provides online courses and learning for free. For subjects, Khan Academy is also well-known for being complete and on average it supports the national curriculum. For those of you who want to learn more without spending a penny, Khan Academy is the right choice and you definitely have nothing to lose.
  4. Open Culture
    For those of you who are interested in world culture and languages, Open Culture is an educational site that can be said to be right for your interests.
    Open Culture has a Culture and Education theme that provides free learning content for all its programs. Both students, students, or the general public can learn from Open Culture because Open Culture is open and provides programs for both children and adults. Of course, it is filled with interesting content such as videos, audio books, and several language programs and all of them can be accessed for free.
  5. Academic Earth
    Academic Earth is able to provide an online learning experience like well-known universities. For those of you who are already students, there is nothing wrong with looking for new references to deepen your knowledge, and one of the champions is Academic Earth.
    Academic Earth already covers 50 of the world’s most popular majors, and its content is supported by world-renowned universities such as UC Berkley, UCLA, University of Michigan, Oxford, Harvard, MIT, and many more. Hearing that, you can be sure that Academic Earth provides useful content for students. Even more interesting, the content on Academic Earth can be accessed for free.
  6. edX
    Online courses and education don’t stop just learning and getting nothing back. Even some online courses already provide a certificate program which certainly adds to your achievements. For example edX.
    The content provided by edX is university-level and covers a wide variety of courses. Certainly suitable for those of you who are already in college. Coupled with the certificate program provided by edX. Just at home, you can get your own award without having to bother going to seminars.
  7. iTunes U
    For those of you students who have Apple gadgets, of course you want to do assignments faster, right? Of course you also want to complete the task with the best results, right? It’s time for you to open the AppStore and download iTunes U.
    Why iTunes U can be your college savior? Because iTunes U provides a wide range of college learning needs, everything you need is right here. The content provided by iTunes U is free and can be downloaded by all students in the world. In addition, iTunes U also provides a system for uploading and downloading various kinds of documents. Apart from students, lecturers can also help by uploading journals and research that can be used as references by students.
  8. Udemy
    Online courses and education don’t stop just for academics. However, you can also reap new skills that you can use at your job, or just fill your spare time. Make no mistake, because learning through online sites does not mean your skills are not recognized. One of the best online course providers is Udemy.
    You want to study business? Music? Programming? Art? Just say what you want to learn and the results will be right there on Udemy. Very extensive learning content and can be accessed by anyone. For those of you who are students or non-students, Udemy can be an investment in your future, and of course you can broaden your horizons in various fields.
  9. Codecademy
    Speaking of skills, there are also educational sites with very specific fields. The most popular examples are coding and about IT. Today, coding has become a very valuable skill asset. Whatever the company, one day you will need a so-called developer or programmer.
    Codecademy is an online course that specializes in coding, for those of you who want to learn coding and development but don’t want to study computer science for a long time, Codecademy is your answer. Course content is available in various languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and others. For those of you who want to explore programming languages ​​or learn a new programming language, Codecademy is the right choice and can be tailored to your budget.
  10. Duolingo
    One area of ​​education that is in high demand online is language learning. Because of its popularity, many people say that they get more in-depth language knowledge than in their school days. One of them is Duolingo.
    For those of you who want to use your time more productively, why not try learning a new language? Duolingo provides language courses ranging from English (for applications in languages ​​other than English), Spanish, French, German, regional languages ​​such as Scottish and Navajo, and even fictional languages ​​such as High Valyrian and Klingon. The content on Duolingo is presented similar to a game and the delivery method is interactive, you certainly won’t feel like you’re learning.
  11. Masterclass
    Although not all online courses provide certificates, the knowledge you gain will not be measured by a certificate. But what if you were taught by world-renowned experts about the field you want to pursue?
    Masterclasses enhance the concept of online courses by providing material from world-renowned experts, such as culinary classes by Gordon Ramsay, scientific philosophy by Neil Degrasse Tyson, musical composition and Film-scoring by Hans Zimmer, and many more. If you want to learn from a true expert, Masterclass is the place where you can earn without spending tens of millions to meet these people.
  12. TED-ed
    Both students and teachers can take advantage of this one site, namely TED-ed. If you’re tired of studying as a student, or you want to create an active and interactive learning method, TED-ed is a best-in-class provider.
    TED-ed is a learning platform by TED which is intended for sharing by various groups of students and teachers. The content provided by TED-ed is presented with animated video displays that are easy to attract attention. And for teachers who want to make animated videos without having to waste time, TED-ed has provided ready-to-use animations to make your video material more exciting.
  13. Memrise
    Apart from Duolingo, Memrise is a well-known language site. As people generally say, many people say that they get more in-depth language knowledge online than in their school days. If you think that statement is an exaggeration, the reality is completely realistic.
    Memrise claims that the programs provided are very interactive and fun and ensure that users will never get bored of learning so that they can achieve the most effective results. For those of you who want to learn languages ​​online, just in front of your laptop or smartphone screen, you can get language knowledge in the most exciting way.
  14. Udacity
    Technology cannot be separated from our lives, and unfortunately there are still many people who do not receive adequate technology education during their education. But that hasn’t been the case since Udacity.
    Udacity provides various learning programs such as programming, AI, Cloud, and others. In fact, Udacity is able to give you skills equivalent to professional staff who can even give you a place to work in a company. Very promising isn’t it. For those of you who want to deepen your IT skills or learn new IT skills, there is no more complete place than Udacity.
  15. Mentormob
    Mentormob is an online course application for iOS like iPhone and iPad, and can accompany you in your spare time by studying. So for those of you who have Apple gadgets, it’s time to open the Appstore and download this one application.
    Mentormob develops the concept of social skills such as photography, wedding planning, entrepreneurship, parenting, and even other skills such as skateboarding, and many more. Unlike usual online courses that teach hard skills, Mentormob can improve your soft skills and develop yourself as a better person, of course with the right use.

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