15 Recommended Best Free Online Exam Applications!

In supporting the creation of convenient distance learning activities, a row of online exam applications continues to emerge as one of the right digitization solutions.

In fact, there are so many, you might be confused to determine which application best suits your needs. For that, check out some of the best recommendations below!

15 Recommended Best Free Online Exam Applications

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There are many online exam applications that you can access for free. Some of them have Jagoan Hosting prepared for you, friend!

1. Testmoz

Testmoz is a free online exam application that can be used by students with a maximum capacity of 50 questions. If you want to get free capacity questions for exam purposes on line in Testmoz, you are required to pay $50 dollars per year or the equivalent of IDR 700,000.

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By using the Testmoz online exam application, you can easily arrange questions to be asked of various types, for example, such as multiple choice questions, fill the blankuploading images and videos to support answer choices, and so on.

2. ThatQuiz

An Android-based online exam application that you can rely on when you want to create exam questions is ThatQuiz. With a fairly simple appearance, ThatQuiz presents the types of questions in the form of an explanation (essay)

and multiple choice.

However, this online exam application is still quite limited for certain question themes, for example, subjects such as geography (continents, oceans, and various regions), mathematics (geometry and algebra), and languages ​​(German, English, French to Spanish).

3. Quizizz

A free web-based online exam application that has an attractive appearance and certainly won’t bore the examinees is Quizizz. You only need to visit the site, you can freely add animation to audio, so that it gives a more interactive impression.


you run out of material to make questions like, the Quizizz online exam application has a question bank that you can use according to the subject you want to test online. realtime.

4. Google Forms

As platform which is popular, Google Form has become a favorite free online exam application because it is easy to access and question makers can easily present questions in the form of multiple choice to multiple choice. essay. In addition, Google Forms can also be used to make surveys about the effectiveness of delivering material in class. How to make this online exam application is very simple, you know, friend!

5. Zoho Challenge

The next interactive online exam application that you can choose is Zoho Challenge. Here, you can add a variety of media to include in each question, from audio, images to videos.

Zoho Challenge also makes it easy for you to create questions of various types. Multiple choice? Can. Essays? Can also! In fact, the form of questions like fill the blank you can use too. So, free your desire to display a row of exam questions in this online exam application, yes.

6. QuizEgg

If you don’t have enough folder storage capacity to create questions, then QuizEgg can be the solution. By providing a unique link, you can copy-paste and distribute it to the students who will work on the exam questions.

In QuizEgg, you can customize easily, starting from doing grade-ing in each question, displaying true or false answers to providing notes to each examinee after finishing working on the exam questions.

7. ProProfs

Even though you have to do version upgrade to do features unlock so that the capacity of the examinees can be increased, but what is interesting about ProProfs is that after the students have finished working on the questions, the results obtained are in the form of a charter or certificate with a score according to the answers given.

id="8-quizstar">8. QuizStar

Actually, the QuizStar application can be accessed through various devices, such as smartphone nor personal computer. However, you are advised not to use smartphone because it looks less comfortable when accessing QuizStar.

As an online exam application that is often recommended, QuizStar has several interesting features, such as automatic assessments, multimedia question forms, and can be used not only for students, but also for teachers.

9. Quia Web

If studying is synonymous with boring activities, then Quia Web is here to change that perception. You can make the learning process more fun and packaged in the form of games.

You can also modify various kinds of questions available on Quia Web, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have time to make questions. You only need to choose what type of questions you need, Quia Web can meet your needs, friend.

10. SD Exam Question Bank

If most online exam applications are more specifically for students who are in junior high and high school, then the Elementary Exam Question Bank can be your choice and can be downloaded easily through the Play Store for Android users.

There are multiple choice and quiz questions available, the SD Exam Question Bank helps teachers and parents to provide practice questions according to the grade level of students in Elementary School.

11. Online Questions

online exam app

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If you need a CBT online exam application, then you can take advantage of Sevima. At Sevima, you can not only make CBT questions, but also server which can be used to test various kinds of questions, such as TOEFL and IELTS, CASN and SKD Official to UTBK.

12. Elementary Exam Questions

You can download the SD Exam Question application on the Play Store for Android device users. In Elementary School Exams, as the name suggests, you will be presented with questions that have been adapted to the applicable curriculum standards, but are packaged interactively, so that they give the impression of being fun and far from feeling tense because they have to answer questions.

13. Middle School Exam Questions

The Junior High School Exam questions present a variety of questions for students in grades 7-9. Interestingly, students can play with their friends and compete to get the best score after answering a series of questions provided.

14. School Exam Questions

The appearance of the school exam question application is very simple. Students only need to enter basic personal data information and the exam code. Later, this application will display a number of questions and how to answer them in the form of multiple choice or description.

15. High School National Examination Questions

php online exam app that you can use to work on questions at the high school level, especially the National Examination (UN) is Aila CBT. The advantage is that students can access it easily via computers or smartphones and there is a question bank that can be used for student practice.

Those are the 15 recommendations for the best free online exam applications that you can try to support distance learning. For the record, each application must have its own advantages and disadvantages, so don’t forget to always adjust it to your needs!

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