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ipadguides.id – An individual teacher at SDN 50 Buton, Southeast Sulawesi was reported to the police for punishing 16 of his students for eating plastic waste. Allegedly they intend to give a birthday surprise to the teacher.

“There was already a report yesterday,” said Buton Police Chief AKBP Gunarko, Thursday (27/1/2022).

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Rebuke for Making a Trouble

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Illustration of elementary school students (Photo: Solo Tribunnews)

The teacher’s action with the initials MW went viral on social media. At first he reprimanded the 3rd grader who made a fuss in the class. After that, go to class and give punishment.

“Punished by inserting a plastic package into the mouth of the student,” he said.

Until now, the Buton Police are still investigating the case by bringing in a number of eye witnesses. They are still not sure whether MW’s actions contain criminal elements or not.

“Later we will summon the parties related to the incident and then we will determine the criminal element. But we hope it can be resolved amicably and be a lesson for all,” he concluded.

Later, Gunarko said that at that time the students wanted to make a birthday surprise for their teacher.

“They wanted to give a surprise to the teacher, but this person felt too noisy and felt that it was disturbing the activities in the class,” said AKBP Gunarko.

For information, MW is a fourth grade teacher at the elementary school. Meanwhile, the 16 students he punished were third graders.

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Student Family Response

Illustration of elementary school students (Photo: Azka)

Prischa Leda, one of the 3rd grade students, said that the teacher whose birthday was her nephew’s homeroom teacher.

“Coincidentally, it was their homeroom teacher’s birthday, so they waited for the homeroom teacher to be a bit late for class,” said Prischa.

Before the incident, as many as 16 students were noisy because they felt very enthusiastic about wanting to surprise their teacher in the form of a cake. Of course he justified it.

“The noise is enthusiastic, how are the children,” he said.

He openly objected to the incident so he reported it to the Buton Police for immediate processing.

“I don’t accept it, Ma’am. This happened in the school environment. Pity our nephew. To forgive, I don’t think we can, we will continue to take legal action,” he concluded.

16 Elementary School Students Sentenced to Eating Garbage, Due to Surprise the Teacher

That’s a review of a teacher who punished 16 students for eating trash because they were noisy and would surprise their homeroom teacher.

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