16 Entry Door Designs to Impress Guests

The door is one part of the house that brings a deep impression in a building. This happens because the door of the house is an important element that is seen the first time someone enters the room. The design of the entrance to the house is very diverse, it can consist of one or two doors. The materials are also very diverse, such as wood, iron, or plastic, and also use various door handles. An attractive house entrance design will give the front of the house a more unique appearance. Recently, many people have started to dare to explore the front door of the house, for example by choosing a more contrasting color or creating a unique door design.

according to Indonesia Dictionary, the door is a place to enter and exit. Whereas in the world of architecture, the door is part of the wall that is open and can be access for anyone to enter and leave, or move from one room to another. Generally, there is at least one entrance at the front of the house that serves as access for entry and exit. Without a door, a house that is built cannot function properly.

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In addition, doors are presented in various shapes, sizes, and locations. For example, the entrance of the house is located at the front and becomes one part with the living room. Because of its position at the front, assumptions and first impressions of your home can start from there. Anyone who visits will immediately get a first impression when passing through the entrance. Therefore, the design of the entrance area of ​​​​the house should not be ignored!

class="Textweb__StyledText-sc-1uxddwr-0 lmbERM">However, how to design an entrance area that can give a stunning first impression? Here are some inspirations for the design of the entrance area of ​​your home for a stunning first impression.

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