17 Games while Working From Home

Here are 17 games recommendations that you can do with your friends while working from home

When everyone has to work-from-home, of course work and office conferences are also changed to using Google Meet or Zoom. It’s as if Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, and so on have become our new offices. But of course it’s also boring to wake up routine and then Video Call. Then how to make it not boring?

Entertainment such as games is not only done directly. Now you can work and have fun with your colleagues just through the screen of your smartphone or laptop. Here, there are 17 fun games that you can play with your friends. Come on, check out the following article to make your Work-from-Home experience even more extraordinary.

1. Never have I ever

The game is quite simple and definitely fun, starting with saying “I never” and the next person having to make a statement. Be careful, although it sounds easy but this game can become “dangerous” quite quickly.

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2. Truth or dare

Truth or dare has become a classic game of gathering. But now gathering enough through the screen, yes. Simply by voting and the chosen one must choose truth or dare. Please answer the truth as honestly as possible, and if you dare make sure it’s not too much trouble, just what can be seen on the camera.

3. Complete the story

Besides playing, this game also trains your imagination. It starts by giving a narrative sentence and the next person has to continue the story. Usually stories like this start out normal and end up being funny or absurd. Pretty good at plotting the story.


Guess the talk

Or better known as Read My Lips, this game is quite easy to do on video calls. The game is played in turns, the turner will say something in a muted state, and the other participants have to guess what the turner said. Make sure your video quality is good enough.

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5. Last letter

This game is quite easy and can even be done in chat only. This game is done by saying one word and the next person must make a word from the last letter of the word, and so on. Such as MalanG, GresiK, Kediri, IndramayU, and so on. Approximately how long can you survive in this game?

6. Choose One

Also known as the game “would you rather” this game is also quite popular when gathered. The first person will give two choice statements, and the second person must choose one of the options. Sounds very easy, but believe me, this game will get more difficult to answer as you play.


What if

This game may not be very popular, but it can make it easier for you to get to know your friends. For example, by asking “what if you see a bad person?” Of course the answer will be different. Use this game for a better bonding session, and of course get to know the characters of your comrades.

8. Guess the style

Also known as “charade”, this game is simply done on a video call. The turner will demonstrate a movement and the other participants must guess within a certain time. For example, stylize as playing ball, and the answer is soccer player. Use this game to make your video call more exciting, make sure it’s done in enough space.

9. Two Truth One Lie

This game can test how well people know you, and if wrong, assume new facts about you. The game starts with a person giving 3 statements about himself, one of which is not true. The other participants have to guess which one of them is incorrect. It is quite easy and is a fairly effective bonding session.

10. Guess the song

For those of you who like to listen to music, of course there is no game that fits better. The game begins by saying the lyrics, but don’t sing them, and the other participants have to guess the lyrics. In this game, you may be able to find out which of your friends are big fans of a particular singer or band.

11. False or True

The game is quite flexible with any theme. For example, it could be started by stating a “fact”, and the other participants have to guess whether the statement is true or false. This game can also test your knowledge, or it can also be to introduce yourself or get to know other people.

12. Rhyme/rhyme

For Indonesians, of course, they are familiar with rhymes, right? But this game is not playing rhymes, but just the rhymes. It starts by saying something, and the next person has to say something that rhymes with the previous word. It’s easy enough to start, and easy enough to end, of course, you need to think quickly to be able to answer the rhyme.

13. 21 Questions

This game is also quite “dangerous”, but quite easy to do even with group chat. This game is carried out in turns giving questions until 21 questions are collected. The answerer will be drawn at random and “bombed” with these questions. Be careful, the questions you give may eat yourself up.

14. Werewolf

The gathering game that almost everyone knows. Werewolf has become a legendary game for get-togethers. This game is quite easy to do in group chat, or certain applications. Gather as many players as you can to make your werewolf session much more exciting.

15. Spy

Spy is a toy that is quite easy to do in a group chat. A moderator will give 2 different (but synonymous) words for 2 different teams, namely the Spy and Citizen teams. Players will describe the word with one word, and a vote will be held to determine who has a different word (Spy). You have to be good at reading situations and people’s descriptions to determine who the Spy is, or protect yourself as a Spy.

16. Emoji Games

The mainstay of group chat games. This game is simply done by providing a series of emojis and guessing what the meaning of the emojis. Done by forming 2 teams and 1 moderator, the moderator will give a series of emojis and the 2 teams will compete to guess what the emoji means. Pretty easy isn’t it? Make sure you are fast in translating the emojis.

17. Excel Pixel Art

Who says Sheets/Excel can’t be used for images? This game can be done using Google Sheets because there is a Live Editing feature that can be turned into a game. Will be formed into 2 teams and 2 judges, the jury will determine what is drawn. Team members will try to draw as best they can which is determined by coloring the columns of the sheets into a picture form. This game requires you to take your creativity to the next level.

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