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Posters for 17 Indonesian travel bloggers, based on the number of Twitter followers from top to bottom :))

Some time ago I read an article on Kompas about ’17 Fun Indonesian Travel Bloggers’ and it happened that my name was there. Wow!

So, it turns out that according to research by Google’s Indonesian branch, about 80% of Indonesians who will travel will do online research first.

And that many people who ‘share’ their journey through social media, including blogs like my blog, hehe.

Quoting from zillion, Kompas partner in choosing these 17 bloggers:

Here are 17 Indonesian travel bloggers who never get tired of spreading “influence” and traveling viruses on blogs to social media. Whether it’s through the medium of writing, photos, and videos! They play a big role as tourism ambassadors for Indonesia, even the world. Through their consistency in spreading the traveling virus on the internet, they have also become the trend-setters of the tourism industry.

So, instead of just blabbering on Twitter and the like, it’s better to write a blog as well. The benefits are far more pronounced for the long term, both for you and for information seekers.

Anyway, me and some friends also held a workshop #TravelNBlog, a workshop where you learn how to create a great travel blog. It’s in the previous post in case you missed it.

And here are 17 exciting Indonesian travel bloggers that you can visit. Cheers!

  1. Marischka Prudence (marischka-prudence.com) -> The Ma’ Prue who always makes me jealous, I don’t think she’s ever home.
  2. Trinity (naked-traveler.com) -> Most consistent travel book author
  3. Small Backpack (ransel Kecil.com) -> The coolest blog design and a collection of cool stories
  4. Ariev Rahman (Backpackstory.me) -> Mz ariev’s writing is very long, like a novel but fun to read. Sometimes it’s funny, but mostly it’s badass.
  5. Dua Ransel (duaransel.com) -> Lovely traveling couple Ms. Dina and Mr. Ryan
  6. Travel Junkie Indonesia (traveljunkieindonesia.com) -> Said you want to sell it, huh? Oh boo?
  7. Amalla Vesta (theswankytraveler.com) -> Miminnya @LiburanLokal
  8. Adam & Susan (pergidulu.com) -> Lots of practical info about travel
  9. Agustinus Wibowo (agustinuswibowo.com) -> Travel writer with literary journalism style. The ‘zero point’ book is really cool
  10. Herajeng Gustiayu (backpacker-notes.com)-> New post maybe, mba Ajeng? :3
  11. Adis (whateverbackpacker.com) -> Comedy style travel blog, but the one with the blog is busy with business right now.
  12. Lucia Nancy (lucianancy.com) -> mb uci new post pls.
  13. Tekno Bolang (Lostpacker.com) -> Travel video blog. But mostly selfies haha. Just look at the youtube, Lostpacker videos are guaranteed to collect you.
  14. Yunaidi Joepoet (ranselkosong.com) -> This is yudi the mas photographer Natgeo traveler Indonesia
  15. Efenerr (efenerr.com) -> Mas this tax employee, the writing is slick, you know.
  16. ipadguides (ipadguides.com) -> THE MOST HANDLING
  17. Hifatlobrain (hifatlobrain.net) -> Until when is the hiatus status, mas Ayos? Your fans are waiting for you.

There it is. Let’s blog!

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