17 Simple Steps to Start a Business While You’re At Work

If you dream of owning a business but currently you are still an employee in someone else’s company, then you can do these 17 simple tips to start a business while you are pursuing a career.

You may feel like standing up for yourself by starting a business. But the difficulties that certainly arise such as managing time, capital and several other difficulties. But some people have managed to do this and grow their business without leaving their main job.

The following are the steps that many business people do, namely:

1. Your first step is to define your business VISION

Starting a business is not just a wish without a goal. Anyone who wants to start a business, especially when he is still an employee at a company, should have a definite VISION. This vision tells us what and how we should run our business. As you develop this vision, we will focus on finding the best way to get started. Most successful businesses feel a need and then find a way to meet that need.

2. In addition to the Vision you must also have a clear MISSION


is not the same as vision. VISION is about where you want to go, and mission is about what you want to do. You also have to complete the vision with a clear mission.

3. Refine your goal

Briefly set your business goals. Almost all successful business people reimagined what their goals were in starting a business. This will let others know that your business really exists. Your goals should be attractive and carry clear meaning for your employees and your business in the future.

id="4-validasi-kebutuhan-anda">4. Validate your requirements

You must find out if there is a market that fits your vision, product or service. Find out where you will set up a business, whether your business is in accordance with your interests.

5. Develop your skills

Being a businessman certainly makes you learn a lot of new things and develop skills that you have long had. You can map out the skills you need and what you need to develop.

id="6-cari-tahu-apa-yang-membuat-anda-berbeda">6. Find out what makes you different

You have to know what makes you different from all your competitors. What makes you feel superior to them. and what you can offer the market through your business. USP (Unique Selling Preposition) you can learn through the following article to further help you get the advantages and uniqueness of your business.

7. Set every value you have

Most companies have a clear mission and vision, but few are able to express their values. Within a set of corporate values ​​it provides guidelines for the choices you make and the actions you will take on many roles in your business.

id="8-kerja-dengan-pitch-anda">8. Work with your pitch

You must know how to communicate and express what you do. Keep the explanation concise, easy to understand and straight to the point.

9. Plan your steps and time

All business people certainly have a plan for every step and time they have. They’ll make sure that we don’t spend too much time doing things that don’t work. Make a short and long term plan for your business.

10. Map out your business plan

This is essentially the same as planning a comprehensive business system and strategy, with definitions and details at each point. You should have monthly and yearly points, along with a record of what was required at each step to implement.

11. Delegate your tasks

Doing all things in our own business will certainly be a boomerang for us in the future. Because not everything we can do well with our own efforts. We need to delegate tasks to people who are suitable for doing it. We can hire someone to do most of the things we need.

12. Use advisory services

In addition to mentor services, we can also hire advisory services for various matters in our business. Such as financial services, technical and so forth. They will guide us to do things we don’t know or even we are not good at doing.

id="13-lalui-baris-bisnis-yang-tepat">13. Go through the right line of business

Make sure that what you are doing does not violate or take advantage of the work you are doing now. Try to do work without interfering with your main job.

14. Stay respectful of the environment

You can do all the work for your business during breaks, on weekends or even after work hours are over.

15. Learn to manage capital

Every new business needs capital, where it will come from and how you will increase the capital you have. You must be good at managing the capital that is rotating in your business. You must firmly manage finances even for yourself.

16. Be patient

Something big, of course, takes time. Apart from hard work, you also have to pray a lot and be patient. One of the best qualities as a successful businessman is to develop a business with patience.

17. Dare to take risks

One of the keys to a successful businessman is the courage to take risks. Taking risks such as losing time to gather with family and so on.

Those are at least 17 tips that can be done for those of you who are still employees and want to run a business. You can be successful in an easy way without harming anyone. ️

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