17 Ways to Update iOS Without WiFi and With Cellular Data

How to Update iOS Without WiFi and With Cellular Data

Apple is always rolling out iOS updates to improve iPhone stability and add new features. How to update iOS is also very easy. iPhone users can immediately update through the menu available in iPhone settings or through iTunes. So the question is, is it possible to update iOS without WiFi and using cellular data?

For those whose WiFi has problems or don’t have a WiFi network at home, there’s no need to worry. You can still update iOS using cellular data easily. It’s just that the method is a little more complicated than using WiFi. Apart from that, you have to prepare a large quota to download the update file.

The average iOS update file is over 3GB in size. That’s why you have to prepare enough cellular data quota before updating. In addition, we recommend using a cellular provider that has a fast and stable internet network so that the update process runs smoothly.

Usually a cellular data connection will be faster than WiFi. Especially if you use an iPhone that supports 5G, the update process will definitely take place super fast. Now, for those who are confused about how to update iOS with cellular data, please refer to the tutorial projectino.com the following.

Tutorial on How to Update iOS iPhone

How to Update iOS Without WiFi and With Cellular Data

How to Update iOS With Cellular Data

The main problem when you want to update iOS with cellular data is that the latest version of iOS update notification does not appear when you enter the Software Update menu. In order for it to appear, we have our own trick that is proven to work 100%, namely by changing the date on the iPhone.

Apart from changing the date, you should also set the Automatic Updates menu to just “Download iOS Updates”. Then don’t forget to turn off WiFi before updating iOS. If WiFi is still connected, the update process can only be done automatically using WiFi. Then make sure you have sufficient quota and the battery capacity must be above 70%.

Now to find out in more detail how to upgrade iOS with cellular data, please follow each of the steps that we provide below.

  1. The first step, please enter “ArrangementiPhones
  2. Then select menu “GeneralHow to Update iOS
  3. Next select menu “Date and Time17 Ways to Update iOS Without WiFi and With Cellular Data
  4. Then disable the settings “Set Automatically“.17 Ways to Update iOS Without WiFi and With Cellular Data
  5. Then change the date to be one week ahead. This needs to be done if you don’t get the latest iOS update notification.17 Ways to Update iOS Without WiFi and With Cellular Data
  6. Then return to General settings, then select the menu “Software UpdateHow to Update iOS Without WiFi
  7. After that set the Automatic Updates section. Then two menus will appear, namely Download iOS Update and Install iOS Update. Just sure”Download iOS Update“Just be active so you can update with cellular data.17 Ways to Update iOS Without WiFi and With Cellular DataHow to Update iOS With 4G
  8. Then return to the Software Update menu, and the latest version of the iOS update will appear. Please guys click updates theHow to Upgrade iOS Using Quota Data
  9. After that just click “Download and InstallHow To Update iOS With Cellular Data
  10. Then input iPhone password as verification17 Ways to Update iOS Without WiFi and With Cellular Data
  11. Then just follow each step that appears on the screen, then wait for the iOS update process with cellular data to succeed.

Even though it’s quite complicated, in our opinion, how to update iOS with cellular data is quite easy. You can try it on all iPhone series, both old and new. Whether or not the update process takes a long time depends on the cellular data speed you are using. But the most important thing is to make sure you have enough quota.

How to Update iOS Without WiFi

How to Upgrade iOS Without WiFi

There is still one more way to update iOS without WiFi. However, this method does not use cellular data, but uses an internet network connected to a computer or laptop. In order to update, you must first download the iTunes application on the official site apples.

iTunes is software that is useful for connecting the iPhone with a computer or laptop device. Through this application, iPhone users can easily transfer files and upgrade iOS without WiFi. The update method is also easy, and to find out, please refer to the following tutorial.

  1. First, please first download and install the iTunes application.
  2. Then connect iPhone to iTunes using a USB cable
  3. Once connected, then click the menu “Summary” on the left side
  4. Next, click the button “Check For Updates” to check for the latest iOS update
  5. Then just click “Downloads and Updates
  6. After that the iOS upgrade process will be carried out. Please wait until the update process is complete.

How to upgrade iOS using iTunes is quite easy. However, not all iPhone users have computers or laptops that can be used to install iTunes. So it’s better to use the first option or update directly using a WiFi network.

After the update is successful, you can enjoy a variety of new features available on iOS. In addition, the performance of the iPhone will also increase so that it is more optimal in multitasking and mobile gaming.


By upgrading iOS to the latest version, the iPhone’s performance will be more optimal. But not infrequently there are some bugs that make iPhone gets hot fast or other problems. If this happens, all that’s left is to wait for the latest update, which is usually immediately provided by Apple.

Please try the tutorial above so you can update iOS without wifi and use cellular data. That’s all the information this time and also see other articles about The Complete Infinix Secret Code and Its Functions and various latest articles about the world of technology in Indonesia.