18 Free Melbourne Attractions You Must Visit

If you hear the name Melbournewhat comes to my mind are Victorian or European style buildings, artistic streets and cafes.

As the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne has a different image, which is more relaxed and has a thicker hipster atmosphere.

I myself fell in love after visiting Melbourne. Yes, although the weather is a bit unstable. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines.

If you visit Melbourne you must check it out 18 tourist attractions in Melbourne this. Free! Guaranteed not to make a hole in the bag.

1. Flinders Street Railway Station

One of the most iconic buildings in Melbourne. What a train station at the junction between Flinders Street and Swanston Street is the oldest train station in Australia.

Located in the center of Melbourne, this station is very busy with around 100,000 people using the station a day.

2. St Paul’s Cathedral

Just across from Flinders Street Train Station, a cathedral with historic decorations and artwork sits majestically at the center of the intersection.

St. Paul Cathedral is one of Melbourne’s famous tourist attractions. Inside you can see floor and wall tiles with beautiful patterns.

When visiting, don’t be too noisy. Respect other guests worshiping at this cathedral.

st paul cathedral tourist attraction melbourne

3. Federation Square

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Federation Square is a tourist attraction in Melbourne with restaurants and bars all around.

Usually here, local Melbourne residents often meet and hang out together. Here are also often held events such as festivals, pop-up markets, and also sporting events.

4. Hosier Lane

One of the coolest little alleys in Melbourne. Perfect for Instagrammers. The walls are decorated with graffiti. Every corner can be a photo spot. Here you can take a walk and see unique graffiti paintings.

tourist attractions melbourne hozier lane

5. State Library of Victoria

Even if you are not a student, you can still visit this library. What makes this library cool is the interior design.

The ceiling of the building is shaped like a dome with an octagonal or octagonal table position.

state library melbourne

6. Queen Victoria Market

Want to have an authentic experience like a local in Melbourne? Come to Queen Victoria Market. Here you can shop and shop for souvenirs for yourself or for your family.

This market is quite wide, so it might make you stiff. Here you can try fresh local products. If you come in summer or summer, this market is open until late at night.

7. China Town

If you miss Asian food, just come to China Town. Whether it’s Korean, Vietnamese, or Chinese food, they’re all there. China Town in Melbourne has been around since the 1850s when immigrants from China arrived.

Like China Town in other cities, you can find red lanterns and red gates with mandarin inscriptions.

melbourne china town tourist attractions

8. Melbourne Shopping Center

Another free Melbourne tourist attraction is Melbourne Central. Melbourne Central is the city’s shopping, office and transport hub complex.

As many as 200 shops that you can visit, you won’t run out. The characteristic of this building is the conical glass ceiling that is as tall as a 20-story building and weighs 490 tons!

melbourne shopping center

9. Docklands

The harbor or pier area where fine restaurants line up. Perfect for a romantic dinner. You can also take a walk at the Harbor Town Shopping Center.

Kids will love the observation wheel Ferris wheel with 360 degree view of Melbourne city.

10. St. Patrick Cathedral

Another cathedral in Melbourne that you must visit is St. Patrick Cathedral. This cathedral is the largest church in Australia.

Inside are many large bells, an organ with 4500 pipes, and also a very beautiful chapel.

tourist attractions melbourne st patrick cathedral

11. Carlton Garden

A suitable place to spend time under the shady trees. Yep, Carlton Garden is a tourist spot in Melbourne which is a favorite picnic spot for visitors.

There are other attractions in the area, such as the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne Musem, and Imax Cinema.

Carlton Garden

12. Parliament House

Located on Spring Street east of Melbourne, Parliament House has been the state parliament of Victoria since 1855.

The parliament building is open to the public. Every Monday – Friday, there are free tours every 9.30am and 4pm, when no MPs are meeting.

13. National Gallery of Victoria

For those of you who like history and art, head to the National Gallery of Victoria. Many historical collections from ancient times to modern. Sometimes there are also special exhibitions in this museum.

14. Shrine of Remembrance

This place is a place of honor for Australian soldiers who contributed to the first world war. Inside is a room with information and videos of the time. Around 4-5 pm there is a flag ceremony in the courtyard.

shrine of remembrance

15. St. Kilda

St. Kilda is a free tourist spot in Melbourne that you can visit. It’s perfect for an afternoon stroll by the beach.

Many cafes and restaurants along the beach. Ships docked in port. If you’re lucky, you may also see penguins at St. Kilda.

st kilda tourist attractions melbourne

16. Royal Botanic Garden

Love to see flowers or plants? Just go to the Botanical Garden. Many plants such as cacti, mushrooms, and other flowers are scattered in this garden. You will feel the fresh air when walking in this green park.

17. Yarra River

Yarra River is a picnic area that provides barbecue facilities. There are also special lanes for cyclists, pedestrians, and for jogging.

For the aboriginal tribes, the Yarr River is an important source of life for them.

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18. Brighton Beach

The last tourist spot in Melbourne is Brighton Beach. The location is a bit far from the city center, about 11 km. This beach is very popular with visitors because of the rows of colorful wooden houses that are interesting for taking pictures. You have to come here if you want to take photos.

brighton beach tourist attraction melbourne

When you arrive in Melbourne, don’t forget to take a vacation to Tasmania too. Lots of cool interesting places to visit. While I was in Australia I used a working holiday visa so I could stay for a long time. You can check how to apply for an Australian visa.

Well that’s it 18 free Melbourne attractions to visit. Where do you want to go? If there is anything else you can write in the comments.

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