18 Green Plant Decoration Ideas for Home Interiors to Make it Look Fresh and Natural

Undeniably, the beauty and green color of plants can soothe the soul. That’s why, nowadays many people use green plants for home interior decoration. In addition to giving a calming effect, the presence of green plants in the house also makes the interior decoration of the house more beautiful and cool. Interested in trying to use green plants for home interiors? Check out some inspirations for decorating the following home interior green plants!

Do you want to bring the exotic feel of the desert in your home? To create a distinctive desert feel, the selection of green plants for the interior is very decisive. You can choose a cactus plant as in this inspiration. Cactus plants that are large enough can be placed in several corners of the house. While small cactus plants can be placed in a row on a bookshelf or special shelf for ornamental plants. The combination of typical desert colors such as white and brown will further strengthen the feel of the desert that will be presented in the house.

Wall shelves can be a unique way to place green plant decorations on the walls. In this inspiration, green plants are selected of the same type and placed in pots of the same size and uniform color. As for the placement is very concerned about balance. Two wall shelves for greenery are placed on the right and left side of the wall decoration which is right in the middle of the wall.

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